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File Naming Issue

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    Posted 08 December 2009 - 08:33 PM

    My computer is having issues booting. Some sort of virus or malware was placed on the computer last friday and was causing various issues: the computer would periodically freeze; search links would direct me to an advertisement site; random explorer windows would pop up with more advertisements; and finally I was unable to boot into safemode. After running a few scans and combofix my computer lost many of the symptoms but is now unable to boot properly at all.

    So I spent yesterday building my UBCD at a friend's house (the bulk of the time spent was constructing a slipstreamed windows xp disk with sp3). At one point during the process (I believe it was while it was building the ISO) I received an error message saying "your system's rules prevent you from naming a file in this way" with Avast! as the current error. I told it to go ahead and rename the file (it inserted tildas in place of exclamations), and said yes to all when I received several of those errors.

    When I booted the cd on my computer (or rather booted my computer on the cd) I got a few error messages saying it was unable to read the language file. Eventually I made it to the start bar, fully booted, but autorun was greyed out. Also greyed out were Avast, rootkitty, and probably 50% of the other antivirus and recovery tools. My suspicion is that renaming the files caused the programs not to be recognizable. I have now uninstalled and reinstalled the UBCD4Win builder and am hoping that I can create a proper build.

    Does anyone know of a way around the file naming issue? Or - although this doesn't fall strictly under the realm of UBCD4Win troubleshooting - how to disable the "yes to all" I have placed on renaming all files with exclamation points?

    Edit: I should say that I am building my ISO on Windows Vista, if that helps, since I'm guessing XP doesn't have issues naming files in that way.

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      Posted 09 December 2009 - 09:00 AM

      Hi halp~

      I hope you got your XP slipstreamed correctly
      as if not you will have problems trying to get ubcd4win to build or run

      there is no need to build a XP ISO unless you are creating a XP CD
      (If you have XP with SP1 or SP2 you do not have to slipstream in SP3)

      There should be no file renaming problems with ubcd4win or slipstreaming service pack into XP

      With Vista and Win 7 you need to run the install and ubcd4winbuilder programs as Administrator
      (by default even Admin accounts are not at Admin security level)

      possibly your Anti Virus software needs to be disabled during installation and running ubcd4win builder

      many AV programs need to be configured before they work as their program files and data are not included in the download BUT then you will need to burn ISO to a DVD not a CD ( as default build is just under 700 MB)

      Mike Barnes

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