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Version 2.6

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    Posted 01 February 2006 - 10:21 AM

    View PostCellar Dweller, on Feb 1 2006, 06:51 AM, said:

    Not really sure which plugin I got. I think I got it from going to a link for plugins from Barts page.

    If you could, this is easily tested. If you have time could you give it a shot? It would be greatly appreciated. The only reason I ask is most people that make this disk will be for IT purposes and most use proxy servers at most corporate environments. Sure if a home user makes the disk and has DSL or Cable everything will usually work perfectly fine.

    In Firefox, just go to Tools then options when you have the disk booted up, then from here go to General Tab and pick Connection Settings button. Most likely yours is set to Direct Connection or Detect Proxy Settings. Just move this down to Manual Proxy Configuration and throw anything into the box for HTTP Proxy and any port number and check the box use for all. When you click on OK it will just keep letting you hit OK and will not accept ANY changes. Unless DigiWiz set his to write preferences to go to the RAM Drive will it work, most likely. Please let us know the results. Thanks...

    Cellar Dweller. I was able to duplicate your problem with the Firefox plugin from Bart's website. I suggest you try the one from Digiwiz that I mentioned earlier. Right now I don't plan to rebuild my CD. I plan to wait for V3.0 before making any more changes. BTW, the plugin from Bart's site is set to use his web page as the Home Page , that's one way to tell where it came from.

    Hmmm, I just browsed the Ramdisk while booted and I see Firefox has loaded a mozilla profile out there. It does appear that the ramdisk is used.

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    Tom K.

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      Posted 03 February 2006 - 01:28 PM

      Thanks for testing, greatly appreciated.

      I'll have to try digiwiz's one to see how it works out.

      Just another cool thing that you can do and it works awesome for testing and Steel pointed me in the proper direction and it's awesome to test your .iso files before you actually create a non-working coaster.

      Here are the things to do (For those that might not know already).

      Get this: Vmware Player

      Install of course

      Then go to this page (Save as a favorite of course): VMX Builder Page

      All I did was give it a name (UBCD4Win), picked the OS that I would be using for the UBCD4Win (XP Pro in my case), used like 1/3 of RAM that is on the host system or 1/2 so you don't lock up your system when emulating.

      Choose IDE0:Master and point it to the pebuilder.iso that you create (If name not changed) where you built your iso file with BartPE. On the drop down pick cdrom-image under device type and check start connected, and if you want you can check to have ethernet also on bottom of page. Then on top Right hand side of page pick Generate VMX File and select all and copy the text from next page and open up a text file with notepad and paste this into it and rename the text file .vmx and put it wherever you like. I always have my .iso files created by Barts go to my Vmware Players default location without changing name and overwrite previous for VM's here: C:\Documents and Settings\**USERNAME**\My Documents\My Virtual Machines\

      I just copy the newly created .vmx file into same location and just double click it and the player will auto start it up and test the image for you and keep you from waisting cdr's and bad burns if it errors out you can just go create a new one minus the items that might have been causing your errors with the drivers, plugins etc.

      Well I'm sure this might have all been done before and may even be posted here or at barts, but I found it rather easy to do and works great to test that ISO before you burn it off. This is probably all old news but was bored and figured I'd post the easy how to... Happy Creating...

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      Asus A7N8X-Deluxe v2.0 Nforce 2 (1008)
      AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (Barton)
      Corsair PC3200C2 DDR 400 (3 Gig) (Dual Channel)
      PNY 6800 Ultra 256Mb
      Plextor PX-716A DVDRW+
      (2) 80 Gig Seagate SATA (Non-RAID)
      Dell 2407 Wide Screen Flat Panel
      Mad Dog 600 Watt Modular PSU

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        Posted 04 February 2006 - 06:37 AM

        Just built v2.6 [first build - ever] and had the driver problem when building the .iso, which was easily overcome thanks to this forum.

        Thought I would update the various files using 'updater' before experimenting any further.

        I noticed that approximately half the files were unable to update for various reasons, I am assuming that the 'updater' need to be updated and was wondering if this was planned?. The iso rebuild was quite amazing.

        came across this site purely by accident - but glad I did - many thanks for such a useful tool!


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