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NIC drivers addon/update download

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    Posted 25 August 2004 - 10:59 AM

    Ok guys, reworking some of the nic driver plugins. It's almost complete. Here is what I would like you to do:
    1.Download the new "NIC addon" Download Here
    2.Delete the existing "nicdrivers" folder you should have from version 2.0
    3.Extract the "NIC addon" file in your "plugin" folder

    I am asking this because I have eliminated all the "files" folders from the plugins to help save space. I have also added almost 10 new drivers. Now please if I forgot to include a driver for your NIC, email me and I will get one to you by tomorrow and have it available for download from the site.

    Also please build a new WinUBCD with these new driver plugins to make sure your NIC still works, I may have made a mistake when changing them. If your NIC card wasn't supported in the past and is on the list below please check to see if it is now supported, make sure my plugin actually works. It is kinda tricky trying to figure out what files each of these NIC's need since I do not own any of them. As I've said before I now have 4 computers at home and they all have been supported and worked with my project.

    Please email or PM me to confirm that your NIC works after you do the above steps. I will update this post when I receive messages about each NIC. I will provide some details if it works or not and if I find a mistake that fixes something I will note that and have a download link for the fixed version. All of these drivers will be in an up coming release of the project so hopefully they all work or get fixed before I release the next version. I have been playing with a few new tools to add to the project and updating some with newer versions that have been recently been released.

    Here is the list of NIC's that will be included in the download from the site:


    belkin_usb_nic  -Belkin USB Nic
    nic_AsusWL-103b  -Asus WL-103b WLAN
    nic_ax88172  -ASIX AX88172 USB 2.0 10/100
    nic_b57xp32  -Broadcom BCM57xx b57xp32
    nic_bcm4sbxp  -Broadcom 440x bcm4sbxp
    nic_dc21x4  -Intel dc21x4
    nic_e1000325  -Intel PRO 100
    nic_e100b325  -Intel PRO 1000
    nic_el2k_xp  -3Com Gigabit 3C940/3C2000
    nic_lne100tx  -Linksys LNE100TX
    nic_nforce  -nVidia nForce NIC
    nic_ngfa101  -Netgear FA101 USB
    nic_rtl  -Realtek RTL8139/810x/8169/8110
    nic_rtl8150usb  -Realtek RTL8150 USB 10/100
    nic_surecom  -Surecom EP320XS
    nic_wmp11  -Linksys WMP11
    nic_wmp54g  -Linksys WMP54G
    nic_wpc11  -Linksys WPC11
    nic_wpc55g  -Linksys WPC55G
    nic_wpc55ag  -Linksys WPC55AG
    nic_wusb11  -Linksys WUSB11
    nic_xircom  -Xircom RealPort2
    nic_yukongigabit  -Marvell Networks Yukon

    There was a minor mishap earlier today when I uploaded the file. I accidentally included another file in the archive. It was brought to my attention by another forum member and I quickly uploaded a new file to the server. Sorry if it confused anyone.

    :EDIT 2 -8/29/04
    A few more nic drivers have been added, they have been added to the list above, thanks to all forum members that either helped build them or helped troubleshoot them!!! :D

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