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SERIOUSLY---MS sucks, new developments

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    Posted 19 October 2004 - 05:36 PM

    Well I received the email from the attorney on Sept 22. I've been pretty busy so I just kept putting off calling them. I finally did tonight and wish I wouldn't have.

    They will not allow "windows" in the domain name at all. I really think this is a bunch of BS and I think I'm going to start playing the lottery. I need to fight this, I do not think that it is right at all. I doubt I'll hit the lottery so I know I can't afford a battle, especially against a corporation.

    So we have some decisions to make:

    1. Chance it and hope that everything will be ok and they either don't sue me or we eventually give me a better offer?

    2. Start thinking of a new domain address. I've already registered 3 now and I really hate to waste more money but will if I of course have to.

    Please everyone let me know what you think.

    Here is the email:


    Dear Mr. Burrows,

    Thank you for your September 14 telephone calls and your agreement to make the requested changes to the website promoting and selling your Ultimate Boot CD, and agreeing to select a new domain name for the website.

    We understand that you will begin directing traffic from the WindowsUBCD.com URL directly to your new domain name address as soon as it has been selected and until the WindowsUBCD.com registration expires in April, 2005.  You noted that you are concerned that another party may acquire and use the domain name after your registration expires.  Microsoft is agreeable to you keeping the domain name after April, 2005, as long as it remains inactive.

    To address your inquiry about using WinUBCD.com for your domain name, we prefer that you use a domain name that does not include the "Win" prefix, as it remains too close to our client's Windows® mark, and is associated in the minds of users as referring to Microsoft's Windows operating system.  Similarly, we ask that your new domain name not include "Windows", "Window" or "Win".  A new domain name such as, for example, UltimateBootCD.net would be fine.

    With regard to the time period for making the changes to your website and moving to another domain name, is November 15, 2004 workable for you?

    Please confirm that you are willing to select a new domain name per the above and let us know your thoughts on the phase out schedule.  Thank you again for your cooperation, and we look forward to hearing from you.



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