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  1. In Topic: thx I make it.....

    Posted 21 Aug 2008

    thx frens for u time and effort......I really appreciate ur job.
    I'm very much clear about ubcd4w customize and other things.....

    now I have a jog to do
    is it possible to modified the iso which I have already made.....I wanna put preshell on it and update some data bases for security tools......
    I see on the forum there is tools for updating ISO but modifying preshell ? :surrender::surrender:
  2. In Topic: thx I make it.....

    Posted 17 Aug 2008


    There are two diffrent approaches.

    Do you use different machines?
    How much real RAM are used?
    Do you use 256, 512, 1024mb RAM?

    Yes I'm technician and used different computers.
    on second one I don't really understand what u mean? If u mean how much real RAM my machine have? if so then I have 1GB RAM.
    if that wasn't the mean of the question then client have minumum 128 RAM or above.......two days earlier one computer with 80MB RAM...
    when I try to boot with ubcd4w which I have recently made...stop on error "all RAM r used" something like that.


    one approach set a fixed size: e.g. RamDiskDiskSize="0x10000000"
    That's one RAMdisk size for all machines.

    another one: set a max size at PreShell.ini. PreShell detect real RAM and adjust RAMdisk size at boot.
    That's different RAMdisk sizes for different machines.

    oh ! I got it. thx for clarification.... does It mean, no matter how much physical RAM I have while making ubcd4w, if I define preShell.ini....ubcd4w can easily run on low physical RAM machine.
    Is this what u mean?


    Each plugin should contain a menu definition file *.xml.
    Read some default plugins for examples.
    Adjust new menu definition files *.xml yourself.

    lets see rogue remover plugins....I copy/paste it here for ur view....where do I make change?

    ; -------------------------- --------------
    ; PE Builder v3 plugin INF file for
    ; Rouge remover
    ; -------------------------- --------------
    ; Created with PluginCreator

    Signature="$Windows NT$"

    Name="Rouge remover"
    Help="Rouge remover.htm"

    nu2menu.xml, Rouge remover.xml

    a="Programs\Rouge remover",2



    ; XPE Shortcuts
    0x2, "Sherpya\XPEinit\ Programs", "RogueRemoverPRO" , "%SystemDrive%\Programs\ Rouge remover\ramdisk_RogueRemoverPRO. cmd||%SystemDrive%\Programs\ Rouge remover\RogueRemoverPRO. exe"


    ; HKU\.Default


    ; HKU\.Default




    note plugins maker has an option for "select any system file the plugins need. these files will be copied directly from the souce"
    I don't know which files it need to run on RAM Drive.

    I really appreciate ur effort to detailed on it.
  3. In Topic: Error messages when opening Antivirus/spyware protection

    Posted 11 Aug 2008

    exactly same error occur while I run ISO on VM and CD. I made change in RAMDisk and VM RAM.
    I increase RAMDisk Up to 256 and VM RAM 256 and also decrease the unwanted plugins from ubcd4w. :combust::combust::combust::combust:
  4. In Topic: UBCD4Win build size

    Posted 11 Aug 2008

    I can see powerISO has option to compress ISO's. Can big size ISO compress and fit under CD. Sorry I don't tested yet. I suppose its possible.
  5. In Topic: thx I make it.....

    Posted 11 Aug 2008


    UBCD4Win uses PreShell.
    PreShell adjust RAM disk size. Given RAMdiks is calculated to physical RAM.

    Set max RAMdisk size in preshell.ini: e.g. max 256:
    Create a plugin UBCD4WinV3xx\plugin\ my\UserRAMdisk.inf
    ; PE Builder v3 plug-in INF file
    Signature= "$Windows NT$"

    Name="Shell: Joshuas PreShell - set RAMdisk"

    "PreShell.ini", "Shell", "ProfileRamDriveSizeMax1" , "256"

    sorry I don't understand codes.....but I wanna know....is this different form above string......do I make it my self under plugins. What does it mean?


    Does this refer to UBCD? http://www.ultimatebootcd. com/
    This is another project. There are DOS applications. Please use the name UBCD for this project.

    And use the name UBCD4Win here.

    To intgerate UBCD to UBCD4Win:
    you downloaded file already.
    Next copy file ubcd411.iso to UBCD4WinV3xx\plugin\ Multiboot-003\ubcd\ ubcd.iso

    launch UBCD4Winbuilder
    select plugins, select "MultiBoot: UltimateBootCD for DOS" and press config
    select 1) Setup ubcd
    (Config use a availabel file ubcd.iso or download required file)

    yes its form above site.....I downloaded it coz I suppose its a same project and there must be some useful plugins......if that is different so I don't think I need ubcd.....I satisfied with ubcd4w....it has plugins what I wanna?

    for my knowledge I would like to merge it applying this process.....

    last but not the least......
    I make plugins from different plugins makers tools and put it on plugins folder under ubcd4w.....on ubcd4w its shows also I make ISO but the problem is my added plugins is not appear their....why?

    is there different procedure to add plugins or I have to code like above......plz suggest me.

    I make plugins rogue remover, diskeeper and jv16 power tools.....I only make it for tasting purpose but can't be successes.
    I need help.


    Welcome, we are mad too

    thats why I'm here... :crazyhappy::crazyhappy::crazyhappy::crazyhappy::crazyhappy::crazyhappy:

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