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  1. In Topic: Need Video Card Help

    Posted 15 Jul 2009


    Thanks. I was keeping up with it when I was building computers, but over time I started transitioning to building datacenters, and this POS was meant to be my CAD machine. F'n Dell, they've done nothing but "F" me since, and it's never quite worked right. Now, I'm just going to start piecing together a good 64-bit machine with some type of SLI video. I hate Dell, I've been talking to their corporate office to resolve this issue, and I think they moved it to the Far East. My corporate contacts have been Nirmal, Vinay, Vinod and Seti.

    Anyway, I'll let you know when I'm ready to spend money. The datacenter job didn't work out very well, and was very stressful, so I'm back working a server farm with no money. Which is why the warranty is paying off.

    So, far most people have said to keep the 8800GTX cards, which I think I'll do. I checked the 9800GT's, and they are just 8800GT cards flashed with the 9800GT Firmware, NVidia apparently allowed resellers to do this to sell their stock of cards.
  2. In Topic: Need Video Card Help

    Posted 14 Jul 2009

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I can still get them replaced under warranty, but they no longer have the 8800GTX to send out, and will send me the 9800GT when it fails. I guess that's the only good reason to own one of these pieces of sh!+.
  3. In Topic: Need Video Card Help

    Posted 14 Jul 2009

    GPU Review shows some good specs from the cards. It looks like the 8800 has a slightly slower clock, but can be overclocked to match the 9800. Otherwise the 9800 has a higher texture fill rate, which means ??!!?? to me. I guess that means it draws 3D textures faster. I have read that more memory will perform better at higher resolution, and I enjoy blowing the faces off them zombies in the highest resolution possible. I'm just not sure, the 9800GT is smaller, and takes only one power plug. The 8800GTX takes two plugs and has a huge fan.

    Yeah, sucks to be me!! I bought this piece of poo over two years ago, and have been fighting with Dell every since. It hasn't worked right from the begining. I only bought it because I thought it would pay for itself with the job I took back then. Boy, was I wrong, I'm going to build my own again when the warranty runs out.
  4. In Topic: Vista & windows 7 supported ? Usb flash drive

    Posted 23 Apr 2009

    One other note is that it will correct issues on NTFS drives that run Vista and Windows7. Most of the tools will work to solve problems with those operating systems, but you have to do a little research to understand how they are built and differ from XP. Some file and folders in Vista/Windows7 have restricted access, changing it could cause problems when booting and operating the OS, so you have to be careful what you decide to fix, and how you do it. I have used UBCD4WIN to reset admin passwords, fix drives, remove malware, edit registry, and much more on Vista, so good luck.

    Best Regards
  5. In Topic: Issues wit v3.50

    Posted 22 Apr 2009

    View Post PsiMoon314, on Apr 22 2009, 04:30 AM, said:

    3. Am I correct in thinking that I need the commercial version of Easeus Partition Tool to build the plugin for this?

    Yes you need the commercial version to get the ISO image. It was offered a couple time for free over the past two months (once by EASUS, and once by giveawayofthedaycom), so keep looking for it.



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