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  1. In Topic: Automated Scans

    Posted 12 Oct 2009

    there is a command line version available for dr.web . let me know if you need it. automated scans is cool thing but IMO it is only for amettures (no offense) . i like to control everything on my own . i dont rely on something that automated a process when it comes to clean the system . they dont know which file was a pe file and was necessery to boot the OS next time .

    i have been using that commercial application , named MRI about 3 years . although at first i used automated scans all the time . but then i realisd that when a specific virus hits you ( hippi , virut ) , normal scanners just delete the pe files which were infected . it was annoying . because after removing many viruses , next time i started windows ,and it just messed up .

    but the core app they use is one excellent code. it has many options in it . it helps me to repair a system in less time . actually i repair systems of only my close friends and family members free of charge . they somehow rely on me in this area . so i try to do this stuff in speed . i have simple logic , if a system has big number of infections , i just restore the image or i deploy a universal xp image on the system which i have specially made for them with all the drivers .

    Best of Luck with your project .
  2. In Topic: Using Ez Pcfix On Other Pe Env

    Posted 9 Oct 2009

    @ pcuser

    any news of development ? i mean any chance of an updated ezpcfix ?
  3. In Topic: Automated Scans

    Posted 9 Oct 2009

    few suggestions ,

    consider adding the following tools ,

    1. dr.web cure it
    2. combofix
    3. a registry file to correct common registry issues like task manager disables and stuff.
    4. a workaround to correct file associations . there is a virus called hippi . a worm actually . all it does is corrupt the registry to open every file in notepad , like mp3 or exe file .
    a possible solution is ,renaming the target file to .com or to .pif and then execute it to correct file associations.
    5. consider adding a good file unlocker .
    6. consider adding a portable malware bytes antimalware , or give the option to download and scan it

    some of the above might not be useful to run from a pe.
  4. In Topic: Ubcd4Win+Partedmagic Usb

    Posted 19 Sep 2009

    View Post hemang, on 17 September 2009 - 01:23 AM, said:

    I made a UBCD4Win bootable USB and added Parted Magic 4.1 after some searching on the net. I was able to get the menu. But while the UBCD4Win option works and boots into UBCD4Win, the Recovery Console or Parted Magic don;t work. What could be the problem. I am not really an expert at these things so i could do with detailed instructions. I can attach a screenshot of the files in my USB root but I do not know how to attach in the thread.

    post the contents of menu.lst (file on root of ur usb drive ) here .
  5. In Topic: Using Ez Pcfix On Other Pe Env

    Posted 3 Sep 2009

    just for the record ,

    ezpc fix general version only needs vb 2005 .2008 runtimes to be registered at build time within livexp (winbuilder ) .

    dunno if it needs only 2005 or 2008 , but i added them to test avira9 plugin on livexp and ezpc worked.

    this topic can be closed ,unless pcuser needs to say something.

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