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  1. In Topic: Nirlauncher Beta

    Posted 12 Oct 2009

    Just to update. Even though NirSoft didn't show up in the UBCD4WIN Gui, it did indeed build, and is enabled in the Image. It works exactly as expected.
  2. In Topic: Addition For Multi-Boot

    Posted 11 Oct 2009

    Helix worked perfectly with your inf file.
    I left the ini file in place.

    Clonezilla, Dariks Boot & Nuke, Easus, and Helix, all still work

    The only item that broke was Backtrack 4 prerelease, which worked previously.
    The error sounds like what you were warning me about:

    SquashFS error Major/Minor mismatch, older Squashfs 3.1 filesystem are unsupported.

    Then it leaves me at an (initramfs) prompt.

  3. In Topic: Nirlauncher Beta

    Posted 11 Oct 2009

    I implemented the work your provided. I did a build, and the menu items was grayed out. The files were present and I was able to use the gui by hand. I have spent about an hour trying to see why it might be grayed out. I compared it with the other .inf file and .xml files in the Applications folders. I don't see any problem with the code, so it must be me. On the first build, I had copied the separate directories under files. (Sysinternals and the Nirlauncher) So I deleted those when I realized I actually need the files, not the folders containing the files under the 'files' directory.

    Next I realized that NirSoft wasn't showing up in the UBCD4WIN menu where you select what to enable, disable. I am building again, along with the post for Helix that was posted, to see if maybe it just shows up. It is listed as 'enabled=1'

    Just thought I would post my progress, or lack thereof.

    I have been reading the help file the RDSok pointed out. It'll certainly help clarify the location and names of the variables. Now to figure out the logic in the XML scripts. I'll get it. Just need to pound.
  4. In Topic: Addition For Multi-Boot

    Posted 11 Oct 2009

    Should I leave the original helix_bcdw.ini file in place without modification?
  5. In Topic: Nirlauncher Beta

    Posted 11 Oct 2009

    Thank you. I didn't know their was a help file for this. It's the old, give a man a fish, feed him for a day, give a man a help file, and he can start to write plugins for life...

    I Thank you for pointing out the help file. I will start on it now.

    --Bruce D. Meyer

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