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  1. Reoccurring Responses

    Posted 27 Nov 2009

    First off, a huge thanks to rdsok and all the other selfless mentors and helpers here. This project has made my life as a technician better, and for that I thank you all. I have noticed, however, at least one person that uses copy and paste to help save time whilst dealing with common issues.

    rdsok said:

    UBCD4Win, arguably,has the most complete set of drivers...

    rdsok said:

    Note.... to avoid confusion on what you are refering too..

    UBCD - is a DOS based boot CD with utils to repair / recover computers

    UBCD4Win - is a Windows based boot CD to also repair / recover computers and also can include UBCD with it...

    So when talking about UBCD4Win please don't call it UBCD since that is another project.

    So how many of these do you have, rdsok? Let's see the complete collection. ;)

    Does anyone else have something like this? Just curious.
  2. Windows 7 $30 For College Students.

    Posted 7 Oct 2009

    Josh Smith @ walletpop.com, on Sep 25th 2009 at 5:00PM, said:

    Next month Microsoft will release its latest operating system, Windows 7, which has many cool features and is widely considered to be a better operating system than Windows Vista. For most people the upgrade will cost over $100 but students can buy Windows 7 for just $30.

    To take advantage of this offer, a savings of $90, you just need to visit Win741.com and follow the steps below to get your discounted copy of Windows 7. The offer is valid until Jan. 3, 2010.

    1. Check that your PC can run Windows 7 with the Windows Upgrade Advisor.
    2. Enter your college/university e-mail address.
    3. If you're eligible, you'll receive an e-mail with purchase details.
    4. Click on the link provided in the e-mail to proceed with your purchase.
    5. Purchase your license/product key.
    6. Checkout and download.

    When Windows 7 is released Oct. 22 you'll be able to download and install it or you can pay $13 more to get a DVD copy shipped to you.

    The offer is valid for a 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional. If you have to join a domain to use your computer on a campus network make sure you buy the Windows 7 Professional version (click after confirming your e-mail address). You can purchase one $30 Windows 7 license per .edu address so make sure you choose the right one before buying.

    According to the program terms you must be registered for at least .5 credit hours to take advantage of this promotion and Microsoft does reserve the right to ask for proof of enrollment.

    If your school doesn't provide you with an .edu address make sure you check this list of schools and universities that are also eligible for Microsoft academic pricing.

    This is not the same offer that you may have heard of in the past few weeks which provided access to Windows 7 for joining a computing group; but a deal run through a Microsoft Partner Digital River which sells Microsoft Office for $59.95 to students.
    From : http://www.walletpop... th-edu-address/


    Students attending the following universities/college that do not provide .EDU email addresses are eligible to purchase from the Microsoft Academic Promotions. List here. If your school isn't on the list you still may be able to get it added. There is even a chance for those who do not even get a school email address!

    Hope this helps someone!

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