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  1. In Topic: Ubcd4Win Boot To Main Menu

    Posted 10 Jan 2010

    View Post ralfcndy, on 10 January 2010 - 05:47 PM, said:

    Sony Vaio mod:PCG-7141L will Not boot
    notebook bios shows HDD 250 Gb
    locks up on LAUNCH UBCD---shows dos screen(password:********)
    then loading Ultimate Boot... (w/graph under that)
    fills in only 1st black space(in the graph) & then locks-up
    Alt+Ctl+Del is NON-function (must PR dn to reboot
    same W/Memtest86
    freedos will not see HDD
    NTFS4DOS sees & acesses C: & D: (correct sizes Files ECT...) NTFS4DOS will initialize HDD only Temp (when I exit prig freedos still will NOT see HDD
    Notebook OS is Vista for Sony(no disc avalable Owner child broke it) can I use my Vista 64 bit disc to initialize HDD & NOT format HDD as to NOT loose OS/Data
  2. In Topic: Can This Just Be Made Automatic

    Posted 16 Oct 2009

    Then "[Autobuild]95: Build ISO" coulc annotate required for disk buy not for BOOT USB

    This should state:
    Then "[Autobuild]95: Build ISO" could annotate required for disk but not for BOOT USB
  3. In Topic: Password Required

    Posted 16 Oct 2009

    So i'll answer (or try) you guy can dogpile & I'll learn. ...LOL
    I'm so use to it that I forget to mention my Dislexia you may notice letters or even words out of order. Please forgive me in advance?
    Me & keyboards don't get along & I hooked on phonics so spelling sucks too. Again can we get pass that; it all can be corrected.

    Can this just be made: automatic?
    Yes But would put an UNNESSARY file on HDD
    a STOP ERROR (or multiple)would need to be in place; to demand a location &/or filemane (Could be predifined or both queried {flash location Bar until location with filename with .iso} prior to proceeding.
    See I think like this: script &/or Code knows what it needed or was trying to do when error occured. Just point us to somewhere we can find out what we need to do most will just do it, some won't But they ARE VICTUMS {of mentla abilities, Time, Etc...}

    If it can not could you Please explain?........N/A

    I am wondering what formats we can use to burn a WIndows bootable installation disk?
    ISO for disk NOT for USB
    USB requires non-ISO format

    I really do not understand why or even if ISO is required to burn bootable installation disk.
    ANswered BY:


    He has been the Most HELPFULL; special THX to YOU!!
    ISO 9660 (International Organization for Standardization Numbered 9660) That is the why & the what

    What format is a windows retail disk?
    ISO 9660 (International Organization for Standardization Numbered 9660)

    Can plugins be seperated into product catagories Like:
    things that only needed for windows Xp; for windows Xp (64 bit); for windows Vista ETC...
    if you you require a plugin for certain Win product is it a plugin?

    I really didn't read anything definitive on useing UBCD4WIN to build XP(64bit)
    cannot be used to Build Vista....(But can be built {for lower than Vista) on Vista &/or Vista 64bit machine)

    My Iso is 789MB CD-Burn just burned (ruined the Disc) starburn came up w/errors & did not burn (nor waiste another disc). I useto hv IMGBURN but not now I guess. Anyway how do I reduce XP-SP1 Iso size (what cn I remove & still keep tools to diag & Repair Computers)



    you can safely disable any plugin that does not start with:


    2.!Multiboot: (some exceptions)



    Error: Cannot find folder: wnt5.....&/or....
    Error: Cannot find folder: wxp

    copied from logthis is what I saw:
    Processing INF file "M:\DownLoads\ File-Sharing\OS-stuff\ Win-Boot-disk-creater\ UBCD4Win\plugin\DriverPacks. net\MassStorage\MassStorage. inf"
    Section: SourceDisksFolders
    Error: Cannot find folder: wnt5
    Section: SourceDisksFolders.2600
    Error: Cannot find folder: wxp
    Processing INF file "M:\DownLoads\ File-Sharing\OS-stuff\ Win-Boot-disk-creater\ UBCD4Win\plugin\Drivers\ Double Driver\DoubleDriver.inf"

    turned off both plugins
    WHY ??
    becaues: website could Not respond with proper data.
  4. In Topic: Can This Just Be Made Automatic

    Posted 16 Oct 2009

    so short answer is:

    Yes if you are burnung a disk
    No if you are building USB boot drive

    Then "[Autobuild]95: Build ISO" coulc annotate required for disk buy not for BOOT USB


    When useing UBCD4WIN to create a bootable USB; is there any way that the software (UBCD4WIN) could use the ISO to create the bootable USB?
  5. In Topic: Password Required

    Posted 16 Oct 2009

    That's a compliment -----I think. THX
    I'mhere to learn
    I'll move them here you guys cna quote them w/answers I pray.
    or any where you want them posted
    OHH got company BRB in a bit.

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