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  1. Mutibooting Ubcd4Win On A Usb. Can It Be Done?

    Posted 6 Nov 2009

    I was wondering if it is possible to create a multiboot USB drive with UBCD4WIN and another live CD program like Acronis True Image bootable rescue CD ? I have a USB thumb drive with UBCD4WIN (Version 3.50) on it and it is working (created with UBUSB.exe 1.0.46). Is there like a way I could add an ISO image of the Acronis bootable rescue CD to the thumb drive and have it included on the UBCD boot menu? Or would I have partition the thumbdrive and create separate boot loaders? Thanks
  2. Will Portable Apps Work With A Usb Bootable Drive?

    Posted 6 Nov 2009

    This may be a stupid question, but here goes. Is there a way to use portable apps from portableapps.com on a bootable USB flash drive with UBCD4WIN on it? Why would I want to do this, you ask? Well I travel 3 weeks out of a month and I frequently use other peoples computers. I have a 4GB Pico drive (tiny little stainless steel waterproof USB flash drive) on my key chain with PortableApps.com on it. I can plug it into any Windows PC and it installs kind of a sub OS that allows me to run all of it's programs (OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird etc.) from the USB drive. I also do on site PC tech support for friends and family and sometimes need to run UBCD4WIN. I normally have to wait until I can get my UBCD4WIN CD before I can help them, but I was thinking it would be great if I could use both from my thumb drive. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this? Thanks
  3. Did I Do It Right? (Ubcd4Win On A Usb)

    Posted 6 Nov 2009

    I just created my first bootable USB drive with UBCD4win on it. First I ran the UBUSB.exe program to set up my thumb drive. I use the default settings and did not modify anything except selecting the location of the BartPE folder, which is in the UBCD4WIN install directory. This process took some time and when it was done it had used up about 800MB of a 2GB flash drive. I then copied my UBCD4WIN Build ISO file (718MB) onto the flash drive. So now there is over 15.GB of space used on my 2GB drive. This seems like and awful lot. Did I do it right? Thanks

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