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  1. In Topic: Cloned Drive Won't Boot

    Posted 30 Dec 2009

    Thank you, pcuser, for making me look at the boot.ini file, and thank you Mike, for confirming what I found in the wee hours this morning.
    The old hard drive has a hidden 55 meg FAT partition (EISA configuration) which is for diagnostics (or so I have read). The OS partition was #2.
    So I have learned 2 things from this situation - always check the boot.ini file when cloning a drive and that Dell uses a strange drive configuration (and I read that others do as well).
    Thank you to everyone that had an input - I appreciate all of the interest and assistance!
  2. In Topic: Cloned Drive Won't Boot

    Posted 29 Dec 2009

    I have taken one drive, broke the partition, rebooted, built a new primary partition with NTFS, rebooted, set partition as active, rebooted, verified partition info in MBRWiz, the restored the image. After restoration, a reboot, removed entries in the registry for extra drives (left c and d), ran FixMBR, rebooted. I got the message that Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. I then booted the system with my XP Pro boot disk, which it did fine. I checked the registry and verified A, C and D drives. I replaced the copies of NTldr and NTdetect from the floppy to the hard drive, still the same configuration message.
    Any ideas as to what I am missing???
  3. In Topic: Cloned Drive Won't Boot

    Posted 29 Dec 2009

    I have taken one drive and reset the partition, made it active and am restoring the image to it now. I will see what the results are in about 2 hours!
  4. In Topic: Cloned Drive Won't Boot

    Posted 29 Dec 2009

    I have run fixboot from the recovery console on the drive that I have previously run aefdisk. It ran and said that it rebuilt the boot info but the drive still is not configured correctly message still comes up upon reboot.
    The other drive states that fixboot can't find the system drive. I rechecked it with MBRWiz and verified that it shows the partition as active.
    I am still at a loss!
  5. In Topic: Cloned Drive Won't Boot

    Posted 29 Dec 2009

    I now have 2 drives that I have put the image on. Both drives have a single partition created on them and the partition is set to active, one before the restoe and one after. When attempting to boot from either drive, all I get is black screen with blinking cursor.
    I tried running AEFDisk on one drive from a Win98 boot disk (as it will not run inside an XP command window). After that, the computer responded that "Windows could not start because of a configuration issue and could not read from the selected boot disk". However, it boots fine from my boot floppy. I checked the MBR in MBRWiz which still shows Drive 0, type/name of 07-NTFS and the partition is active with the start sector at 63. I then have run MBRFix again and still the drive is not readable to boot.
    KCarney, I ran your AEFdisk with no success. I also ran fdisk from the 98 boot disk as sometimes it will get rid of a 4 bit string that can cause issues.
    RDSOK, I have made it the primary and active partition on 2 different drives and both drives are behaving the same way. Both had primary partitions created. One drive was made active after I restored the data and one was made active after I created the partition. Both will boot from the boot disk. Now one black screens and the one I ran aefdisk on now errors that the disk has a configuration issue.
    Do either of you have any other thoughts?
    What about anyone else?
    I hate to have something like this defeat me so I wish to follow this through until I can find a solution!
    Thank you for any assistance and thoughts!

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