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  1. Combining UBCD and WindowsUBCD

    Posted 25 Aug 2004


    Please look HERE for a complete, detailed, and updated guide to make a "combo" CD. :)


    i hope this is not too technical but i have a method for combining both BartPE and UBCD (16-bit version) my last build date is Dec 5 2003, i will try this method on current versions and update if needed

    steps i took to combine the cd's are:
    1. create a directory to create the combined CD eg c:\mycd\
    2. Obtain the windows xp boot sector (the one from the cd) you can also find it on various websites relating to slipstreeming windows xp sp1/2
    3. build the pebuilder cd (but don't create the ISO) so that you have all the files ready for burning your combined cd...also i recomend not including the Boot CD Fix.
    4. copy the xp bootloader into c:\mycd\
    5. copy the contents of the UBCD (16 bit versdion) to c:\mycd\ note the autorun.inf files need to be combined by merging them into 1 file
    6. edit the menu of UBCD (16-bit version) to include an entry to chain to the XP bootloader in the root of the cd
    7. burn the cd using your favorite cd burning app, the boot loader to use to boot the cd is now the one used in the UBCD (16 bit version)

    you should now have a combined cd that boots up to UBCD and lets you select BartPE from the menu

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