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  1. In Topic: Ghost 2003 in PE environment

    Posted 2 Feb 2008

    You can't get ghost 2003 to run in a command prompt under XP, the same applies to to UBCD4WIN.

    Try to find a copy of the 32bit version of ghost. There are many plugins for it and it works well.
  2. In Topic: Unrecoverable System Challenge

    Posted 13 Aug 2007

    I suggest using the Registry restore wizard (on UBCD4WIN) (note the restore point used).
    If the system is then bootable, use the System Restore (in XP) to put the machine to the same point used in the wizard.
  3. In Topic: Static IP for Server

    Posted 19 Jun 2007

    It seems simple enough.
    Log into the Router.
    Goto the Port forward section.
    Forward ports 3389 and 3390 to the Servers IP. I think TCP is only required but you can pick both (ie UDP as well).

    If the server is not configured as Static IP, you can get the router to always allocate the same IP for the servers MAC address ( this is assuming your linksys Router is providing the dhcp).

    Hope this helps.
  4. In Topic: Icons and PreShell

    Posted 7 May 2007

    You can change the size of the icons by right clicking on the dock and selecting "Dock settings". The icon size is settable in the icon tab.
  5. In Topic: Virtual Machine and Drives

    Posted 4 Mar 2007

    I've setup a XP Pro VM with the hard drive set as "Non persistence".
    This has the advantage of always starting VM as a know system.
    In this mode you can test software and do what ever you want to the system. When you log off and log back in, all the changes are gone.

    I use this all the time to test software before I decide whether I really want to install it (on my real system) or not.

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