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  1. multi boot plugin for a preconfigured install of xp

    Posted 14 Dec 2007

    My slipstreamed XP install that already has a built in answer file etc. does not work when launched from inside UBCD so I'd like a plugin to include it as a multi-boot option.

    Anyone have one already or any advice on how to put on together?

    This is a repost (apologize) because this question is asked in a thread where it maybe doesn't belong and maybe isn't getting noticed/read.

  2. working current plugin for Open Office?

    Posted 13 Dec 2007

    The ones I've found I haven't been able to get to work with current version of Open Office.

  3. multiboot CD doesn't

    Posted 13 Dec 2007

    Created a rather large ISO just fine (no errors at any point in the process) then mounted ISO in vmware, but doesn't boot, just sits at a flashing cursor (this is same method I've used for all my other UBCD builds and they've always worked.) Then burned to a DVD using Nero and tried to boot a computer from that and it doesn't see the DVD as being bootable. Again, I've done the same thing with recent builds (used a DVD as they were too large for CD) and they've worked fine.

    Only difference is 3.1 and multiboot.

    Any ideas?

    I'm going to turn off the multiboot and build and see how it works, then add multiboot options in one or two at a time and see what happens (I'd turned on gparted, pmagic, ubuntu, ntfs4dos, memtest and maybe one other.

  4. building a plugin, directory issue

    Posted 20 Sep 2007

    I'm building a plugin for an app we use here. During a default install of that app it puts files in the following directories

    Program Files\appdir

    all of those I can handle, however it also puts files in

    documents and settings\all users\application data


    documents and settings\current user\my documents

    Any tips on how I handle setting up those directories/locations in my plugin or where I could reroute those files to that might work as a substitute if those directories don't exist under pe?

  5. ubcd inside vmware workstation 6

    Posted 19 Sep 2007

    Is anyone using workstation 6? Are you getting access to the virtual nic and able to talk to the outside world from within your ubcd vm?

    I'm not and can't figure out why.

    Using a fairly vanilla install of 3.06

    any tips greatly appreciated.


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