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  1. In Topic: I have an Idea

    Posted 25 Jun 2006

    well it is only an idea.

    I just suggested it becuase some linux software (mepis or ubuntu or suse) had the capability to save information to the live cd-rw itself.
  2. In Topic: Request!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 25 Jun 2006

    thanks guys, your the best!!! :rock::worthy:
  3. In Topic: NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

    Posted 23 Jun 2006

    View Post rdsok, on Jun 23 2006, 04:38 PM, said:


    The point wasn't that the theme should look like the one he posted..... what he was saying was that you probably should have pointed that application at C:\ and not at C:\I386\ then it is possible ( not certain ) that it may have slipstreamed it for you.

    About downloading XP ( I'm assuming an ISO image that you need to burn to CD ) .... if you can do that and its directly from Microsoft... should be fine but do not trust other sources since the code will likely be tampered with. If the source isn't MS, I would suggest using the manual method to slipstream with using mbarnes suggestion.

    What mbarnes suggested would also be the way I would suggest if you were to try slipstreaming what you already have... create a directory ( such as the one suggested C:\XPCD ) then copy the contents of your current I386 into it. In this scenerio you would normally just point the Autostreamer to C:\XPCD then.

    the problem is that the I386 folder not compatible with slipstream, or direct building. But thankyou very much guys!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!! :worthy:

    you have made my day!!!!! :rock:

    I got WIN Pro Corp SP2, worked great!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! !

    with all the thanks i can give,


    and what about adding my own apps to UBCD4WIN?
  4. In Topic: NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

    Posted 23 Jun 2006

    View Post LittlBUGer, on Jun 23 2006, 08:03 AM, said:

    View Post dirkgently42, on Jun 22 2006, 11:20 PM, said:

    BTW, your


    it never showed if it was valid or not it just siad
    Posted Image

    The "check source" function should have shown something like:

    ..if you had pointed "the builder" to C:
    NOT C:\I386\

    The first picture was from AutoStreamer I believe... :)

    sorry but it wasn't, because i am using a a different theme for xp
  5. In Topic: NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

    Posted 23 Jun 2006

    ok, i know this will sound a bit wrong but what if i download a XP pro install CD with SP2, how about that?

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