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  1. In Topic: Odd Menus?

    Posted 21 Dec 2009

    View Post SHSH, on 21 December 2009 - 12:37 AM, said:

    I'm running UBCD4Win from harddisk and all is fine - except: my menus and submenus are full of dupes. Why is it and how am I supposed to fix this? No dupes at all when booted from CD...

    have a look:



    Many answers and questions about this. Build the ISO first. You will be told to search the forum.

    http://www.ubcd4win.com/... w=&hl=duplicate menu&fromsearch=1
  2. In Topic: Copy And Paste?

    Posted 3 Dec 2009

    I have also experienced that lack of copy and paste function when I built by UBCD4WIN by pointing to the installed XP on an eMachine.

    The CD worked great except for this functionality. You can use unstoppable copier when copy and paste fails. In later years, I obtained several pure Microsoft install disks. These work perfectly to build the project with full copy and paste functions.
  3. In Topic: Smithfraud Fixer

    Posted 23 Nov 2009

    To be clear, I think you are referencing SmitFraud. I have some experience with this, but not because of UBCD4WIN.

    Mostly full details here: http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/SmitFraud
  4. In Topic: Combofix

    Posted 2 Oct 2009

    You can find comments about Combofix at places like www.bleepingcomputers.com. There are people there that will help you if you join (free) and post a message in the "Am I infected" forum.

    There are also warnings about using Combofix without help from an expert. This is an awsome program, but there are other steps you need to follow along with Combofix. I used Combofix without any help at one point, and it does work. You have to determine your level of comfort taking risks. You need a backup of data, and a plan for restoration should anything go wrong. Be careful, and have fun!!
  5. In Topic: No 2016 Chicago Olympics

    Posted 2 Oct 2009

    I am delighted that Obama did not matter, and did not get his way. Happy day!!

    An associate in Germany commented in an e-mail today that Obama is very popular there. Apparently, he is also popular in Sweden.

    His approval polling numbers in the US continue to fall.

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