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  1. Use MagicDisk to extract files from youir .ISO image

    Posted 1 Mar 2006

    I have read a post about a program called "unISOfs" that was written as a commandline based utility used to extract the contents of an ISO image to a folder on your hard drive. You can read it here:
    http://www.ubcd4win.... ?showtopic=3338

    I have found that the freeware program called MagicDisk can do a similar thing here:
    http://www.magiciso.... sc-overview.htm

    It is a very helpful utility designed for creating and managing virtual CD drives and CD/DVD discs. You can mount the UBCD4WIN ISO file and extract the contents to your local drive. You can mount several CD/DVD formats:

    BIN (CDRWin)
    IMA/IMG (Generic disk images)
    CIF (Easy CD Creator)
    NRG (Nero - Burning ROM)
    IMG/CCD (CloneCD)
    MDF/MDS (Fantom CD)
    VCD (Farstone Virtual Drive)
    VaporCD (Noum Vapor CDROM)
    P01/MD1/XA (Gear)
    VC4/000 (Virtual CD)
    VDI (Virtuo CD Manager)
    C2D (WinOnCD)
    BWI/BWT (BlinkWrite)
    CDI (DiscJuggler)
    TAO/DAO (Duplicator)
    PDI (Instant Copy)

    MagicDisk acts as a virtual drive so you can mount an image and extract from it. Sorry, you cannot add to it though. They sell a product called MagicISO that can accomplish this at http://www.magiciso.com/ index.htm

    Sorry for the commercial but the free MagicDisk version can come in really handy.

    Have fun!!! :banana:
  2. Use QEMU for Windows to test your UBCD4WIN ISO file before burning

    Posted 1 Mar 2006

    Ben and LittlBUGer have suggested using QEMU for Windows to test the UBCD4WIN ISO file before burning. I have found the necessary files and have gotten it to work successfully so I just wanted to pass on a few links that would be helpful for all of you to use. It is a really excellent tool and saves you from burning too many coffee coasters. :D

    Get the latest QEMU files here (download the 0.7.2 version):
    http://free.oszoo.or... /win32/release/
    Install it in c:\program files\QEMU and when it asks to load an OS image, just say no because you will be using your UBCD4WIN image.

    Get a really nice front-end called QGui here which launches QEMU for you with all the necessary settings (download the 2.14 version):
    http://perso.wanadoo.es/ comike/
    Just extract QGui.exe to c:\program files\QEMU and delete the rest because it is an older version of QEMU. You might want to add a shortcut to this file in the QEMU start menu section.

    QGui is written in Visual Basic 6 so if you don't have the runtime on your PC, get it here:
    http://www.microsoft... &displaylang=en

    The rest of the instructions on how to configure QGui might be easier to see visually, so go to the Running your UBCD in QEMU on Windows section of this nice tutorial:
    http://danielha.free... win/qemu-en.htm

    You will basically be running QGUI and it will spawn off QEMU for Windows for you will all the necessary settings.

    The version of QGui that you will be downloading is a later version than in the tutorial so you will see an additional tab called "Embedded QEMU". Just uncheck the box "Embed QEMU inside QGui window", follow the rest of the instructions and you will see a window pop up with your UBCD4WIN environment. Takes a little time to come up depending on the speed of your PC and allocated memory but it will come up fine.

    Just remember to activate the mouse by pressing ALT-CTRL when you want to be in the QEMU window and that not everything will work because you are still booted to your main OS but it will allow for some testing. If you want to delete a Virtual Machine configuration, go to your QEMU folder and delete the appropriate .QVM file.

    Have fun!!! :banana:

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