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Topics I've Started

  1. Recuva from the guy who made ccleaner

    Posted 23 Jan 2007


    Recuva (pronounced "recover") is a freeware utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Windows Recycle bin as well as images and other files that have been deleted by user error from digital camera memory cards or MP3 players. It will even bring back files that have been deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses!

  2. Kerio Personal Firewall

    Posted 13 Oct 2005

    http://www. securityf.../bid/15094/info


    Kerio Personal Firewall and ServerFirewall are prone to a local denial of service vulnerability.

    Reports indicate that the FWDRV driver does not verify access to memory associated with the Process Environment Block (PEB) of the application. An attacker can trigger fatal exceptions and cause the firewall process to terminate.

    A denial of service condition in the firewall can expose computers to further attacks.


    Bugtraq ID:    15094
      Class:    Failure to Handle Exceptional Conditions
      Remote:    No
      Local:    Yes
      Published:    Oct 13 2005 12:00AM
      Updated:    Oct 13 2005 04:57PM
      Credit:    Discovery is credited to Piotr Bania <[email protected]> .
      Vulnerable:    Kerio ServerFirewall 1.1.1, Kerio Personal Firewall 4.2
      Not Vulnerable:
  3. Expect Bigger IM Attacks After Microsoft, Yahoo Me

    Posted 13 Oct 2005

    http://news. yahoo.co...c_cmp/172300558


    The larger attack surface of an interoperable Yahoo-MSN IM network -- estimated at 49.2 million users, only slightly fewer than AOL's 51.5 million -- means that Yahoo and MSN users should expect more attacks.
    "We really haven't seen [IM worms]propagate because networks have been closed and non-interoperable," said Sakoda. "Historically, AIM and MSN have received the lion's share of attacks, because malware writers know where the users are, just like bank robbers know where the money is."
  4. adaware

    Posted 8 Sep 2005

    there were definition file updates today. While building my cd my autoupdate script kicked off and downlaoded them already.
  5. A place to hang my hat.

    Posted 6 Sep 2005

    Hello guys. I have done my own thing and had my own site for quite a few years and am faced right now with shutting most everything down. I most likely wont be up more than a few more months or so. When this happens I have quite a few things that I work on that will need a home.

    I will have my delete gui and possibly allot of other things I work on ( A whole distro like ubcd4win) Maybe we can merge the two as far as the distro goes.

    I will still need a home for my progies though. I was wondering if it would be ok to hang my hat here?

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