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Icon   Gedrean is still stuck on U4W and Puppy Linux, because his computer hates him.

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  1. In Topic: Suggestions On Remote Desktop Type Ability

    Posted 4 Nov 2009

    VNC is included in U4W, both server and client.
  2. In Topic: No Idea What's Going On...

    Posted 30 Sep 2009

    First, make sure you have the exact error code as printed - count the 0's. If you have the right number, a google search for: "c000021a" should yield some results as to what caused it.

    If that is the correct error, some details on the internet describe using Knoppix and other alternative OS's (like UBCD4W) to resolve the issue, by fixing files here and there.

    You may be able to download and build UBCD4Win on another computer (with a proper licensed install disc of XP or 2K3) to use on this machine to resolve the issue.

    Sadly that particular issue is not familiar to me so I am not equipped to answer with further details, but there is a starting point.
  3. In Topic: Intergrate Updated Versions

    Posted 18 Sep 2009

    View Post stdedos, on 17 September 2009 - 10:01 AM, said:

    View Post rdsok, on 17 September 2009 - 05:58 PM, said:

    The List of Tools page on the website is so outdated as to not be funny anymore... but if you look in the build folder and check out the changes.txt file you will see most utils are up to date ( as of the time of the build release ) in UBCD4Win v3.50 for instance Firefox is at v3.0.6 and 7Zip is v4.65

    Well ... yeah! Now it is more I like it! But, someone should get to the bottom of this and edit that page ... since the changes file is written!

    Yeah, well, no offense man, but half the dev team and beta team are pretty busy testing out new updates to plugins and trying to make new versions come to life magically.

    Sadly, the list of tools and various other parts of the website are almost YEARS out of date, and in most cases require a total rewrite to account for different plugins and changes, and sadly it's not a high priority.

    If you're looking to volunteer your time, what you can do is download and install a new UBCD4Win, run through the entire list of plugins in the program, compile a list, save a copy of the ListOfTools page, and produce a writeup of what you think should be written there, then email it to Ben Burrows through the contact links on the website. Those do work at least I think they do.

    Have fun, and good luck!
  4. In Topic: Memtest Vs Memtest+

    Posted 26 Aug 2009

    View Post twipley, on 25 August 2009 - 07:57 PM, said:

    Hello, dear mbarnes. For my part, I cannot, as some (or many, or most) people with 4 GB of RAM installed, run the program without suffering the famous "spontaneous system reboot." How widespread the issue is, I don't know. I simply know that it is written down on the Wikipedia page, and that here Memtest86 doesn't work, only Memtest86+ does.

    Apologies for the misunderstanding, Mr. 'twipley'.
    Mbarnes means that you should rebuild the UBCD4WIN on another computer (or on this computer running Windows XP, wherever you built the first disc from) after taking those steps to replace the included Memtest86 ISO in the memtest plugin with the memtest86+ ISO - his steps will make the plugin run 86+ instead of 86, without the system knowing the difference, and with minimal changes to the plugin itself - much easier than building a new plugin or altering the plugin directly.

    You will not need to run Memtest86 in order to do these steps.

    Hope this clears things up.
  5. In Topic: Project Natal

    Posted 21 Aug 2009

    Natal is supposed to be pronounced Nuh-taal.. but it always sounds like Natal like Prenatal or Neonatal care... So, the Xbox360 as it is is Prenatal? With the Project Natal, it'll be born? Will it be a cesarian section?

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