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  1. Here's An Oddity

    Posted 10 Aug 2009

    So, I made my most recent UBCD4W, it built, booted right, everything works happy from the CD (though not very fast).
    I went and did PEINST (Onoz!) to put U4W to the HDD. Aside from figuring out what it means by a few things, peinst went through smooth and silky.
    Rebooted to U4W on my HDD, and it worked relatively well. Booted up much faster, went through and made my stuff nice.
    Renamed my C drive to X but oh well what's the harm right?

    Well, here's the problems list:

    -MyInfo is trying to find the background at X:\I386 while the Peinst made it X:\minint
    Fixed that by (for now at least) copying the entirety of I386 to the hard drive as it is, duplicating it, so pretty much I'm using more space than needed but anything that's hardcoded I386 won't crash at least... not yet.
    -RocketDock doesn't even seem to try to load. I can't even begin to understand this one. It just won't load, and when I launch it manually it comes up with the default iconset rather than the U4W iconset (which I made sure to enable, and works fine in the CD).
    -CD-RW drive won't read -- This one's odd. It reads when booted to the disc (of COURSE it reads, it's where it boots from) and if I boot otherwise (Linux, either from that same drive or booted to HDD) will read fine. But not in U4W from HDD. Ideas?
    -Still won't see my nVidia ethernet, but what the hey, it's nForce. Nothing to be done.

    So, ideas?
  2. Read First: False Positives List

    Posted 7 Jul 2009

    Hi! I've been noticing a lot of false positive reports coming in where users are still using version 3.20 or even 3.0 of UBCD4Win.

    When we made 3.50, we started a new strategy for eliminating false positives and avoiding "undesirable program detected" messages within UBCD4Win.
    As a trial for 3.50, about 6 or 7 programs were enclosed in a special 7z wrapper to "cloak" them from antivirus programs.
    Best part was, we discovered that these applications take up very little space in the RAMDrive, and can be easily removed afterwards, so this decreased over-all default install and build size as well!
    Now, the reason we don't do this for the larger and more complex plugins is actually pretty simple: RAMDrive size. We can't assume the user has 200+ MB of extra RAM to shove into a RAMDrive so we can have the antivirus plugins extract out like this, but we'd like to put more and more of the small plugins into this format, as well as catch ANY and ALL false positives with this.

    Now, of course, this means for official plugins we have to make sure they are truly virus-free and do what they say, but since this strategy will only be employed for official (read:included) plugins, we feel this is a decent approach to take.
    But, this post isn't for me to self-aggrandize about how awesome this approach is

    Now, on to the meat and potatoes:


    What I'd like to request is that if you have a false positive WITH 3.50, NOT EARLIER VERSIONS, please post them to this thread!
    That way, the thread can be noted indicating which false positives have or will be fixed in future versions, and we don't have to sift through a million posts about how 3.0 has a false positive with McAfee that we fixed a long time ago.

    This is also a great thread you can check to see if the virus report you got was a false positive. If it exists in this list, it's a false positive!

    Posts don't need to be big, or long, or convoluted.
    All we need is which application did it (So if it says, for example, ipscan.exe, the program itself is IP Scan) or the path to the application, and which anti-malware program caught the false positive (McAfee, Avast, MalwareBytes, AdAware, Spybot, etc.)

    We'll do the rest, and hopefully make version 3.6 have an even better default install, with more tools, less size, and NO FALSE POSITIVES! (we hope.)

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter!
  3. UBCD4W - Installing & Builing within U4W

    Posted 31 Mar 2009

    So I'm still stuck with my computer out of commission, running UBCD4W to delete away gigabytes of files and backup other gigabytes of files.

    It's slow going, and rebooting and rebuilding my B drive with the typical files I use to work with this (updated firefox, ignition, a few others) is tedious and long taking each day.

    So it occurs to me, there's a PE Installer - I could install to one of the drives spare area and do that.
    Problem is, I run PE Installer, it asks me for UBCD4W/BartPE source files - I only have the disc I'm booted from right now.
    Is it possible to install the disc I'm booted from right now to the hard drive as a sort of bootable section?
    Is the Source directory just my X: drive?

    If not: Is it possible to build a new disc, or run the UBCD4Win builder, while booted to the U4W? Does it have the necessary system functions to let all that work?
    If I do that I can build the files I want THEN install from there, right?
    Or I can build a new disc to at least have up-to-date software on. :)

    Thanks all.
  4. RAMDrive size

    Posted 16 Mar 2009

    Alright, so I know if I boot the UBCD4W without changing the RAMDrive tab, it goes to 98 MB. I know that in the PAST I could change the RAMDrive tab to put size above 98, and it would stay above.
    I know that NOW if I put the ramdrive size above 98, it puts it back down to 98.

    I know that if I rebuild the ISO changing the preshell ini to have different max ramdrive size in the profile, etc, all's well.

    I know that if I choose a different profile, some of them have better ramdrive sizes.
    However those profiles don't always open up all the stuff I want (geoshell & rocketdock, I actually love the default interface of UBCD4W).

    Is there a way, WITHOUT rebuilding the ISO, to use the behaviors of the default auto profile WITHOUT suffering the 98 MB RAMDrive barrier?

    The only changes that were made to this before building were removing the X2 explorer plugin, a lot of the network tools and antispyware tools, to make it fit onto CD-R with some size issues with the XP source, and the AV tools were updated. No changes to the boot or critical plugins, really, at all.

    Any other questions about changes lemme know, I hope to hear an answer soon as I'd love to move off of using a ramfile on the C drive (it's less awesome than a ramdrive) ;)
  5. MyInfo Questions

    Posted 14 Mar 2009

    I noticed a few posts in the far past (2007 and a couple in 08) about MyInfo and as I was using UBCD4W recently I noticed some oddities about it I thought I'd ask, if pcuser minds talking about them...

    How is it that MyInfo provides the ability to use JPG wallpapers? Wasn't that included in XP, or is that the whole ActiveDesktop thing that I assume isn't present because it's a resource hog? If so, how does MyInfo do it? I'm just curious on that part.

    I've also noticed MyInfo basically tends to take the existing wallpaper, bolt the text onto it, and create a new bmp (myinfo.bmp) on the B drive, making that the desktop.
    As a result, the information never actually updates... is it supposed to update semi-regularly, or is it just when the app is re-run? Is there a way, then, possibly, to code in a switch in the inf or even in a user setting set file to just stop putting the text on and only do the jpg support? It's not a bad program, just kinda interesting how it works, and whether that actually saves space or in so doing causes more space used (since it outputs a bmp of the jpg it seems)-- or am I wrong on that? I'd love to be better educated on this.

    If this isn't something of a major priority I'd understand, and in fact would love the chance (if pcuser is willing, if not I understand) to have a glance at the code and a crack at possibly adding or updating such features to do such customizations, making myinfo a bit more, shall we say, competitive with the previous mentioned bginfo, but without being too resource-hoggy since I understand that it's replacing coolmon... which I'm not sure what CoolMon does that's more hoggy on resources than MyInfo is.

    Anyhow, love to hear a response if ever, if not, well, I tried. ;)

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