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  1. Firefox 3.5 released

    Posted 2 Jul 2009

    Dunno if anyone's interested,

    but here it is: :D

    http://www.mozilla.c... irefox-3.5.html
  2. Bootup Main menu - No Blinking

    Posted 23 Apr 2007

    Blink                  = 1                     ; Blinking: 0=Disable, [1]=Enable
    ; Blink seems to be dependent on [BG/FG] the BG code's MSB. Specifically, using: 8 - f.
    ; Original 'MenuColors'  *5-CurrLineGotFocus = [0f] produces -NO- blink. :no: 
    ; Setting to [8f] -DOES- produce the blink, but appears to -LOSE- the BG color's MSB:
    ; [0f] = BG Black/FG White = NO blink, gives White on Black.
    ; [8f] = BG DGrey/FG White = BLINK, but gives white on a -Black- background = no MSB, 8 --> 0. :yes: 
  3. Bootup Main menu "Propellor" at upper-right

    Posted 22 Apr 2007

    While messing around with Highlander999's 'Sub-Menu', came across this.

    Also was in Main menu, upper-right, UBCD4Win 304 (file: \plugin\Multiboot\ bcdw\bcdw_base.ini).

    ; ScrollText = ~ ; Scroll's Content (NG)
    ; /-\|/-\
    ; \-/|\-/
    ; ~
    ScrollText = ~ ; Scroll's Content (Propellor - OK)

    Thanks Highlander, works like a charm!
    Posted Image
  4. Windows for Warships nears frontline service

    Posted 18 Apr 2007

    http://www. theregist...s_boxes_at_sea/

    Everyone knows the differences between Windows and other operating systems. Steve Jobs has recently spent colossal sums telling us that most malware is written for Windows; also that using Windows is no fun and, even worse, seems to involve wearing a tie.

    Those acquainted with the more foam-lipped Linux fanciers will also be familiar with the position that Windows use is morally corrupt, indicative of sexual perversion, and causes cancer.

    A lot of customers keep buying from Microsoft, however. One may want to deploy a particular kind of hardware, perhaps used only by a few organisations. It may well be that you can only get the associated software from the hardware maker, and the vendor in question doesn't provide anything other than Windows-based machines.

    One type of hardware where this is happening more and more is warships.

    This shift has already been heavily criticised. Nonetheless, BAE Systems subsidiary Insyte, the UK's sole provider of warship command systems, has decided to standardise on Win2k (this was during the company's former incarnation as AMS).

    Type 45 Destroyer

    The Type 45 destroyers now being launched will run Windows for Warships: and that's not all. The attack submarine Torbay has been retrofitted with Microsoft-based command systems, and as time goes by the rest of the British submarine fleet will get the same treatment, including the Vanguard class (V class). The V boats carry the UK's nuclear weapons and are armed with Trident ICBMs, tipped with multiple H-bomb warheads.

    All this raises a number of worrying issues. First up is basic reliability and usability. Most of us have stared in helpless despair at the dreaded blue screen; how much worse would you feel if that wasn't just your desktop gone but your combat display, and it really was the screen of death?

    Surely we can't have our jolly tars let down by possibly untrustworthy, difficult to use kit such as Windows? Especially when you reflect that cost is not an issue. When you're buying destroyers at 1bn per hull, the price difference between 26 PCs and the same number of Sun workstations barely shows up.
    -------------------------- -------------------

    The UK may get themselves into some real trouble here...
  5. What direction for UB-CD-4Win - CD ??

    Posted 18 Mar 2007

    After 'dinking around' with making my various devices "bootable" with the latest release of UBCD4Win 3.0.4,
    I started to wonder if the "CD" part of it all is "sustainable", in this "fast-paced world" we live in (heh, heh...)

    1.) All sane and knowing people test with a "VM" -- tho not perfect, they're pretty darn good.
    And yet, we (I) see some difficulties arise -because- of the VM.
    Real-life performance/acceptance only shows with a -REAL- boot from -REAL- media:
    http://www.ubcd4win.com/... p...ost&p=44744

    Be it: CD/DVD, USB_Stick, SD_card, Compact_Flash, USB_HDD, or a reprogrammable Coca-Cola bottle.

    2.) So, is it realistic to inject a 'CD_boot/loader', when an azzole like me wants to use a USB_Stick, or an SD card,
    or a USB_HDD, or a reprogrammable Coca-Cola bottle ??

    3.) -YES-, if I'm going to boot (ONLY) from a CD/DVD!

    4.) -NO-, if I want to use the reprogrammable Coca-Cola bottle, USB_Stick, SD_card, USB_HDD, etc.... (NTLDR, etc)

    5.) CD's (at a dime apiece) are going out the door because of BluRay or whatever new -stuff-.

    6.) DVD's are still expensive at 25 cents apiece, and everybody is afraid to spend a quarter to burn.

    7.) Best bet to "Burn & Test" is the: -REWRITEABLE- media:
    USB_Sticks, USB_HDDs, SD_cards, etc.
    So why not 'Enable' an appropriate 'Boot/Loader' for this 'kind' of media???
    UBxx4Win can easily ask (prior to the licensed "PEBuilder" executable) ---

    "What is the -TARGET- media ??" (Or is this beyond the scope of of today's 'System Analysts' ?)

    Then, we can define an appropriate 'boot/loader' for the device (ie: CD/DVD, or, "Everything_Else" ,
    "setupldr.bin", "NTLDR", "bootfix.bin", etc. Can't we?

    8.) Then we can: .cmd, .inf, .xml, .exe, .PEwhatever, to set: '%loader%' to whatever we need to,
    before the Auto .ISO build (95).

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