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  1. Access Denied Because Its Still Open By The Ubcd Builder

    Posted 13 Nov 2009

    Posted Image
    No AV no AS, clean and mean 2003.

    It does this on many machines.. Not sure if it's the same error. But on many I am sure I can not delete bartpe until I reboot.
  2. Autoruns From Sysinternals

    Posted 13 Nov 2009

    Would love to see autoruns from sysinternals.com

    If needed, get an old version from Mark so MS does not poop in their pants and say you are stealing.

    What up Ben.. Its Dean.
  3. https

    Posted 25 May 2009

    Hi, I need to test some stuff with IE6 but its a secured web site and the UBCD4WIN does not do https.. :mellow:Is there an easy fix?
  4. separate boot on same hd

    Posted 17 Sep 2008

    Hi, we do remote computer repair at www.GuaranteedPCFIX.com.
    I would like to make an UBCD4WIN type of build on all my clients. Basically a separate OS on their hard drive that boot the PC up and does all the wonderful things UBCD4WIN does and allows us to connect and fix the computer while the OS is in off line mode.
    Rather than waiting a few day for the UBCD4WIN to get to them via mail, I would like to download and build it from their windows files and have it run on their HD.
    Some of our clients do not have CD burners or their CD 's are disabled due to viruses so that is why I don't just have them download and burn an image. That plus 650 megs is a lot to download.

    I would want this all to start from the OS choices by editing the boot.ini so the client can just press F8 and select it.

    I would like this to copy and use the files in windows and windows\system32 rather than from the i386 folder. I am not sure if this is possible due to the way you guys do what you do, but many people do not have an i386 folder nor their original CD.

    To help viruses from infecting the files, it would be wise to make an image of all the stuff, then load up the image as a disk. This is not necessary but it would help the files not get infected.

    I would like to download the smaller UBCD4WIN file and build it on each client so if they are badly infected, or have a crash in the future, we can fix the computer from it.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you for your time.

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