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  1. In Topic: PEToUSB not recognising Ext HDD drives

    Posted 10 Dec 2009

    petousb recognizes any usb. The trick is to run the exe as administrator. Try...
  2. In Topic: UBUSB problem

    Posted 25 May 2009

    View Post Tech.happy, on May 4 2009, 10:23 PM, said:

    View Post rdsok, on May 4 2009, 09:18 PM, said:

    It sounds like your system BIOS is one of those that has issues in this area... all I can suggest is to boot from CD or DVD on the system having the problem.

    I think so too. I was able to boot from CD. But when I click the wireless icon there is this Message: (Windows cannot configure this wireless connection. If you want to configure this connection start the wireless zero configuration connection). My question is: How do you configure before starting the Build process. I have no problem with Wired connection. IF i can solve his wireless configuration problem all problem is solved.

    I think that the problem lies in the USB vs HDD conflict... I get the same 7B screen-of-death error with booting from the USB stick with & without an actual HDD attached to my laptop. Try..error..shutoff over and over again has only loaded UBCD4Win once and even then the drivers were rather buggy (slow response rates, weird stuff happening, select keyboard keys don't respond, etc...) and I have over 2GB of Ram.

    Remember that this UBUSB is relatively new, but for you developers out there.. Perhaps there is conflict or something with the UBUSB and the XP booting process. I am booting XP SP2 Home edition, the system boots the menu OK, boots the UBCD4Win OK (drivers), and the error only occurs (and ALWAYS occurs) during or just after the XP boot screen.

    Maybe Windows XP 'ejects' the USB stick temporarily &/OR performs a hardware check and freaks out when the USB/HDD isn't responding. Thus the "hardware failure" 0x0000007B error.

    Keep trying, you're on the right track. :rock:

    --unnamed Beta Tester--

    PS. Probably not a bios issue (although it could be).. If the system recognizes the USB drive as a USB HDD (which mine does), and allows you to boot from a USB HDD as with any other media (HDD CDROM etc...), then the USB flash drive will load the first standard/grub/syslinux boot menu. If not, nothing would happen (other than the computer booting from a different source, i.e. the actual HDD with your original OS on it)
  3. In Topic: Change or Modify Wallpaper of UBDC4Win

    Posted 6 Jan 2009

    What about completely removing the wallpaper?
  4. In Topic: Add a plugin - beginner needs help

    Posted 6 Jan 2009

    OK. I may not have spent enough time on this but where do you put the snapshot.xml and snapshot.inf and where the .exe file and other (help file seems to be mentioned in the configs)?

    Also where do I find instructions for making the configs myself?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. In Topic: XP SP3

    Posted 25 Apr 2008

    View Post DigiWiz, on Apr 23 2008, 05:05 PM, said:

    Direct source:


    Whatever "Direct source: may mean, that link certainly is NOT XP SP3 Final.

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