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Topics I've Started

  1. Fst File System Tool

    Posted 31 Dec 2009

    I found a neat little utility for checking fat and hpfs file systems, called fst. It's made by the author of the EMX 32-bit extender.

    http://fst.sourceforge. net/

    the project includes linux tools, so why not an os/2 oriented tool?

  2. Screw Windows "simple" File Sharing

    Posted 26 Dec 2009

    sheesh. I have a laptop that was plugged into an outlet that wasn't grounded (eg the old two prong kind but using an adapter). So right at that moment it stopped charging and the battery ran down, and it went into hibernation on it's own. I should have shut it down but I didn't. So now I have the hard drive in another laptop, but the drive letters are switched, fixmbr and fixboot don't work. It says ntldr not found.

    So I'm sharing a folder in the shared documents folder on a desktop machine. on the laptop I'm in ubcd and at when I first setup the share I could see it just fine from the laptop after entering adminstrator as the user. But I turned off "use simple file sharing", then got mad at all the options, then went back to "use simple file sharing", but now I can't browse the share. Even in ERD Commander or Hiren's lightweight XP BootCD

    so I vow to never use microsoft network file systems sharing ever again. It's going to be ftp and novell netdrive from here on out.
    Currently I'm using the filezilla ftp server. It seems EASY to use. Now how can I run the ftp server as admin without having to always login? nevermind, it can run as a service.

    ok, after all that, I found the problem, the shared folder, was set to read-only. It was the partially grayed or dimmed out, meaning something under it was read-only. freaking permissions again.
  3. Add Google Chrome (A Portable Version, Of Course)

    Posted 22 Dec 2009

    see topic
  4. Turn Off Autoscroll & Smooth Scrolling

    Posted 17 Dec 2009

    It's a very small thing and can be easily turned off, but still, I'd like Firefox's Autoscroll & Smooth Scrolling off by default. Anyone else think so too?
  5. Ctrl-Alt-Del Bring Up Taskmanager?

    Posted 31 Aug 2009

    can someone make Ctrl-Alt-Del Bring Up the task manager? Or is that something for geobar, or the other explorer we choose, to implement?

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