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Topics I've Started

  1. Laptop Screws + More

    Posted 4 Jan 2010

    http://www. laptopscrews.com/index.htm

    I just stumbled across this site. I'm ordering some assorted screws, screw covers and best of all a screw extractor designed for M2-M4 diameters.

    This notebook I picked up today must have been assembled with a 18V Milwaukee. Thankfully I saw some stripped screws and showed the customer before I left. Usually I get the old "it was fine until you touched it" crapola.

    Anyway, I hope this site helps my fellow techs.

    Happy New Year!
  2. Ethical Quandary

    Posted 27 Nov 2009

    I was asked by a customer to crack his friends wifes password. He suspects her of cheating. Do I want to get into the middle of this? What are the legal ramifications?

    I've done it before for parents whose kids locked them out but this is different.

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.
  3. Networking Gotcha

    Posted 18 Sep 2009

    Just a heads up to my fellow techs.

    I have a customer with a wireless router on the 2nd floor with a desktop in the basement. He has weak, spotty signal from a bottom line G router. Instead of experimenting with a repeater, antenna's or N type router I bought this guy a Netgear XETB1001 adapter kit. Basically you get 2 adapters that plug into an AC recepticle and use the house wiring as an Ethernet cable. Then you connect these adapters to a router and a pc with an Ethernet cable. Sounds easy and convenient. After 3 hours of plug-n-play ez install I'm starting to freak out as well as lose money and the confidence of my client.

    Bottom line is these damn things work only on the same circuit! The signal will not pass thru a breaker. The Web page and box both state they will work in any AC outlet in up to a 5,000 sq ft structure. Save your money, time and aggravation and avoid this product unless you can confirm before you purchase that your router/pc are on the same branch circuit. Oh yeah, they also will not work if they are plugged into a surge protector or UPS.
  4. IE8 loads sloooooow

    Posted 3 Apr 2009

    So far 2 customers called me this week about IE8 loading slowly. Strangely IE8 RC1 ran ok for one of them. They upgraded and it loads like back in the day of 28.8 baud!

    Found a couple of references online. Spybot's host file and registering actxprxy.dll. Neither made a difference. For now, stick with IE7 or FF.
  5. A heads up for you fix-it guys

    Posted 3 Feb 2009

    I had two service calls these last few days on pc's where the customer couldn't surf the net. One guy switched from IE7 to Firefox which worked for a while than it to refused get online.

    I was able to ping google.com and it's ip on both pc's so I figured the firewalls were acting paranoid. Disabling Windows firewall didn't do a thing. I found traces of Norton in the registry on both machines even though my customers uninstalled the product years ago. I ran the Norton removal tool anyway and voila!

    Maybe an automatic Windows update conflicted with remnants of Norton? Who knows. Who cares. I got paid and hopefully this little tidbit will save someone a headache.

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