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  1. PSTART application menu for user added apps

    Posted 16 Jun 2008

    I got this idea after someone suggested/requested about PSTART application (http://www.pegtop.net/start/ ) to be added on UBCD4WIN..
    This application can really make your life a lot of easier if you don't want to play around with the .inf and .xml files to edit them..
    With PSTART you can add your portable apps on your UBCD4WIN build as easy as ABC.
    (Just remember the application you're going to add runs as it is,without any registry etc. stuff needed to be added,else you have to do it by hand and scripts..)

    I have packed the whole thing as an RAR package,just download it,place it on your ubcd4win PLUGIN directory,and EXTRACT HERE.
    It will then create "PStart" directory in the plugin directory with all the necessary files and directories..
    I have included two applications as an example in the package, those being two freeware software...

    Q-Dir 3.16 - File management software,quite handy and nice
    http://www.softwareo... anguage=english

    Ted's Notepad

    Remember you can delete them anytime you want to,and add your own stuff in the /plugin/PStart/Appz directory, just make sure you also remove those two
    entries via PStart app itself,if you want to get rid of them..
    PStart itself,is quite an easy to app to learn and use,I have included a little help file also in the package,so if you click on help at its name in ubcd4win's plugin part, it should open a page in your web-browser with quick instructions.

    Now,about building your UBCD4WIN cd/stick with PStart,please refer to this post first:
    http://www.ubcd4win.com/... o...ost&p=58522
    and especially read the answer,so you don't have to ask about the dupe files on the program menu.. :)
    in short:

    (quote Bengt)
    -the other one is that the user did not choose to create an .iso-file
    the creation of the .iso is preceeded by a sorting of the menu (remember to choose this option in the builder)
    so...rebuild and this time choose to build .iso (and the menu will be sorted)

    so,before you build it on your usb-stick,make sure you build .iso first..

    When your bootable cd/usb stick is done,and you boot UBCD4WIN, you will see on the START menu, PSTART ..
    That's this nice little application,you click on it and it lauches the PStart itself... then you can access the files you added on your compilation.
    When you launch the file off PStart, PStart will go on your system tray,and will be shown there as a PLAY button.
    Whenever you need to access PStart again,just move your mouse over the play button and right click on it,brings up the menu with your apps.
    Quite handy,eh ?

    Another thing.. If you do an USB-STICK installation with UBCD4WIN, you can add files straight on the stick to be used with PStart!
    PStart is located at "X:\PROGRAMS\ PStart\Appz".

    Hope some of you find some use for this nice little app on your UBCD4WIN compilation,I know I do.. ;)

    Here's the download links for the RAR package,and I can guarantee you it is 100% virus free.

    If you have any comments,ideas,suggestions about this, feel free to post them here.

    Tony B.

    Attention: I scanned the package on www.totalvirus.com and two AV's gives FALSE POSITIVES on this package,there are no trojans/worms whatsoever
    in this package..

    You can see the results for yourself by looking at:
    http://www.virustota... 4a03e8e93eb6fd5

    Pstart.rar 989.07 KB

    Download links:
    http://www.turbouplo... XNty/Pstart.rar
    http://www.filefacto... om/file/c47dd3/
    http://rapidshare.de... Pstart.rar.html
  2. PC Tools Antivirus problem with UBCD4WIN

    Posted 14 Jun 2008

    Dunno if it's really a false positive but I noticed,when installing (unpacking) the big ubcd4win exe,
    and if you have IntelliGuard protection ON,in PC Tools Antivirus, it delete's the file
    "UBCD4WinBuilder.exe" upon unpacking the package... :P
  3. Problems with applications and solutions

    Posted 12 Jun 2008

    I was going thru the forum and couldn't find answers to my matters,I'm sorry if these been reported+asked before,
    but here goes..

    Starting Windows from the boot cd,before it's ready to be used
    a nag box comes saying "Geoshell. Unable to start shell DDE. Failed to obtain
    function shdocvw.118."

    A-Squared Free
    ---> nag-box: Choose Windows Directory
    -> No windows installations found.
    One solution:
    Can launch it by going on B:\a2free directory,
    and executing a2free.exe

    ---> nag-box: Choose Windows Directory
    -> No windows installations found.
    -> When going on B:\adaware and trying to execute ad-aware.exe
    it says "This application has failed to start because Normaliz.dll was not
    found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

    --> opens X:\I386\system32\ cmd.exe dos box for a while,
    nothing happens,and closes the command box.

    Spybot SD
    ---> Chosing it from Programs menu and trying to launch,nothing happens.

    Super Antispyware
    ---> nag-box: Choose Windows Directory
    -> No windows installations found.
    -> When going on B:\superas and trying to execute superantispyware.exe
    it says "This application has failed to start because Normaliz.dll was not
    found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

    AV7 Personal
    ---> starts to unpack the files on the ramdisk.
    -> gives error nag-box:
    Windows cannot find 'B:\AV7PE\avcenter. exe' Make sure you typed the name
    correctly, and then try again.

    Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
    --> When choosing it from the menu,it unpacks and "installs" itself on ramdisk..
    launching the .exe won't do a thing. exits.

    any information which solves these problems would be greatly welcome.
    I'm trying to build a boot disc for my friend whom has his computer full of viruses..
    Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work, such a great project.

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