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How to Build the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows®

Due to increasing "false positives" from AntiVirus software, please view this: FAQ topic.

What you need to Build:

1. CD Burner and blank CD's
Almost every system out there has a CD Burner now, most new computers have been shipping with DVD Burners for at least the past year.

2. Windows® XP CD, with at least Service Pack 1 (SP2 is highly recommended)
If your CD does not have SP1 or SP2 included on it you can easily "slipstream" a Service Pack using a program called AutoStreamer. Instructions for slipstreaming are on the "slipstreaming" page of this site. Do not use a source that was "modified" by programs that claim to stream hotfixes or drivers into your XP CD. Only use a true XP CD or one that is slipstreamed properly with only an official Service Pack from Microsoft.

TIP- Unsure about what Service Pack your CD has? Look at the root of your XP CD for files ending with a .SP1 or .SP2 extention. Whichever extension you find tells you what Service Pack is installed on your CD. The "root" of the drive is the default location when you start to explore the CD drive.

3. Download UBCD4Win
Click the "Downloads" link to the upper left of this page and download the project. The project is now only ONE download. Included in the download are our project files, our "drivers" package, and our OEM PE Builder.

Extracting, setting up, and building UBCD4Win:

1. Run the UBCD4Win EXE file.
Follow all the instructions/prompts that come up. Do not install to a folder with spaces in its name. Our HashCheck tool checks for this and warns users, however people continue to ignore that warning and end up with errors when they try to build. Please pay attention to any messages that our Installer or HashCheck may produce. Be aware that your antivirus software may report viruses or trojans when you extract UBCD4Win, please view the FAQ topic on this for more information HERE. PLEASE- make sure you run the EXE, do not use any other extraction tool to extract the project files.

2. Insert your XP CD with SP1/SP2 into a CD Rom drive.
It is highly recommended that users copy their XP CD to their hard drive. Simply because it helps reduce read errors from your CD drive and it will speed up the build process. If you choose to do this:
        a. Create a "XPCD" folder on one of your internal hard drives.
        b. In Windows Explorer, select from the menu: Tools > Folder Options > View tab.
        c. Check that the [show hidden files and folders] radio button is selected and the [hide protected operating system files] is unchecked.
        d. Now copy the folders and files from your CD drive to the "XPCD" folder on your hard drive.

3. Launch UBCD4WinBuilder.exe (located in your C:\ubcd4win folder)

4.If this is the first time you have run UBCD4Win PE Builder you will see this message, please read it:

5. You will then see this message, select NO. The search can take a long time to find your files.

6. This is the main screen. All options are now available from the menus or buttons.
On this main screen you only need to modify a few items, please refer to the image above. The options that really matter to a successful build are in bold below, the others are optional and are designed for more experienced users:
"Source" needs to be directed to the folder where you copied your XP CD to or the CD drive where your XP CD is located.
"Custom", NO information is necessary for that option when building UBCD4Win. Please do not use this option unless you understand what it does!
"Output" is where you would like the files that UBCD4Win PE Builder modifies, extracts, and creates located. This is basically the folder that the builder uses to do all of its work, you can keep it as the default "BartPE."
-Make sure the "Create ISO image" box is checked and a filename is entered, if not an ISO file will not be created. The path and file will be created if they do not exist. But please remember that the filename must have an "iso" extension or it will not be created.
-"Burn to CD", a good option. If you check this option, UBCD4Win Builder burn the ISO image to a CD after the ISO file is generated. You must have a blank CD in your burner in order for this to complete. You can use this option if you wish, however I personally prefer to use Nero, ImgBurn, or another CD burning application to do this. Burning instructions are on the "Burn ISO" page of the site.

7. "Plugins" button. I strongly suggest you click this button to update or customize your build. You may also need to disable and/or enable plugins according to the OS you are using to build with. Almost all of the plugins included in the project are by default set to be installed. Updating will also be necessary so you have the latest AntiVirus and AntiSpyware definitions included on your CD.

**Version 3.06 driver change. Our "UBCD4Win driver pack" for network devices is still included in the latest version, however mass storage drivers have been removed. In their place we now have BTS mass storage drivers. The BTS driver pack includes drivers for many devices, so you should be able to see any SCSI, SATA, etc., hard drive hooked up to your system.

**You can update many AntiVirus and Malware tools before building the project. You will see a <CONFIG- to update> at the end of the program's name on the "plugin" screen. So, simply click on the plugin to highlight it and then click the "config" button. It will then automatically update that program with the latest definition file available.

There are other times that you need to modify what is enabled or disabled in your build.
1. Building with XP SP1a instead of SP2- please view this FAQ topic for more information.
2. Building with Win 2k3 SP1 source- please view this FAQ topic for more information.
3. Finally of course is the fact that you may want to customized your build, but of course that is all up to you. Again though, please build the project as is or only with plugins removed before you start ADDING plugins. That way if you have problems we know if it's a problem with UBCD4Win or your plugin. If there are some tools included in the project that you do not want feel free to disable them.

**Other customization options are discussed on the NEW Customize page of the site. For more details and information on customizing your UBCD4Win build, please visit the new page.

8. When you are done customizing, "close" the plugin page. Back on the main page go ahead and click "build."

9. If you have built the project previously, you will see this screen (you will want to click Yes):

10. If this is the first time building, you will see the Windows EULA message:

11. Now the "build" screen:

12. Finished successfully!! Below is the finished screen. You can now click "close", then "exit", and burn your ISO file to CD. Just make sure you select the correct options in your CD burning software.


I have spent great time on these instructions, trying to make sure they are as thorough as possible. I have checked over them several times but mistakes may still exist. Please email me or post in the forum if you have any issues. We will help you and update any instructions if necessary. Thank you for visiting the site and checking out the project!!!

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