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Slipstreaming SP1a or SP2 to XP, AutoStreamer and Manual Instructions

AutoStreamer has been released and is availabe for download from the "Download" page. I have just added instructions that are straight from the author (Raptor). If you do have question please me or post to in the forum. AutoStreamer is an application that makes slipstreaming easier, it is menu driven and includes many features that will help make sure your CD is created properly.

AutoStreamer Instructions:

Extract the ZIP file's contents to a local folder where you have sufficient permissions (meaning read/write). Do not extract only AutoStreamer.exe and do not double-click it within the archive. There's high chance things will go wrong.

First you have to select between CD or share mode. If you want to use your original xp cd as a source, go with cd mode. If you have a network share which contains the setup files, pick share mode.

Step 1:
--CD Mode: If you pick cd mode, AutoStreamer will attempt to read your pc's cd drives to detect any windows cds. If you have already inserted your cd in, AS will find it. If not, insert it, and click on the first magnifying glass icon to detect it. After detection suceeds, pick the service pack file by clicking the second magnifying glass icon. AS will attempt to detect what kind of file it is. If all goes well and its a valid SP file (meaning its the correct version, and newer than the source, it is valid) you will be ready to continue to step 2.
--Share Mode: Same as CD Mode, however, the first magnifying glass will prompt you for a valid hard drive location (local or network drive will do). Version detection works here as well. Again, you will have to pick SP file, and AS will verify that everything is good to go...

Step 2:
It's time to label the CD image. you can give any name you want. I usually name it WINXPSP2_EN or something... Next you have to pick the output file location... I use C:\WINXPSP2_EN.ISO...

If you do not wish to use AutoStreamer to help you create a slipstreamed XP CD, you can always do it the hard way and follow my instructions below:

Manual Instructions:

So you upgraded to XP right when it came out like me too? Bought XP before SP1 or SP1a came out? Slipstreaming look too complicated or not worth the hassle? Don't worry it's very simple, Bart's PE© doesn't require it from a CD! So all you have to do is copy the contents of your XP CD to a folder on your PC then slipstream SP1 to that. Then when BPE asks for the path of the files, just direct BPE to that folder! The instructions are below, several others and I have tested this and it does work. I haven't had the time though to see if you could burn the folder (we will create together) to CD and if BPE would accept it. The CD couldn't be used for installing XP but it may work for BPE. In order for you to burn it to CD and it be able to boot and install Windows from it would require more software downloads and I haven't been able to find a free program that would extract the bootloader. Also the only burning software that I have seen that will allow you to insert the boot loader image is Nero and that isn't for free either!!

All you need is your XP CD, download SP1a, and follow the instructions below:

1. Create 2 folders on your computer. For my instructions I will reference C:\WinXP and C:\WinSP1folders.

2. Insert your XP CD. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the CD drive you have your XP CD in.

3. You will want to make sure that Explorer is setup to display all hidden and system files to ensure all files are listed and therefore can be copied. The setting is located under the menu Tools > Folder Options > View tab. Check that the [show hidden files and folders] radio button is selected and the [hide protected operating system files] is unchecked.

4. Select all files and folder that exist on the XP CD and copy them to the "C:\WinXP" folder you just created. This should copy all the files from the CD to that folder.

**NOTE: It is not necessary to slipstream SP1a and then SP2 if you want to slipstream SP2. So in other words if your XP CD does not include SP1 and you want to slipstream SP2, then only use the SP2 file. SP2 contains all the updates that were included in SP1a.

5. Take your SP1 file which if downloaded from my link (MS) should be named "xpsp1a_en_x86.exe", and put it in the folder named "C:\WinSP1." Use the "Run" command from your start menu to extract SP1a. You will type "C:\WinSP1\xpsp1a_en_x86.exe -x" A dialogue box will appear asking you where you would like it extracted. It should show "C:\WinSP1" as the path, if so click ok. If not, browse to that folder.

5a. SP2 Instructions - Now take your SP2 file and put it in a folder named "WinSP2" on your root directory of your harddrive. For example the path would be "C:\WinSP2." Use the "Run" command from the start menu to slipstream SP2. You will type "C:\WinSP2\ WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe /integrate:c:\WinXp" This command will slipstream SP2. Skip step 6 and move onto 7.

6. Now it is time to actually slipstream it. You will be using the "Run" command again to do this. The command to enter in the dialogue box is "C:\WinSP1\Update\Update.exe -S:C:\WinXP" You will see several different boxes appear showing you that it is intergrating (slipstreaming) SP1a to XP. When it is complete a box will appear announcing "Integrated install has completed successfully." Click "OK" and it is done.

7. You can now go back up to the instructions for Bart's PE instructions - building WinUBCD. In step 4 you will direct BPE to the "C:\WinXP" folder and it should accept it.

8. Now as I stated in the description below the title for this help section you may be able to take those files in the "C:\WinXP" folder and burn them to CD. If you do not want the 500+ Meg of space used up on your harddrive you could try this. If you want it to be bootable though you will need to add the imageloader file to the CD compilation before burning. Which will require you to use another application designed to extract the bootloader. You will also need CD burning software with the option to include the bootloader to the CD, Nero is a good example of an application that allows you to do this. I belive newer version of CD Burner XP Pro allows you to do this also but I have not personally tested those features.

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