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News Archive 10/04-12/04

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Some of you around the world have already ushered in 2005, I am currently several hours away from the new year. As I have mentioned these past few days I have been reflecting on this project and what we have been able to accomplish in the 9 months we have been around. Last year was great, but this year is going to be freak'n AWESOME! As I've already said also, I've got a lot of ideas for the project in this new year. I just hope they all pan out, I'm sure they will. Thanks everyone for a great year and stay tuned for an even better year full of all kinds of surprises! Site updates. I have updated a few of the pages here on the site. Thanks to a tip from Lockergnomes, I have verified most of the HTML and CSS code on my pages. They now have pretty little icons to show that my code is in compliance to be interoperable. I have updated the "thank you" page, cleaned up the "downloads" page a bit, and am working on revamping the "list of tools" page. I still haven't figured out the error with IE and the "downloads" page, along with a couple of others. If IE would just play by the rules I wouldn't have to waste time making IE happy with my HTML code. Anyway's, I hope to have this correct tonight. If anyone still has problems viewing any page.....please just scroll down a bit. The content is there, IE is just reading my code wrong. Or you could always download a better browser, like for example maybe...FireFox? One final side note. I made a big mistake yesterday. The kids got an Xbox for Christmas so I finally took my Dreamcast away. Because of the time of the year and the Steelers are doing so well I've been playing NFL2k1every once and a while. I have it hooked up to my ATI All in Wonder and it looks pretty nice on my 19" monitor. It's fun to think back at the players that played for them 3 or 4 years ago, but I want Staley and Roethlisberger (to name a few). So I messed up and splurged, buying Madden 05 for my computer yesterday. It's pretty awesome!! I already feel I do not have enough time for the project, so what do I do? Buy something to distract me even more!! I need and deserve the recreational time anyway's. Like I said, it's pretty awesome!


My brain is churning. I have been thinking of many different types of things over the past month. New ideas for the project and other ideas to give me more free time to work on the project. I've been thinking of things I could do for the up coming anniversary of the project. Sure it's still 3 months away, but my ideas will take time to work out. Make sure you have this site in your "bookmarks" or "favorites" because the festivities will begin in March.I have also been reading the old yahoo board messages and email messages I had received in the beginning of this project. When I think back to what I wanted to accomplish and reading the suggestions from others...it makes me feel really good. WE have really accomplished a lot with this project. I am in no way trying to "toot my own horn," just basically expressing how I feel about this project. The hundreds of emails I've received from people thanking me for creating this just makes me feel like I am doing what I want to do. Help people. Computers are awesome tools and we all need help with them. When your system takes a crap, hopefully my project will save the day for you. The new year is upon us, reflect on the good things......then kick ass on the others!!!Oh yeah, I almost forgot......GO STEELERS!!!!!


Well, I realized that I need to slow down a bit. Things almost never work out the way they are supposed to, they way you think they will. I did mention early, when the new version of BPE was released, that it could be possible for bugs and that we needed to watch for them. I have not found any, but Bart released a new version of BPE on Christmas Eve. I honestly wanted to be everything, I have always wanted this project to be the best it could be and for it to be cutting edge. However, I have realized that I do not have the time needed to make sure everything works the way it should before I release a new version of UBCD4Win. The new version of BPE really "kicks ass", it has a lot of new features that I had addressed in the past. The new version now has options for slipstreaming and burning the ISO image to CD. I think that is great, but feel that I still need to promote the programs that were available or built for us before Bart added these to BPE. CD Burner XP Pro has been a great application for me to burn CD's. I asked a friend of mine to create a slipstreaming program (AutoStreamer) to help all of you slipstream in an easier, menu based process. I will provide instructions for using the new version of BPE but out of respect I feel I must reference these great programs. There could also be issues that people will run into with using these tools provided by Bart. I have tried them a few times myself. They have worked without error for me, but issues for other users could come up. If they occur, it could take some time for these errors to be resolved.BPE now handles NIC and SCSI/RAID/SATA drivers differently. I do not posses the hardware needed for me to troubleshoot my existing hardware plugins that will be provided in the next release of my project. I honestly think the way BPE handles these drivers is a awesome, as long as it works the way it is supposed to. Like I said, all of my hardware on my systems do not need any of the additional drivers my project provides...so I have no way to test this new process.A new version of this project should be released within a few weeks. Like I said above, we need more time to test. I want to release a new version of the project that is as problem free as possible. I thank you all for checking out my project. I know it has helped a lot of people and will continue to help more people.


New version of AutoStreamer was released a few days ago. It is now available for download from my "downloads" page. The new version is 1.0.32, however I still keep the old versions available for troubleshooting purposes.Yesterday Bart also released a new version of PE Builder, we are up to 3.1.2 now! I guess there were some issues with networking drivers. I will now have to check out the new changes with this release. It delayed me even more, however I don't think this will take as long as last time. I'm almost positive the only major change is the PEBuilder.exe file and maybe a few minor changes to a couple of plugins.


Well, I had to reevaluate a few things here. I finally realized that I should have just stuck to my original schedule, to release the new version closer to Christmas when I had a few more days off. I tried to rush out a new version of the project just because a new version of BPE was released. I wanted to be "the man" by quickly adapting the project to a new version, wanted to be ahead of the rest. Although it was a good thing in a way. I analyzed almost every aspect of the new version I could think of. I looked at every new "default" plugin and configuration file that is included with BPE. It took me many hours just to do this with the plugin's. I've barely touched the driver files at this moment. After noticing that I hadn't really added much to the project, basically just made sure it would all work with the new version, I have now decided to hold up to my original schedule. Also the fact that I have a lot of work to do on the site because of this new version and my past procrastination in updating a few things doesn't help me much. I want to stop this vicious circle, now! I want to make sure I have everything ready and updated so there are no questions in anyone's heads when I release a new version, all information to be on the site when a new version is released. The other thing I need to stop doing is announcing "expected" release dates. I do not want to continue to ruin my credibility. In the past when I have said I hope to release the new version within a day or two, and in turn it ends up a week....makes me look bad. I do not do this on purpose. I just always expect that I have enough time to get everything done. However I almost always run into problems. Troubleshooting errors takes longer than expected, the kids need more attention that I thought they would, unknown appointments, etc. Unfortunately this project is not my only job, I have a full time job and full time family. Although one thing I always think about is my availability to YOU. I make phone calls and answer emails all the time from users than need assistance. I keep you updated a lot more than other authors of a project or software does on my site. I am very active in the forum for this project. Am I wrong in thinking that I am very dedicated to this project? Am I wrong thinking that I am more available than 90% of other authors? Sometimes I get a little behind and do not post in the forum for a few days. Sometimes I do not get to an email for up to 4 days. Anyway's, always feel free to let me know what you think by emailing me or PMing me in the forum. Please let me know what you think, remember I started this project to help people. I try to do as much as I can, but need feedback in order to be fully effective. I thank you all for your support of my project and look forward to hearing from YOU.


I'm sorry, I've had more problems to fix than I thought I would have. I had hoped that these issues could be figured out and fixed quickly. I really wanted to produce a version of my project ASAP, after the new version of BPE was released. I had Christmas parties to attend over the weekend and added issues with plugins, and the fact that I wanted to release a version of this project with no problems, making sure everything was perfect didn't help. The hours of work on the site for the new version messed me up a bit too, I still have to do all of that also. I have a few more issues to fix and yet another Christmas party to attend tomorrow night so I should be able to kick out the new version on Tuesday, I really hope I can. I open Monday, have the party and then close on Tuesday....so I should hopefully have enough time Tuesday morning to make sure everything works right and release 2.4. I thank you all for your patience and apologize again that I cannot always hold up to my expected timelines for this project.


Well I'm sorry to announce that I've had quite a few setbacks today. I've been up since 4am this morning and I still couldn't finish everything. I did take an hour nap around noon, had an hour appointment, and took my usual 5-15 min. breaks every so often. Almost everything works at this point, I'm only having problems with 3 or 4 programs and I'm still trying to add more stuff. I worked for about an hour on the pages for the site and forgot to save them all. In the process of multitasking about 8 windows, DreamWeaver took a dump and I lost my changes!! I am finally cooling off from that mistake. Anyway's, I open tomorrow so I should be home early so I can kick out another 6 hours of work on this and probably release it before I have to go to bed. I apologize to everyone and hope the new version and updated pages will be done tomorrow evening. Thanks to all of you for your support!


PE Builder© 3.1.0 released today!! Yeah, thanks Bart it looks pretty awesome! Luckily for me I am off work today and tomorrow so I have the time to play with this new version. I have been working on it all morning since it was released. I am almost to the point of actually burning my first UBCD4Win using 3.1. Please do not use PE Builder© 3.1 with the current version of UBCD4Win, continue to use 3.0.32 until I can get a new version released. I really wanted to release 2.4 of UBCD4Win next week, but the new version of BPE has me wanting to release a new version ASAP. So I will be working on this the rest of today and all day tomorrow. I should be able to release 2.4 sometime tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night. Please hold off downloading 2.3 unless you really need it today, because the new version should be released tomorrow. Please visit the forum or continue to visit the site for the latest news.


I have finally gotten around to switching my email addresses. Because of the domain change I of course also must change my email address. PLEASE note this in your email client. My name is the same, only the domain changed to the new domain of www.ubcd4win.com. The old address will still be active until April so this should allow everyone ample time to change their information. I'm pretty sure I have changed all links to my email on the site, however if someone notices please email me so I can correct it. While working on that I decided to do a few other minor updates to the site. I am off Thursday and Friday so I hope to get everything on the site up to date and continue to work on the new version of the project so I can hopefully release it soon.A few mirrors bit the dust and had to be redirected or removed. I have also been notified that another site has already been mirroring the project. I added the link to the "downloads" page.


Well I hope that I do not scare any people with this, but I liked heavy metal when I was in high school. It was better than listening to New Kids on the Block, MC Hammer, or any of that other sissy crap. I just found out some bad news earlier today and just wanted to show some respect for the loss of a great guitarist yesterday. Sure the lyrics to their songs could be a little "evil," however Pantera wrote some great songs to mosh to. So here are my respects to "Dimebag" Darrell, RIP buddy.Dimebag Darrell tragedy


Wow, didn't realize how busy I have been, haven't posted any news in over 2 weeks. Some one emailed me about a spelling mistake that was on the "How to Build" page. Thanks again to that individual. I've found even more spelling mistakes, why I haven't used SpellCheck within Dreamweaver until now is still a mystery to me.....I guess that option is just too easy. A couple of mirrors have been added in the past 2 days. A new background image for the CD is now available from the "Download" page. A few minor mistakes have been reported over the past few weeks, please visit the forum for fixes. I appreciate all the help members have made to report the issues and offer their advice in the forum on how to fix it. I still haven't had the time to update the "List of Tools" page though, I apologize for that and will work harder to update the page while I wait for the files to upload.

I also want to extend my thanks to everyone who has donated to my project so far and let everyone know that I showed my appreciation to Bart last week. Without his PE builder this project probably wouldn't exist, so I have finally sent him a donation. I wanted to do this sooner but could not afford it.


2.3 Released! Well I wanted to release a 2.21 version to fix a few minor mistakes I had made with 2.2 but was just too busy to do it. Sorry everyone but hey at least I eventually got to a new version!! My crazy 50hr a week work schedule, new versions of tools, and suggestions for new tools kept me pretty darn busy! I did a little updating (not as much as I wanted to) on the site today also. The 2.3 download should be M$ compliant now also, I removed (I think) all references of WinUBCD from the plugin's and most of the other documents included in the project. If anyone finds a reference to WinUBCD in 2.3 please email me so I can correct it.

All the M$ issues are over but I would like to point out to everyone the fact that http://windowsubcd.com will not work after April of 2005. It is currently redirecting everyone to the new domain (www.ubcd4win.com) but after April 2005, that domain will be down and redirects will cease. So this is just a reminder to please change any of your bookmarks from the old domain to the new. I will also be switching all email addresses over soon. All the names will remain the same, only the @domain will change. I will announce when I change the email addresses over (which should be soon) so that everyone can delete the old email addresses and start using the new. I haven't been in that much of a hurry since the old domain is still good until April 05, but it is important for me to change soon.

I must also shed a little postive note on M$. After all of the fighting and arguing over the domain issue, they were some what cool. I feel I won a lot from fighting and negotiating with them. After all of the discussions, they agreed to pay my domain registration fees I incurred because of this. I am actually going to get a check from M$!! Well, I did spend the money so I'm not really making out in any way so.....hmmm, oh well at least I didn't have to spend more money because of this! :) I really do appreciate the fact that even though I made a mistake with my domain registrations they are willing to help. Maybe they aren't dirty bastards after all? Or maybe they know I would have or could have won? ANYWAYS, enjoy the new version and please email me or post in the forum any feedback on the new version!!!!!


The forum was back up this morning. Sorry it took a little longer to get everything working right. Fortunatley it did not require as much work as it did when I switched web hosts. I think everything with the forum is ok so we should be good. If you notice any errors or have any problems please email me so I can correct the issue as quickly as possible. The site should be in full compliance with M$ now, except for the "Windows® Ultimate Boot CD" screens that are on just about every page of this site. I am hoping that someone creates new ones for me soon, at least by Dec. 1st so M$ will be happy. It feels good to have all of this behind me now. I will be posting the new documents I received from M$ last week within the next couple of days, just for the curious people out there. If anyone notices a missing ®, a reference to WinUBCD, or anything else that sounds funny on the site please email me so I can correct it.

There have been a few minor mistakes reported back to me about 2.2. Seems I forgot to modify a few files before releasing it. They are very easily fixed and I will have a patch released tomorrow to correct these mistakes. I will also upload the new fixed version to all of the mirror sites tomorrow.

I have finally added the list of SCSI/RAID/SATA drivers that the project now includes on the "List of Tools" page. I have also started a modem and NIC drivers list but they are not completed yet. A few other minor changes and pages have been added today also.


Well the new domain change over has started. I have setup a few redirects for the site so far and uploaded most of the files to the new domain. Please bear with me though as I am still working on everything. I hope to have it all completed tomorrow, so if you have any issues with the site please email me so I can fix it. The forum is currently down and I hope to have the files moved very quickly to the new domain, it should hopefully be back up by 10 or 11pm EST. Hopefully there are no issues with it like we had when I changed webhosts.


Version 2.2 is released! Well, I didn't add as much as I wanted to. Everything wouldn't work properly so I must test them more before being able to add them to the project. I'm almost positive everything included in the new version works. A lot of software that was already included in the project has new versions out that are now on the project. A lot more SCSI, SATA, and RAID drivers have been added. I hope to finally add the page, tomorrow after work, that will list all of the hardware that is supported by the project now. All definitions have been updated: AdAware, Stinger, AVPersonal, etc. Mwav has been removed because it is no longer freeware. 9 new tools have been added. One of them helps the functionality of other software but I haven't quite mastered it's use just yet, and didn't had the time to check out exactly how it works. Everyone please thank paraglider from the CD Forum for allowing me to include his program in the project. With this program we should be able to get AdAware to scan remote registries and eventually get SpyBot to work in BPE. Have fun with the new version and please post any issues you may run into with this new version in the forum or email me.


A few minor updates to the site today, mostly M$ copyright stuff. There is also a new version of Bart's PE, 3033. It is only a BETA so we should have plenty of time to play before it is officially released. I have had no time to test it so everyone please continue to use 3032 for this project. I have checked it out a little and I'm hoping that there are not a lot of major changes for WinUBCD. A few things I have noticed so far is the menu has changed a lot and Bart now includes a slipstreaming option in BPE. He now also has a folder called "drivers". That is a very nice addition, will help organize my project a little better. But when it is released, I will have to seperate everything and make sure it all still works.


Been pretty busy these past several weeks, really good things going on....until today. I'd like to start with the positives. The project has received a few more donations, thanks to all. Your names will be added tomorrow to the "thank you" page. We will have at least 1 new mirror listed on the download page tomorrow, possibly 2 or 3. This project was mentioned a little at Slashdot over the weekend. The site and mirrors received quite a spike in activity for a few days but it is starting to settle a bit. I'm really happy that more people are now aware of this project and it's getting out to them. I've received a few positive emails about the project and luckily no negative. Which really we shouldn't get negative feedback since this project ROCKS!!

I've got a few more tools that I would like to add to the project, several more SATA/SCSI/RAID drivers, and a few of the tools already included that have been updated recently. I've got the next two days off so I'm really hoping nothing happens so I can focus on releasing a new version on Thursday. Please do not hold your breath, but please cross your fingers. I always try to plan things, plan out my day, etc., but unfortunately things seem to pop up on me and mess me up my plans.

M$ news!! There are a couple of posts about these new developments in the forum, I will explain a little but ask you to please visit the forum and post a suggestion or feedback there. Although you can always email me, I try to answer as promptly as possible. The email I received from them back on Sept. 22 is posted there, please read it. Basically they will not allow "Windows®" in the domain name for this project at all. They suggested that the name of the project be called "UBCD for Windows®", but initially didn't offer a suggestion for the domain. So I finally called the attorney tonight and made my suggestions, requests, and "demands." He called back within an hour saying all of it was NO. So I told him I was going to contact some attorneys again to see what they have to say. He asked when would I contact him again, I said "Probably when I get the paperwork from MS saying that they are sueing me!" I honestly think it's a bunch of crap and have explained what this project is. I am the single income maker of a "lower middle class" family. I started this project to help people not to make money. I appreciate people helping me recover the expenses, that this site incurs, by donating to me. I am not a corporation or company trying to make money, simply an individual trying to help other computer users. The attorney actually used an example of "Apple®" naming something with "Windows®" in it, the company name was an example and I don't think they ever actually tried anything like this. It was just an example, but I thought it was a stupid example. I explained that although M$ doesn't care, it's a different situation. They are competition, I am an individual (not company) trying to help people. I am not trying to steal their market share and I honestly feel that this project could have built a better name and reputation for M$. Ok, that may be a little overboard, but now I think it's getting really negative. Oh well, maybe I'm crazy or not thinking straight. I really would like to hear from as many people as possible and get everyone else's thoughts on this. What do you think I should do??


Our forum includes some awesome members and ServerCove rocks. The project now has a new mirror. Farmer Pete has recently signed up with ServerCove because he wanted his own website. The affordable packages available at ServerCove gave him extra bandwidth to play with every month so he has offered to be a mirror for the project. If anyone else out there has been wanting to start their own site I really recommend you check out ServerCove. You get excellent customer service and huge packages at a very low price.


Well a little bit of bad news, we lost a mirror today. I hope to get more offers soon so the availability of the project does not suffer. You see, LittlBuger and myself have gone down to lower bandwidth packages from our web hosts to save some money. We had the new "unlimited" bandwidth mirrors so we thought we could do this. I feared we would lose them and was reluctant to change, but I could no longer afford the extra expense and had to go down to a smaller package. Our webhost is awesome, providing affordable packages and awesome support, but I had to go down. So one of them is no longer able to be a mirror, and the other has proved (last month) that he does not have unlimited bandwidth. My M$ issues don't help either. I'm going to have to have two hosting packages for several months until everyone finds out about the new domain name and really my new email address. Which may be UBCD4Windows.com Which now brings us to an M$ update. Sorry folks, I received an email from the attorney about a week or week and a half ago. I didn't post it on this site because it has a message at the bottom of it stating not to post it, etc. They extended the deadline for the domain&project name until Nov. 1. I made a little mistake when registering the new domain name and I cannot transfer it until the middle of November. So I am hoping they will accept a December 1st total name change date. I really do not want anything to get messy. Hell, it may possibly get a bit messy in the middle of November after the domain transfer. That's when I will start changing everything and setting up the redirects for the old domain address. That is kinda nice of M$ though. They are allowing me to keep the old domain and allow redirects from it to the new domain. I just wish they would pick up the extra expenses that their issue has brought to me. The only reason I feel this way is because of the time frame. If they would have mailed or emailed me back in May or June (before the project became more popular) then it would have been easier. They are a billion dollar company and it took them 4-5 months to find out about this FREEWARE project??? Doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I should have changed my legal name to "Windows" back in April? "Windows Burrows", nope sorry. That way I could say it's MY name's project and it's a coincidence that it's for their software. It could have worked, but then again I couldn't afford the attorneys to fight it anyways. Sorry, had to be a bit silly.

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