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AV Personal is no longer reporting the false positive, so please update your Definitions. Thanks again Stidy for keeping us informed with the details of this issue. Today and tomorrow. That is it!! Man my vacation is going fast and I haven't gotten even half of my work done. I am disappointed that I didn't get all of my work done for the project, but the time I spent with family and friends was needed and very relaxing. There have been a lot of little things going on with the project which had stopped me from doing "real" work on the project. I have been working on my files for the project, updating software and adding new tools. There are also a few members in the forum working to restructure the menu's in the project. They are making good progress and I will implement the changes in the next version of the project. Many tools have been updated and I've received several suggestions over the past few weeks.


AV Personal false positive! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Seems the latest virus definitions for AV Personal is tagging "hhctrl.ocx" as The Trojan horse TR/Spy.Goldun.m. This was reported by a user in the forum for the project. I thank him for bringing this to our attention, but it was a false positive. Several other users have scanned our download with other AV software and came up with nothing. Stidyup and I have submitted the accused file to several AV vendors and so far Sophos has confirmed it IS a false positive. Thanks for the alert but as always our software is AS ALWAYS: malware, spyware, trojan, virus, etc. FREE!!


Driver download 0.5 released!! Yeah we skipped a number, but that's because LittlBUGer did a lot of work in this new version and included a lot of new drivers! 100+ drivers have been added. Thanks as always for your hard work!! Please make sure to report any issues to us and view the list of new additions in the forum, sorry still haven't had time to update the site. Which brings on a few other topics.....Ok, my vacation officially started about 3 days ago!! I still have 6 days left to get more work done. Nice weather kept me away from computer activities on Monday and Tuesday. Sorry but I had to take advantage of the 50 & 60 degree weather on those days. It was a really nice start to my vacation, to spend it outdoors and not shoveling snow either! So I started feeling bad today and tried to get more work done on the project, but wanting to enjoy my time off took over. So I played with the kids and laid around most of the day, although I was on and off in the forum throughout the day and tried to answer some more emails. I will get a lot of work done tomorrow and appreciate everyone's patience and understanding if I do not get to things in a timely manner. I wanted to spend my vacation working on the project more, but then what would the point of a vacation be?? Just to get away from my paying job? Sorry, but more updates, fixes, news, features, etc. will be added in the next 6 days!!


Driver download 0.3 released!! 70+ driver files have been added to this newest version! Again, thank you LittlBUGer for all of your hard work with the new drivers download. However, I still have not updated the "list of tools" page to list them all for you. I apologize, but I do have the next 2 days off so I should have the time to "get 'er dun"!I also want to publicly apologize for a few of my short comings in the past week and a half. Email support- some people have been left behind in the past few weeks and I'm sorry I didn't have the time to promptly reply to your emails. I have been slowly working on it and tonight have finally replied to everyone! CD Orders- I am really disappointed in myself for this one. I usually have the time to send out CD orders within 2 days of the order notification. However, with issues of the 2.4 version being reported in the forum and from emails sent to me I held back a bit. Hoping for a fix and luckily it was figured out. I also needed more time to restructure the menus for the driver package and add more instructions within the menus. Please understand a few things. I do not like to make people wait, they order a CD and expect it within a few days to a week. I never want to ship a defective CD, I do not want that user thinking the project is junk and I cannot afford to ship them a new CD. I lowered the price of the CD a few weeks ago because my costs were lower and I wanted to pass that on to the unfortunate people still stuck on dialup, the people who need to order the CD. I have not allowed myself any leyway in the cost, I feel it is very important to have the CD as close to cost as possible so anyone can afford it. Having to replace a defective CD makes me lose money. I make about a dollar for each CD sold (which compensates the wear on my CD burner and my time spent). I firmly believe that all issues that users reported are taken care of and I will be shipping all orders tomorrow. I thank everyone in advance for understanding.


2.41 is released! There is also a small "upgrade" download for users of 2.4, please download this if you have already installed 2.4. New users need to download the "full" version. This new version wasn't mentioned much here on the site but several minor issues have been brought up in 2.4 so I've been working hard to correct them over the past few weeks . Thanks to all that reported issues and fixes for them. AdAware, AV Personal, SpyBot, and Stinger definitions or versions have been updated also in the download. I want to also apologize for the lack of a response to many people who have emailed me over the past week. I am very sorry but I've been extremely busy and have been trying to find time to reply to them. A week ago the project was listed in LangaList under the "load the code" section and brought a lot of traffic to the site. That of course generated a great amount of email to me. I have a very busy work schedule and family so that restricts the time I have to reply to everyone promptly. Working on other issues brought up by users have also pushed it a bit. I always strive for excellent support for this project but honestly it has been very overwhelming these past 2 weeks. I am very glad that this project continues to grow and more people hear about it. Although, it has reached a point now that I am very behind. Slowly I am getting everything caught back up and things will return to normal soon. Things will be pretty awesome a week from now....read on...Next week I start my vacation. The paid vacation from my "real" job. I am extremely excited about it! My family, however, will probably be upset. I will finally have a week to work FULL time on this project, the first since I started it! The family would probably prefer to go away for a few days and spend quality time with their father, but I have a lot of things I need to work on. There are many aspects and addons I've been wanting and needing to update on the site. I will finally have time!! I also hope to help more people in that week. Chat, email, call more people. Finally, some additional awesome news! Many people use WinRAR and a couple of my Moderators have suggested I use it because it kicks butt. I held back because I didn't have the funds to purchase a license. LittlBUGer checked it out more and convinced me that it should be used with the project. WinRAR offers many good options that help simplify the extraction process. We can now include a EULA and instructions in the download files for the project. The really awesome news is that the people at WinRAR donated a license to the project!! If anyone needs a really great archive manager, get WinRAR!! I will be adding a banner to the site soon, please click on it if you are interested in WinRAR!!

2/1/05 -1am EST

Driver download 0.2 is released! Thanks again LittlBUGer for all of your help with the driver download, awesome to have a new version in only 5 days! 88 new device drivers have been added to the package! I still haven't found the time to list all the devices on the site yet, however I hope to later today. If you would like to view the list though, it is available in the forum. Please report any issues via email or posting in the forum. If your device isn't listed, let us know and we will add it to the next version. If you device is listed and still doesn't work, PLEASE let us know so we can modify it to fix it. Well I really think these growing pains are over. My contact from the new host got back from LA today and worked for a few hours to get the forum back up. Again I apologize for the problems. It has been up for close to 12 hours now, has been very fast and no one has reported any issues. So I think we are good now! One final hurdle is the automatic backup that is scheduled every night, as long as nothing bad happens there.....we shouldn't have any problems with the forum again! Finally, I want to personally thank Fred Langa for the mention in his newsletter again. May of 04 the project was listed on the "load the code" section of his email newsletter. The project was only a month old at the time and didn't have much to offer. The project has also undergone a name and domain change thanks to MS so I emailed Fred a few weeks ago to update the information. Now It is a much better tool than before and hope everyone that visited found this project useful. We received record hits yesterday thanks to his mention. I also want to apologize to all visitors also for the fact the forum was down most of yesterday.


Wow, is it possible?? Busy week here everyone, I am so glad to have the next 2 days off now!! Major news is the new host issues. They contiue to reassure me that everything will be ok. They suggested that I remove the download of the project from the site, it was causing issues with their server (I warned them the bandwidth would be high!!). So I did tonight and apologize for the lack of a better selection of mirrors. However even with the removal, the forum is STILL down!! The greatest tool we have for support is completely messed up at the moment! I ask everyone and anyone with problems or questions to please email me. The forum has been down pretty much ALL day!! I am very sorry for these issues and completely place the blame on myself. We had issues with the previous host, so this week I switched hosts. So the support for the project has actually gone from decent to BAD!! I am very disappointed in these problems and was assured they should not occur. I hope these issues are corrected soon! I again thank you all for your support with the project and am very glad you found it. Please, even in these bad times, remember that this project was started for YOU. We will get through these issues soon and everything will be back to normal soon!

1/26/05 -10pm EST

Ok, the first version of the "drivers" download has been released!! Beta version 0.1 is available for download. I am only calling it a beta because not all drivers have been tested and because more will follow on future dates. I really hope to release a new version weekly until we get the package back up to what it used to be in V2.3 of the project. This work has kept me extremely busy and LittlBUGer has kicked in to take more control of this "side" project. I want everyone to understand a few things also:1. Remember that Bart changed the way that PE Builder reads storage and NIC drivers. It is a little easier in some instances and at the moment it is very early for us to know if we are setting these files up correctly. I am not trying to pass the blame on Bart, I honestly do like the way BPE reads storage and NIC drivers now. The drivers need reworked and it is a timely process, it is a completely different process than before. 2. However, I feel we must be cautious with how this is setup. I want to make sure that all drivers actually work, I also want them to be as small as possible. To remove everything that is not needed. I've taken an approach to the situation that requires a lot of time. I have taken this stance because I want it to be as perfect and small as possible.3. Finally, I would appreciate a few things from the users of this project. If you download the driver package because your driver is listed on the "list of tools" page, and it still doesn't work....please post in the forum or email me. If your hardware is not listed on the "list of tools" page...please post in the forum or email me, we will be glad to build the driver for you. Any other help or support would be greatly appreciated.There are also instructions posted on the "how to page" detailing what you need to do to install the "driver" download. However I did not have the time to update the "list of tools" page, please visit this post in the forum for a list of what drivers are included so far: http://www.ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1374

1/26/05 -11am EST

Migration was successful, everyone should have access to everything now. The forum is up and nothing was lost, however there seems to be a minor hiccup when emailing or IMing users. I'm sure that will be fixed tonight. I want to thank SwifTechs and Rick for all of their help and providing the free hosting! Their server should prove to me much more reliable than the old host.Onto business, the driver download. I am working on compiling everything together and getting the first release of the driver download available by this afternoon. Some have been tested, and some have not so I cannot guarantee the driver will work for your hardware. I had a lot of great people offer their assistance on testing drivers I created but that process has proved to be too slow. So with the help of LittlBUGer, I will be releasing the first version today. This first version is mostly NIC drivers, but I will be working on more storage drivers for the project. If a driver is listed on the "list of tools" page and does not work with your hardware, please email me. I will send you a fix as quickly as possible. Thanks to everyone for their support and I am glad you find this project useful!!


I'm surprised I haven't received a response from my pictures I posted below?? Oh well, it's Sunday so most people are relaxing or watching football. My game is currently 2 hours away and I'm getting pretty anxious!!The "list of tools" page is almost complete. Everything is organized now, but I have to add listings for the new tools included in the last two version of this project. After much thought I have also dropped the price of the ordered CD. I have been getting good deals on CD's, labels, ink for my printer and mailers. Since it is cheaper for me to send them out now I felt I should pass the savings on. The only issue that I face is the slim cases, I haven't seen them on sale for quite a while. I've got about 70 right now so I should be good for a while.My work here is pretty much done for the night. Please feel free to email me or post in the forum. I may answer, but please do not expect one. I will be recording the game on my computer so everything will be shut down so I do not lose any frames. The game starts in 2 hours and I will be drinking adult beverages so even after the game I will be incapacitated. I am off work tomorrow so when I get up and my hangover goes away, I'll be back in the forum and working on other things for the project!


Another winter blast!! I love snow so I honestly do not mind much. However work was pretty boring today since very few people wanted to come out in 8-10 inches of snow just to eat. I did get to come home early since we were so dead, so that was pretty cool.Thanks goes out to LittlBuger for getting the screenshots for the site done. New ones for version 2.4 are now on the "screenshots" page. I should have the time tomorrow morning to complete the "list of tools" page. I am off work the next couple of days and the game doesn't start until 6pm EST tomorrow night. I'll be running around the house with my jersey and helmet on all day, but that won't stop me from building more drivers for the "drivers" download, replying to more email, and fixing up the pages on the site. After 6pm all eyes will be on the TV. Drinking beers and watching the Steelers kick some ass!! Let's go Steelers!I decided I'd post some picture of myself, just to give you an idea of how stupid I will look tomorrow!!

The Pittsburgh Steelers LOGO

This one was how I looked in the 4th quarter and OT last week, pretty bad! I was freaking out and a little tipsy by then, so I wasn't smiling like in the photo below. Funny as hell!

The Pittsburgh Steelers LOGO

1/21/05 1pm EST

A few minor updates to all pages on the site. A lot of work done to the "list of tools" page. It is not complete though and looks pretty bad at the moment. I am restructuring the entire layout. Now it will have a list of everything included, then the changes for each version, and finally have a list of what is included in the "driver" download. I'm sorry it looks so bad right now and I should have it all fixed up by Sunday. My work schedule will keep me away from working on it until then.

1/21/05 3am EST

Ok a few more site updates. Finally had some time to get a few things accomplished again! The "how to" page should be compliant to the new version of BPE. I'm sorry I didn't have time to get to it sooner. Now I need to revamp the "list of tools" page. I have been really bad with that page. It hasn't been updated for quite some time. I had a few users suggest I change the format of the page, which were ideas I already had. I appreciated the feedback greatly, however still have not found the time to update it. I hope to wake up early and get it done. It's already late so I don't know if I will have time before work to get it done, but will try. LittlBUGer is also working on some new screenshots to add to the site. He is a very busy person also, but I'm sure they will be up in a few days.I've received a little feedback on the new version and am anxious to hear more. Please email me or post in the forum any positive or negative experiences you have had with the new version.I'm happy to report that I've received more feedback and requests for more drivers to add to the soon to be released "driver" download. I thank everyone who has already helped and everyone that has emailed me with more requests. I also ask all the individuals to have a little patience. If I do not respond promptly, please understand I am either very busy or at work. I will find time for your email and help you, I promise. I am expecting to release the first version of the "driver" download sometime Sunday. I am off work that day and my game is later in the day so I should have a very productive morning.

1/20/05 1am EST

Well the feedback so far is good, I didn't make any evident mistakes in the new version so I am pretty happy. The new version has been up for over 12 hours and usually by now I would have received a message that something was messed up. So I replied to a few emails tonight and tried to get as much work done as possible to the "how to" page. However, lack of sleep and a busy night at work has me pretty tired so I was not completely successful with the "how to" page. Most of it is updated and I hope to wake up early this morning to finish my updates and be on time for work! Anyway's, enjoy the new version and please email me or post your feedback on this new version!!!I have also added a few notes to my 1/7/05 message (below).

1/19/05 12 pm EST

Well it is finally released! 2.4 is available for download!! It took much longer than what I thought but everyone should be happy with the results. I tested almost everything included in the new version more than I usually do, however I still fear I may have missed or messed up something. SpyBot Search & Destroy has finally made it's debut to the project, however it still doesn't seem to work properly. I figured I would still include it, hoping someone else may be able to provide more input on getting it fully functional. Several other tools have been added per user request and RunScanner is now being utilized for some tools. A lot of tools on the project have new versions that have been included also. I have a temporary fix for the issues some users were having with Everest Home 1.5. A few other tools have been reworked also. There are honestly a lot of changes!!I did however run out of time, so the site hasn't been updated. I hope to get more updates on the site done tonight when I get home from work. Any new users to the project will not have instructions available until then for building UBCD4Win with the newest version of BPE. I apologize for my time constraints and like I said hope to have it up tonight. If you run into any problems or have questions please feel free to post in the forum, I am sure someone will help you with your problem promptly!I also did not have time to upload the newest version to all of the mirrors. Some of them I can upload to some I cannot. I will contact everyone when I get home tonight and hopefully they will have the newest version on their site soon! Hopefully some of them will have time to upload it themselves and the links will work when I get home. Regardless, it is available from this site at the moment. So some final notes. YES use the newest version of BPE(3.1.3) with UBCD4Win 2.4. REMEMBER the drivers are now a separate download, there are no driver files for SCSI/RAID/SATA or NIC devices included in the project anymore. The separate download is not yet available but will hopefully be soon!!


Lots of progress today! I just realized while working on the new version that I haven't released a new version in almost 2 months!!! WTH!! I shouldn't have any personal issues coming up and the holidays are over. Luckily there are only 2 games left in the season, hopefully I will be watching them both this year! Anyway's, I got a lot of work done today which should allow me to release the next version tomorrow. I just need to finish up testing all the new software tonight and tomorrow, update several pages on the site, then upload the new version to the mirrors. The drivers have shown to be more difficult to build so unfortunately that will not be released tomorrow. I have had 3 people volunteer their time to test a few drivers but they, like me, do not own enough hardware for me to release the "drivers" download. So I think the project will go back to a "request a driver" format. Request a driver by emailing me or posting in the forum, then a link will be emailed to you shortly thereafter for you to test. I thank these three people for their help, it has helped me greatly in understanding how the new version of BPE reads driver files.


This project was supposed to be simple! Yes it take a lot of time and hard work to develop and work on (which I knew it would and have accepted since the beginning) but issues with it and my personal life really have things really messed up at the moment. Every time I think I'm going to have time to work on 2.4 a new issues comes up. A new issue has arised and I honestly do not want to talk about it publicly. I need to figure out how to defend against it. It is nothing legal at all or anything I could have possibly done wrong. It is others, so I will drop it there.

I have a few things I would like to request some help with:

1. Hardware BETA testers. The way BPE now loads drivers for SCSI/RAID/SATA drivers has changed. I have no way to test if my drivers work in the new version. I am looking for individuals that are willing to spend a few hours of their time with me trying to get the drivers to work, or it could be as simple as a few minutes to just confirm they work. I am honestly not asking for much, I just ask that you communicate with me via email or IM.2. Shareware or software ideas. I have an idea and I would like some good suggestions of shareware titles you would personally like to have added to the project or you would like to own. This is really just an out of the park idea, but I would like some suggestions and I will see what I can do.I again thank you all for checking out this project and hope it has helped you greatly. As soon as I can get the many issues I currently have under control I will release a new version of the project!


Site changes are occurring on the site will continue to change and may be inaccessible for a few hours while I test some coding changes to correct some errors in my code. When this message is gone, with a new one announcing the changes, the first round of updates are complete. 1/12 update-- This message hasn't been removed because I'm still testing things. Too bad the suggestions I received didn't work. Also the new pages I hope to add are not yet complete. 1/20 update-- I am still slowly working on a few new pages and the old issues with a few pages on this site. I have been extremely busy with working on the new version, updating pages for the new version, working on a new "driver" download, work, my family life, etc. I have just felt that the new version of the project is more important than minor issues related to IE rendering this page incorrectly because M$ doesn't feel their browser should comply with the W3C standards!!


There are many things going on in my life at the moment. I deeply apologize for the delays in updates with the problems that have been occurring with the site. Here are your updates:Will my drama ever end? All I want is stability. Issues with my webhost caused me to go over the deep end and waste money on a "possible" new host, which I dropped. I just want to make sure the project is available to everyone....all the time! I went back to ServerCove, some of my issues are resolved, but am still worried. I've looked at many options, hosting the project from my DSL connection, and wondering if a dedicated sever would be more reliable. I will continue to research these options when I have time.My grandmother died yesterday. She was a wonderful Godly woman. When "dimebag" died and watching shows about the review of 04, I realized there were a lot of people that I deeply respected that died last year and I didn't mention them. So I hope to have time to create a new "respect" page and hope to keep it updated when unfortunate events occur. I also am having a hard time find things to create a page for my grandmother. She did a lot of work for the community and sent a lot of money to missionaries. I am at a loss of how to describe this "angel" from God I called grandma.Another winter storm is approaching. At the moment, nothing has hit us yet. This storm will prove much more devastating than the last....according to the weather people. I am located in an area where they are predicting a lot of ice. I don't mind snow, hell the 12-16 inches we got before Christmas was fine. But ice can be very devastating. I really hope it tracks farther south so we get more snow than ice, but I don't think that will happen. I may now face power outages I feared with the first storm, good thing I didn't return my heater!! Anyway's, if there are more problems with anyone trying to contact me, please understand it is beyond my power. Please also understand, if I have no power...I will be going nuts with no computer or internet access!!Many people have emailed me over the past couple of days because of the website issues. Please allow me a few more if not several more days to respond. With my personal issues, honestly this project has for the first time officially put on hold. I need to take care of other matters first, and if I lose power or anything over the next 36 hours....I will not be able to respond.I thank all of you for your support. The sadness and storm will pass. I will be back to normal sometime next week. Please post any questions in the forum (instead of emailing me) so my moderators can help you, until my life gets back to normal.

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