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Due to increasing "false positives" from AV Software, please view this:
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Version 3.04 Released!!!! Thanks to all our "regular" beta testers, PRC beta testers, "development team", and everyone else that has helped me/us get this latest version released! To download, go to the "downloads" page of the site. To see what is new/changed, visit the "version history" page. Thanks also to all users that have supported us and this awesome project! Especially the ones that donated towards our NEW RamDrive OEM license!! Now with 3.04, you can have up to a 2Gig RamDrive with NO "nag screens"!!! Well, now you just need a system that can actually do a 2Gig RAM drive!

Additional noteworthy news, thanks to the help of the "development team".....I actually found time over the weekend to get more work done on the site! The "list of tools" page of the site is more up to date than it has been in a LONG time! While I do not have all URL's setup for the tools included in the project and version numbers aren't all probably's an awesome step in the right direction. I will continue to update and provide all of you with the most up to date information. I also took the time to create a "privacy" page on the site. This was something that a user actually asked about a few weeks ago! We strive very hard for everyone to understand that we are "good guys/gals" of the Internet. With so many "bad guys" out there, it's hard to build trust. I have a hell of a time personally trying to figure out who and what I can trust!!! Words are just words though, no matter how well a "privacy" page is setup it's words won't build trust. We've been around for very close to 3 years now, so I would think that most people take that into consideration?


Would anyone like to check out version 3.04? We have been beta testing the new version for the past week and are currently on a third beta for the next version. Everything seems very stable and I would like to release it, but I want to make sure there aren't any problems. The only thing that I ask is that you spend some time testing and post any questions or problems in the forum. I will create a post after a few people "sign up." If you have the time and want to test the new version, please email me. I will then send you information on where and how to download. Send your request to: Ben [at] Thank you for your help and support!! Also please understand that it may take me a few hours to reply to your email, I have to sleep and work so I'm not always at my computer.

BTW- Happy Birthday Ben!!!


After 2 weeks, more information! I failed to mention here on the site the fact that I have upgraded!! For the past 3 weeks I've been playing with a new laptop loaded with Vista!! It's only Home Premium and only cost $600, but it is honestly pretty nice! For a few weeks, the migration to Vista did slow down some progress for me. But, it has really been a great experience so far! I normally do not like "eye candy", but Vista's "candy" has made me say "Wow" a few times. Especially considering the fact this laptop only cost $600! While $600 is honestly a lot to me and my income, I only mention it so much because I think it's a great deal for a Vista laptop. I really couldn't afford it, but luckily I have a "kick ass" boss that has allowed me to make payments on the system! Soon I will have it paid off and be able to really call it mine.

Version 3.04?? When and where? Very soon!! Just so the users of the project know, we have been busy. Even though our work and personal lives have been very busy, we have found the time to get more work done on the project. Beta2 was released tonight and I really hope and trust that we will be able to get the next version of the project released next week? Please do not hold me to that though. We could possibly find issues that need addressed that could mess up when I think we will be able to release the next version.


More information for the patch. A few people complained that the new patch wasn't mentioned on the download page when released. I made the assumption and trusted that users would check out this "news" page for information. I also wanted people to read the post in the forum for more information. Anyway's, it is now listed on the download page and the "Version History" page is updated to list the fixes included in the patch.

I also want to warn everyone that has placed orders over the past 24-48 hours, they will be delayed. Northern Ohio was hit with a huge snow storm which started early yesterday morning and isn't going to until later this morning today. Mail will not run today but hopefully resume on Thursday? It has and is affecting a lot of major cities so I get the feeling that deliveries could possibly be delayed even more?
I will attempt to get all orders out to the post office sometime this afternoon when the roads are a little safer. Then hopefully they will start their journey to you Thursday.


Lately we came across a program called Patch Maker. Users of the project have always asked if it was possible for us to release patches. I always thought that it would require too much time to create updates or patches for the project, time that I could not find in my busy schedule.
Well, until now! This program looks very promising and seems very easy to use. The free version includes ads, but at least their is a paid version and it's very affordable. We plan on testing this for several weeks and will decide if it's worth the $59. I am quite excited about the project having the possibility of being updated rather than have users have to download another 170+MB version.

With the Prelogon issue and a few other minor fixes, we have created a patch for version 3.03. Please check out this post in the forum and download the patch:
If you test the patch, please let us know what you think about it. Like I said above, if this works it will save users a lot of time downloading the project.


Happy HOG day!! Well anyways, in the US we have "groundhog day", a day that is supposed to predict when Spring will being. It's silly, but fun also! Luckily things are looking up at the moment for my Grandmother-in-law, so I've had time today to take care of a few things with the project today.

The BIG announcement is Google Checkout! For the past few months they have been nice enough to waive their fees to sellers. Their rates are A LOT better than PayPal's so I always appreciated that. The few cents per order from Google I gained when they were charging their fees weren't enough for me to change prices for the ordered CD's. I thought it was a short term promotion until I checked into it more tonight. Evidently they are doing it for this entire year! For the rest of the year I actually get the entire amount that YOU pay when you order the project on CD!!
So please, if you want to or need to order UBCD4Win on CD......use Google Checkout! I am actually only saving about 50 cents per order, but I believe in Google so much more than PayPal.....I am willing to give up the other 50 cents. The prices for the project on CD has always been low because it's free. I've always offered the service just to help people and I think it's only fair that when it's cheaper and a better deal for me, I must pass that on to the users and/or possible users of the project.


Good news always has to bring bad news. I'll start with bad news, good news, and finally really bad news.

Ok, I made a BIG mistake in the latest version of the project. Evidently I messed up the PreLogon plugin before zipping up the last version and sending it out to the mirrors. There is also another problem with PreLogon on some systems. When a user clicks the "Config" button to setup PreLogon, they could possibly see an error message. There are resolutions to each problem. Please check out the first link for help with configuring PreLogon, if you receive an error message when trying to configure it check out the instructions in the second link:
Some people have speculated that we enforce an expiration on the project. That is not true at all! I hate those kinds of tactics by other companies and would never do that to the users of this project. It was an honest mistake made by me when working on the last version of the project when I was testing some stuff. It passed by beta testing because no one every thought to check that out. This feature is included for responsibility reasons. While this security measure can be easily broken (provided a person even knows about it), it's still a good idea. It is mostly because of "shops" using the project and possible theft. If a shop accidentally leave the CD in a computer they worked on, that really isn't good. Especially if they have commercial software included in their personalized version of UBCD4Win. They have just given away paid software and became a software pirate by accident! So I always recommend that shops or people who use it a lot do initiate an expiration date.

PC Magazine rocks!! We received their latest issue in the mail today, it had a front cover that said something about the Best Free software (sorry, I had to leave the magazine at work and I can't remember the exact wording). UBCD4Win was of course mentioned along with 91 other great free tools!! It's awesome because it's the second mention in their magazine over the past 2 months. Now I just hope for a top 10 free list, well hope for it as long as UBCD4Win is ranked pretty high up there!

Really bad news. Death sucks. It is possibly affecting me once again in less than 2 weeks. Last week the woman I work with lost her 2 month old son. She is one of the most sweet women I have ever met. She was already going through some tough times and this really messed thing up bad. She brought Evan into work many times and I really regret never holding him or playing with him. It honestly messed me up for a few days and I thought about taking some time off away from the project then but didn't. Today was the worst because "the question" was finally asked, the one we all regretted to hear. A customer came in and asked her how her boy was doing. She handled it ok but man it really sucked.
Things aren't looking good for my grandmother-in-law. She has been having some serious heart issues over the past few months. She has had pneumonia for the past couple of weeks and a blockage broke off a couple of days ago, the later of course sent her to the hospital. Luckily it went down to her leg instead of giving her a stroke. Over the past few days it has just been getting worse. We are fearing the worse, so I think I'm going to be taking some time off to spend with my wife.

We have a couple of issues with the project currently so the timing really sucks. We also have our new license which I would really like to get out to everyone, but I think all of you will understand. I want to quickly apologize to the donators also, I haven't found the time to send my thank you emails out. I will hopefully find time tomorrow to thank all of you.


Didn't even take 24 hours!! You all effin rock!!!

I makes me extremely proud, really. This project has helped and touched enough people over the years that anytime we have an idea and/or need money, you are always there to help! It's an awesome testament to the project and it's ideal. You all appreciate our hard work so much that you are willing to help us make it better with donations towards licenses, etc. Luckily most of our work can be done freely (no out of pocket expense) but sometimes to make the project better as a whole, we do need licenses for some software. Individuals could have easily said "Pay for a license for others? Whatever!! I can get a license for that tool for MYSELF for only $5 or $10! Why give more and help others?"

Thank all that have donated for this "rally" and all that have donated in the past! You have all helped to keep this project alive and make it the ULTIMATE!! If you considered donating and didn't, please remember also that we do have monthly please donate anytime if you are able to. Donations are always used for our expenses and to help make the project better.


It's on!!! Well, little response has been made in the forum about the possibility of a "donation rally" so we can purchase the OEM license for the RAM Drive used in the project. I really didn't think we would be doing the "rally", well until this morning when we received a donation for $100!!
A long time user and donator to the project dropped more than half the cost of the license today!! This individual has made many donations in the past, many to help us pay the costs involved with making the project available and some to help with our past license purchases. We only need to raise an additional $75, so that should be pretty easy. If you think it's a good idea and would like us to get this license, please donate.

Here is how I would like to work this "donation rally." Again I want to have a time limit. If we do not reach the $175 within 2 weeks, we will give up on the idea and I will refund all donations. Please, when you send a donation email me also letting me know if it's for the license or to help with our monthly costs for the project.
Once enough money is donated, I will let everyone know by posting news here on the site and also in the forum.


"Nag" screens, do they bother you too? While I understand their purpose, they still annoy me. Since I've been using UBCD4Win more at work lately, I've been reminded of a "nag" screen. In the past people have complained about this, but recently I don't recall anyone mentioning it. I started a discussion about this in our support forum a few days ago. I basically asked what people thought of us getting an OEM license for it. Does it bother enough people? Should we start a "donation rally" to purchase the license?
So if you have an opinion on this, please check out the forum. If you think this is a good idea, please check out the forum. You can either register (if you aren't already) to post your comments in the forum or email me what you think. Check out the post here:


Evidently there is NO love for the Steelers this year, oh well.

I guess I should stay focused on "project news" anyways? This isn't really a blog, it's supposed to be an area for information about the project. I do like to share a few opinions and share opinions/views so everyone does know that I am a normal person! Anyways, onto the NEWS...........

Updates, Forum Policy Change, and Questions.
Updates. I've made a few updates to the site again, mostly to the FAQ and "list of tools" page. Several questions have been asked over the past few weeks that I haven't had the time to add to the site. I also found a few changes that needed to be made on the "list of tools" page. It is not completely perfect yet, but is at least 90% accurate now.
Forum changes. Due to an ever increasing amount of "spam" in the forum, I regret to announce that registrations will be delayed. Even with the latest version of IPB software, spammers have still been able to register, login, and post spam in the forum. Because the project continues to gain more users and popularity, the "evil forces" on the Internet have found us!! We've been dealing with 5-15 spam messages per day in the forum for at least the last 3 months. While my Moderating/Development teams have done a kick ass job getting questionable posts out of sight from the public, more needs to be done. I did NOT want to ever have to do this, but now registration to the forum has to be controlled by me. I now have to spend time everyday, throughout the day OK'ing registrations. While it is more work for me (which I do not worry about), it causes possible problems with new users. I WANT users of the project to be able to post their questions without waiting. I hate the fact that because of "criminals" and "con-artists" REAL users of the project have to suffer!! Please everyone understand, we have your best interests in mind. Please also understand if it takes 1-3 days for me to "OK" you registration. While a pain for all of us, I think it's best that after me asking to be validated. That way I KNOW you are a legit user and not a spammer, hopefully I am not busy at the time and will be able to approve your account.
Questions. Other questions have been asked. Most noteably, questions about our "driver pack 1.9." A few users have asked if it is included in version 3.03 of the project. It was included in 3.02 and 3.03, however I messed up by forgetting to add that information on the "Version History" page of the site. I have updated that page. Version 3.02+ does have the latest "driver pack" version included.


Depression, is almost all I can say. I think this will probably last a while too?

How many head coaches has your NFL football team had since 1969?? No other team has had stable, good head coaches such as Noll and Cowher! 2 coaches in 37 years! I don't know if I've ever admitted it on the site before, but my youngest son after Cowher! The Steelers were 7-9 (1998) and 6-10 (1999), my youngest was born in 1999....even after both of those crappy season I KNEW and had faith in Cowher. I love(d) that jerk enough to name my last child after him!!!!!

Back when Cowher first started I felt and knew that he had a good team to start with. He was a bit lucky to start his career with the Steelers when he did. His first year with them they had a 11-5 record! After only 4 seasons, he took them to a Super Bowl! Only to be screwed up because we had an idiot for a QB (O'Donnell)!! It took Noll 6 seasons to reach the Super Bowl. However his first year was pretty bad, the team was 1-13! He built the team up to win 2 consecutive Super Bowls TWICE though! Cowher could have easily done this also. While this year was "strange", I think the team has learned A LOT after winning Super Bowl XL and then having this crappy season. I don't know who will be up for free agency this year and who will leave. Every year that scares me because we always lose great players in the off-season and especially when we have a good year. Bettis retired last year, but "Willie" kicks ass. He isn't the big fat punch you in the face back that Bettis is, but how many RB's run for 50-70 yard TD's? He did it in SB XL and in a couple of games this year (I think?). I know he ran at least one 50+ TD and think there was at least another. I know the last one he ran, I thought "what the heck! Almost always in the 3rd quarter?"

Anyways, I'm going to be depressed for a while. I really hope the Steelers find a good coach so my depression doesn't turn into anger. We have pride in the fact that we pick good people and we really have. "Willie" is a good example of that, not drafted but picked up and has kicked a lot of ass in the NFL. Enough to have a SB record run!
Please check out my "Steelers" page on this site. It's not up to date and as a matter of fact I didn't even update it after the Steelers won SB XL! I didn't want to brag too much after the win. I've moved many things around in my office since then and picked up a few SB items after last year. Heck, I haven't even posted a pic of my SB XL Porter jersey. Actually, I think I only wore it once this year during a game??!! Maybe that's why we had a crappy season? I dunno? I do know that I don't want to ruin it though, so I've been very careful with it. So watch my "Steelers" page, as I'm probably going to take more pictures and post them soon? I dunno? Will that help me cope with it, or make it worse?


Version 3.03 released! We have hopefully patched up all bugs in our new "Integrity Checker" tool that has been included in the project since version 3.02. There were issues with FAT32 volumes, Compressed NTFS volumes, etc., that wouldn't allow the Integrity Checker to do it's job. Another feature included is some additional missing file checks. Basically this part of the check makes sure that certain files exist, one's that AV software tags as a virus or "riskware." One of the problems that users have is when their AV software silently deletes files from the project while it's being extracted. Another problem is when users have their AV software to make decisions for them, the software then deletes whatever files it wishes to delete. Then there are problems with some AV companies that like to act irresponsible. These companies will tag "riskware" programs as viruses. That stance scares people into thinking that it is in fact a virus! "Riskware" is simply tools that can revel information about your system. For example, KeyFinder will show you the Product Key for your Windows install. While someone could use it to steal your PK, it is an invaluable tool when you misplaced your key, the system isn't bootable, and you need to reinstall your OS!!
We have tried to be as proactive as possible to inform users that these are not viruses and everything included in the project is safe. For well over a year now we have had a FAQ topic on this site explaining this situation:
Wow what was a bit long!! Anyways, basically now if one of these files are missing.....the "Integrity Checker" will inform you after extraction. In the past you would go through the whole build process and receive errors. I think this feature will help many people.

Please check out the "Version History" page for all changes in this new version. The only new additions worth mentioning is a Go Back removal tool being added to MultiBoot and a Go Back detection tool that runs when the project is booting up. If the tool finds a Go Back partition, it will display a pop up message warning the user that Go Back is installed on the HDD.

If you have any problems or receive error messages from the "Integrity Checker," please post in our support forum or email me. We have tried hard to make sure there are no bugs, but are unable to catch every situation that may cause problems. Thank you all for your continued support!!

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