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4/13/08     -Computer Shopper Magazine

Received a nice email from a user last night letting me know UBCD4Win was mentioned in the latest issue of Computer Shopper magazine. I went out this morning to pick up a copy so I could check the issue out. Even though it was a short write up it was to the point and I really liked the false positive mention. The email and the magazine helped push me into updating the site a little today. For at least the last year I've had an "awards and magazine" page on the site, but never found the time to put content on the page. Today I changed that. So now most of our magazine mentions are on that page for everyone to check out. Thank you Computer Shopper magazine and as always I thank the users of UBCD4Win, without your support over the years this would not be possible.

4/10/08     -Version 3.13 released!!

Busy, busy, busy!! Figured it has been a while since we released a new version so we went to work and updated a bunch of stuff in UBCD4Win. We probably missed a few things but that happens. Either way I highly suggest you get rid of 3.12 and download 3.13!! If anyone happens to have any problems with the new version or have questions, please post in the forum. Enjoy the new release!

4/4/08     -more CD's for your needs

Most people know that UBCD4Win was inspired by the "original" Ultimate Boot CD. I started out helping a little with that project and shipping it out on CD. Some people stuck on dialup could not download it or some people just like to order a CD. I also distributed AutoPatcher for several years before MS shut them down. I have always wanted to help people by providing a cheap but professional looking product and I think I have achieved that with all of the CD's I send out. Recently thanks to a mention in Gizmo's newsletter I had another idea. Gizmo's list is awesome when it comes to finding a great tool for the task you need to accomplish and for free. However it can be a pain to download everything on his list, 600+ MB's of great software!! So through communications with him I have been granted the exclusive right to distribute a CD of the software on his list. Soon you will be able to purchase a CD with all distributable tools with a nice menu to select and install them. I really think this will be a big time saver for many people and hope that a lot of people purchase the CD. Eventually I hope to compile his entire 118 list into a DVD, but that will take quite a bit of work!

So if you have something that needs distributed on CD or USB flash drive or know of a tool that should have that option available, please drop me an email and we will discuss the options and pricing. As you can tell with the prices and packages currently offered by me with UBCD and UBCD4Win, prices can be very affordable for your users.

4/3/08     -4 years and going strong!!

Happy 4 years everyone!! I can't believe we are still kicking ass after 4 years. So many good things have happened over the years and I'm sure more are to come. I thank all of you for our continued success because without you we wouldn't be here. Without your feedback we couldn't have fixed problems and without donations we wouldn't be able to pay our bills. Thanks again and I look forward to many more years of helping people with UBCD4Win!

3/16/08     -Minor site updates

I first want to thank all the patient people who had to deal with's SLOW servers. It was an interesting test, one that found that can't handle a big download and another that we do no have the user base to push us up into a newsletter spot in their newsletters. Oh well, we had to try it.

The rest of the mirrors will be up soon so no one should have any problems downloading the latest version of UBCD4Win. I have also done a little updating on the "list of tools" page over the past few days also. They are much closer to being up to date. If anyone notices anything on this site, ever, please feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to fix it as promptly as possible.

The only other thing worth mentioning is the background activity going on in UBCD4Win. Work with the network tool, localization tool, and USB tool are going well. I'm really hoping more of them are ready for the next release of UBCD4Win. Keep checking the site and forum, there is a lot of great stuff going on!!

2/22/08     -3.12 released

Just over a month and we already have a new release? Well there were a few minor issues with 3.11 so we continued to work even though we usually enjoy a few weeks of relaxation. There are a few issues with the newest BTS drivers so we went back to the previous version. I had also mistakenly left out LittlBUGer's DriverPack, that is now included for additional NIC support. We decided to add a few tools, remove a few tools, and of course some had new versions released.

Please download the newest version and ENJOY!!

1/21/08     -3.11 released, thanks Gizmo's List!, orders status

After several weeks of hard work, Version 3.11 is released!! There are a few really exciting things about this release. Other than the normal updates we again have a few more nice tools added to UBCD4Win. For starters, we now have a MultiBoot option that allows you to download a Vista Recovery Console and add it to your CD! Someone also found a free virus removal tool from Kaspersky that looks really good and is also included. Joshua has a very nice Localization tool included in this version also, so a lot of German speaking people will be happy. I would mention more but I honestly have little time at the moment.

Big thanks goes out to Gizmo (Ian Richards)!!! I deeply thank you for mentioning UBCD4Win in a recent newsletter and greatly appreciate that you suggested to your readers to buy a copy of UBCD4Win. Your mention of UBCD4Win was pretty much perfect. You gave your readers the normal "warnings" that we give users, basically that UBCD4Win does require a little work and knowledge. I have checked out your site several times over the years but not much recently because I've been so busy. You provide a great service and a wealth of information for computer users, I highly recommend it and plan to find some time soon to get more software for my systems.

Finally, thanks to all that have ordered. Most of you have received an email from me over the past few days explaining how we were working on a new version and asked if you would like to wait. I want to thank all of you because almost all of you had the same response, appreciating the email and wanting to wait. Thank you for waiting and I am glad that everything worked out the way it did so I could follow through with my promise of mailing them on Wednesday. Well, as long as no one reports any "big" problems with the new version tomorrow!! Anyways, thanks for the friendly responses and understanding. Your orders will be shipped out Wednesday.

1/21/08     -Minor site updates, update soon?

I've made a few minor updates to the site over the past few days. Most notably the "burn ISO" page, it finally has content!! I've also updated some information on the "FAQ" page and added a few more notes to the "how to burn" page. I'm always trying to add more content, update, and make other changes that users suggest. I would like to think that it could be possible that the site be perfect but when I look at it, I don't ever think I will honestly feel happy with it and feel it is complete. There are just too many changes and so much stuff!

Anyways, we are under way with some beta testing for a new 3.11 release. I really hope we can have this released soon.

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