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That was a lot of fun!! I really enjoyed being on the show, it was great! I would really like to thank Ed for finding the project and asking me to be on the show. I really hope the project has gotten out to more people, many people have told me it's a very popular show. I've received a few emails from people with questions and helped them a bit, but I haven't received any feedback from listeners that have built and now used UBCD4Win. Most of the responses have been listeners expressing excitement for hearing about the project and wanting to build it. I think this is really cool and didn't expect that response. Many of the long time users of the project and myself were every excited at the fact that I was going to be on the show talking about the project. Now the listeners of the show have excitement, wanting to use the project! I never really thought of it that way and honestly didn't expect it. I cannot wait to get more email from the listeners of the show, I really want hear from them.

I have posted in the forum today asking for more help with documentation. I have received a lot of praise for how well the instructions are, but I still feel that there needs to be more. Please visit the forum and view "My Thoughts" if you would like more information.


Working on the project and getting ready for the radio interview. Remember everyone it's tonight 8pm EST!! For those of you who will not be able to hear the interview, I am of course recording it and will have it available for download. Tune in tonight at: http://wjr.onlinetech.net/wjr

I've updated the instructions for AutoStreamer on the "how to build" page because of some questions a user asked me today. I've also included screenshots for AutoStreamer in the instructions. I've received many emails about the FAQ question page is "broken." Well, I guess some people do not read this "news" page or pay attention to what is at the top of the FAQ page. I finally had time to get the answers to the questions added to the page over the course of the last two days. I think I can finally say that the site should be complete. I've added many pages to the site over the life of this project and have never really had all pages completed at one time....there was always work that needed done to the "list of tools" page, or another. Well, now that I think about it more.....I guess I do need to update the "About Us" page more. Need to include a picture of myself and add more content for the Mod's. Although, that really doesn't count since it really doesn't deal with the project that much. Now I just need to find some time to get new features worked into the project and get a new version released!!


WOW what a slacker! I haven't reported any news in a while. There have been a lot of things going on. Been very busy working on the project.

I'll start with some bad news first. 911CD Forum was hacked! I honestly freaked out a bit. I took the forum for this project down for a few hours, fearing an attack. So I went crazy on the phone contacting IPB, my host, etc. I've been wanting to update the forum for a while, just never got around to it. So this development scared me a bit and it's now a top priority to get the forum more protected. It always seems that bad things happen when I'm broke and can't react quickly! Luckily I get paid next week so expect the forum to be down for a few hours (during the upgrade) in the near future.

I've been very busy helping the users of the project (email, forum, and phone calls), as always. Also been busy trying to get a few things together for a new version of the project. I was trying to get a beta out to my new "beta testers" team so a new version can be released very soon, aiming to release a new version on the same day as my radio interview. That way all the new users listening to the show could see a bit more. However, the usual problems came up so I cannot adhere to a schedule I discussed with the team. The work on 2.6 has slowed for a moment. However, information from a few other users and team members will add more work and time for the next release. It may not sound like good news, but it really is! The enhancements and additions that have been discussed in the last 48 hours will be enough of a change that I probably release it as 3.0! That's right, 3.0! In my plan/time line for the project I expected to release 2.6, 2.7, and possibly 2.8 before jumping to 3.0. So I'm hoping that we can get all of these new features figured out within a few weeks and kick out THE best version of this project ever! I'm very excited and can't wait to get the beta out to my testers!!


Exciting news!! I was contacted today by Ed Rudel, co-host of a radio program called the Internet Advisor Show on WJR 760AM. He would like me to do a radio interview with me to talk about UBCD4Win!! I'm pretty excited about this, it's going to be a great opportunity to get the project out to more people! My interview is planned for May 28. The show is on from 8-10pm EST every Saturday. I will give out more information on a later date.

I have changed the layout of the site, yet again. Sorry for any possible confusion but I removed the "Common problems" page. I replaced it with a FAQ page. The page is not yet complete, sorry. I will continue to update it until it is complete. I have also separated the "news archive" into separate pages so they are smaller and easier for people on dialup to load.


Is the project big enough for this idea? Well, for an idea I've had for quite some time. Really I have a lot of ideas but, depending on it's time consumption, I don't always have time for them. I've remained pretty focused on working on making the project better, although it's pretty awesome now after a year. So I figure I can try to spend a little time on other things, a little.

Tee Shirts?? Would any of you honestly be interested? Do you appreciate or have pride in the project, enough to purchase and "proudly" wear a tee shirt? I've spent some time checking prices and talking with several companies about this. There are online companies that handle these types of things, but I would honestly prefer to handle it myself. I've talked with local companies also and got some estimates. You see, several online companies charge about $15 per shirt to the person ordering it. The price never changes. I can work with a local company, have them make them and handle shipping myself. I can match the price initially, but if you show interest in this idea and order them....then I can really cut the price. This isn't a money making idea, just something I thought some users would like. I keep prices very close to cost, the price for the project on CD dictates that fact. As long as I get 50cents for the time I have to spend packaging the shirt and going to the post office, I'm happy. It's just something that I thought you would like. One problem with doing it myself it the up front cost to me, that I honestly cannot afford. I'm trying to think of ideas for this issue. Maybe offering an option to "preorder" the tee shirt, explaining that the shirt won't ship for possibly up to a month? Including the option (of course) for a refund if this idea fizzles.

Please let me know what you think, send me an email or PM me in the forum. Your opinion is always (and has always been) welcome.


Driver download 1.2 released!! Randy continues to kick butt with the driver download! About 200 more devices have been added to the latest version, bring the total close to 750! Several users have contacted us asking for their drivers to be added, Randy added these and more. Awesome job Randy, keep up the great work! If we happen to have missed a requested driver or your device won't work, please contact us and we will be glad to add it to the Drivers download.


Oops! I was wondering why I haven't received many emails in the past few days. I thought, man and I even offered people to try and contact me because I knew I would be on the computer the last two days. I occasionally view the site to make sure things look right and to make sure everything looks good. Just got home from work tonight and decided to play around a little, so I checked the latest news. 4/21?? I thought I posted some news a couple of days ago. Well I did, I just forgot to upload it or I uploaded the wrong file!!! Anyways, the news is now up and I am now starting a new work week. So if anyone would like to contact me, please understand I am now back at work and it may take me a little time to get to your email or message. Thanks!!


Driver download 1.1 released!! Well, sorry a few days ago. LittlBUGer released a new version in the forum and I've been very busy at work the past few days and I kept forgetting to announce it on the site, upload it to the other mirrors, and change the download page. It's all done now so I can enjoy my two days off from work. I have been chatting with some interesting people these past few days. There may be a few great additions to the project in the next release and I can't wait to release a new version. Although there is a lot of work that needs to be done before that can happen. So I will be very busy today and tomorrow working on the project, like I normally am on my days off. The weather is a little chilly so I'm pretty sure I'll be confined to my desk most of the next 2 days. Perfect time for anyone to email, PM, or IM me, you should get a speedy response.


More site updates and work on user requests. I have finally completed the "list of tools" page today, everything should be up to date and complete. New descriptions, version numbers, and links to the tool sites. I have also been in the process of changing "the news". Several days ago I made a "latest news" page and took news away from the home page. This will allow the home page to load quicker for dialup users and hopefully help site navigation a bit. This also gave me the idea to change the format of "archived news". I haven't completed this yet but I hope to within a few days. I'm going to create several pages that include my notes and news for a few months on each page.

Several user request are consuming a lot of my time. In the forum there was a request that the project include separate menus based on where the project is run from. One menu that loads when you boot the project and one that loads when you insert the CD in a system that is already booted into it's OS. This will take a lot of time and testing so I figure a new version of the project won't be released for quite some time.

There have also been a few mentions of adding more to GeoShell, adding additional functionality to the shell the project uses. I've been wanting to do this for several months but haven't had the time to get it done. Well, I am taking the time to now. Since Digi did most of the work for the initial GeoShell plugin (included in and the reason for the 2.0 release back in August04), this will take some time. I should know how everything works anyways since I'm the author of the project!! I appreciate it when people help but hate it when I do not know enough to make changes myself. This will be a balance between pretty and function. I want the project interface to look good, but it also doesn't need to drag the performance of the CD down either. This will be tough and require me to really think what needs to be added and what doesn't.

A newer request of including the "list of tools" within the project sounds like it wouldn't take much effort, right? Just take the "list of tools" page from the site and create a menu listing for it in the project, right? No. That would be too easy, that would be simple. I have other ideas for this and when a new version is released you will see what I have planned for it.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support with this project. I continue to "try" and make it better for you. If you have requests or comments of your own, please feel free to email them to me anytime. Please understand though, it may take me several days to get back to you. I appreciate users emails, but due to my busy schedule I cannot always get to everything in a timely manner.


Well, I'm in the process of updating a few things with the site. There are so many aspects to this project, it almost makes me feel overwhelmed. I do have the tendency of not updating things in a timely manner and I apologize for that. I just hope that everyone understands. I'm hoping that this change makes the site easier for new users. I am also hoping to add more content to the "help" pages. I'm also trying to get to my email.


The "list of tools" page has been completely updated!! Well, almost. All tools listed on the page actually do exist in the project download. I just need to finish updating the version numbers and provide links for all of the sites. I have also found a few more "minor" mistakes I made in the latest release. Most of them are menu errors because of the restructure, I can't believe I missed them. Here is a list of tools that currently do not work in the project. I apologize for the inconvenience but I tried my best to get them to work, but some just refuse.

DeepBurner, I think that because it's a new version I need to make some changes. I'm pretty sure I can get this to work again.

CopyHandler, I am currently just keeping this on until I have more time to work on some new features in GeoShell. The program loads, but it is not accessible. This will have to wait for the next version.

CWShredder, this has been the biggest pain for me. I have spent many hours working on getting it to work again! I will continue to work on this and hope to get it working again.

IZArc, I can get it to work but I haven't tested it extensively. It has been reported that there are issues with this tool. I will do more research into this and try a few fixes I've thought about for it.

UltraReader, this tool isn't listed in the menu and it doesn't load. I will verify the registry settings for this tool and get it working.

There are a few other minor errors that have been reported. I really hope to get the above tools working soon so I can quickly release a 2.51 version soon also. For previous users of the project, that are more "savvy" than newbies to BPE, please view this post in the forum for instructions on how to fix the "menu issues" before you build the new version. http://www.ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1848

4/11/05 -8pm EST

Well due to additional problems with my car, things got delayed. I got home from work and quickly went back to "work" on the project, to fix the USB problem. I fixed it within an hour. I then uploaded a fix and gave instructions in the forum how to fix the problem. The "full" download is finally available again for everyone that didn't get the chance to download the "bad" version earlier today. Please visit the forum for the fix here: http://www.ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1848

Downloads are back! Sorry for the in-accurate estimate, but I had a few minor delays. 3 mirrors now have the new new version so the download page is back to normal. Please remember that the errors I made were minor so if you downloaded earlier today visit the post that is linked above, it's a very easy fix. I was a little happy at the fact that the error was found early, it allowed me to pull the "bad" release, fix it, and upload it again without having to release a x.x1 version.

Car problems. I honestly don't even want to get into the details. All I will say at the moment is.....I will never buy a Dodge/Chrysler/etc. EVER again! I've had TOO many problems getting parts for the car. I love my car, but the decisions the manufacturer has made with many things makes me very upset. Plus the fact that they dropped the Intrepid either last year or this year really upset me, this was the final straw. Ok, I'm sorry I've gotta RANT a little quick. Ok, my first problem was a few years ago. A switch went bad in an assembly near the steering column. I took everything apart and figured out that it was that switch. Went to a dealership......"sorry, we only sell the whole assembly." "Well, I took it apart easily, why they hell can't you sell the parts inside?" I'm not going to spend $100 for the whole thing when it's a (probably) $10 switch! The KICKER was today. I ordered the part I needed from a local parts store on Saturday, it took 2 days so I didn't get it until after work today. It was half of the part I needed and the half I didn't need!! So I was ticked at them to begin with, and figured I had to go to the dealership. I asked them for the part, they found it in their system and reported to me "Uhhh, I can't order it....it's been discontinued?" What? How can a car manufacturer discontinue a BRAKE part for a 8 year old car? Am I being unreasonable? I'm sorry, I'm done....I need to get my positive energy back and focus that onto the project and my family. I finally have my car back after 3 days (thanks to the junk yard) and it was fun driving it again.

Enjoy the new fixed version. Please report any issue you may have in the forum or email me!!

4/11/05 -2:30pm EST

Sorry everyone. Made a mistake with the new USB plugin. I have many emails and several posts in the forum about this issue. I am currently confirming the fix I have in mind will work and then I will begin uploading the new "fixed" version to all the mirrors. I apologize for the problem and inconvenience. Downloads are suspended until I figure out a fix for my issues. It should be available for download by 5pm EST.


VERSION 2.5 and DRIVER download version 1.0 are released!! Finally! Had a few things come up and I've been pretty busy so the newest release was delayed a bit. I am also a little disappointed that I didn't add and change as much as I really wanted to. Oh well, I will get it all on there eventually. A lot of tools on the project have been updated. New versions of AVPersonal, ExPCFix, filezilla, Stinger, and a lot more! The menus have been restructured, thanks to suggestions in the forum. Firefox replaced K-meleon. AIDA was removed because it's obsolete and unsupported. Everest was removed because, well just because they ticked me off a few months ago when they released 1.5. They started checking the type of network your system was using to try and catch people using their tool for purposes other than their "personal" use. I contacted them and they didn't care, basically said that few people use that type of network so they don't care. I'm not going to ramble on about it anymore. Updated the USB plugin for the project, and it should hopefully support firewire devices also. If not please email me and I'll try to work on it more. MMC controls are now included in the project. There are so many new things and changes I can't even remember them all!!!! So, I must go, gotta be at work in 5 hours. The new version is being uploaded to the mirrors while I get a little sleep before work.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and comments. You have helped make this release the best so far and UBCD4Win will continue to get even better with all future versions!! Have fun with the new version and please make sure you report any errors to me or post about them in the forum. If you have any additional suggestions or comments, they are always welcome also!!


Well, it was really nice to be home today, I rarely get Saturday's off!! As of Friday morning my to-do list and plan for today was UBCD4Win! Well, until I drove to work yesterday that is!!!

You see, I have many interests. Working on cars is fun to me also, well as long as I understand the task and it isn't too complex! I've done all maintenance on my vehicles since my first when I was 16. It probably helps that I've always been extremely cheap, too cheap to allow others to "rip" me off when working on my car. I also worry that the boy's at "Sprawl-Mart" could possibly forget something, I'm sure they aren't paid much so I wouldn't doubt they could possibly forget to put my drain pan nut back in. I've always changed my oil, done tune-ups, changed my brake pads, etc. Over the years I've braved and learned many things. Drum brakes are a pain in the butt and can look complicated, however I finally defeated them last year.

Now, when I drive I pay attention to a lot. Seriously, I know when something is wrong. A few days ago I noticed my brake pedal wasn't right. It was pushing in more than normal and didn't have the same resistance. I took more caution when braking, figuring I could check it out today. I've also had some "clunking" on one side of the car for a while. For the past year I've had a suspension part that I knew was bad, but because it had a lifetime warranty and I was too busy working on this project I put it off. However over the past few days sometimes it was louder and sounded different. Well, I got the final warning yesterday. As I was driving to work my "brake" light lit up! Whenever a light is lit on your panel it of course freaks you out. So I got to work and started looking at that area of the vehicle. Yup, brake fluid was almost everywhere.

So this brings us to May 19, 2004. Are you bored with my story yet?? Almost a year ago I was brave and decided to tackle drum brakes. Something else was bad so I replaced it. So on the back passenger side, it was pretty much a complete rebuild. Well, I was a bit fortunate. It decided to explode a few weeks before it's warranty ran out so I got it for free. However, I still had to blow over $60 on shoes, a new hardware kit, and now a new self adjuster kit!! When that part exploded it shot the other parts of the brake out and ruined them. I took many pictures today, but forgot to get the self adjusters, I will in 2 days when the new ones come in...so you can compare them. That sucks for me because I can't drive MY car to work and because I hate my car being stuck on jack stands. Sure they are supposed to be able to support the vehicle, but for a few day I grow weary. I've got some pictures of the explosion, etc. I'll post them tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, AGAIN, I will release the new version tomorrow.....I SWEAR!!


I'm sorry, that's all I can say. I announced that I was going to release a new version of the project the following day of the anniversary of the project, several weeks ago. I really wanted a new version to coincide with the anniversary but honestly there are a few "issues" that I need to fix in the new release. I took a few hours from the project spending time with my boys because the weather was really nice on my days off and ran into a few issues when trying to fix a few broken tools. CW Shredder is being a big pain in the butt!!! It hasn't worked in the project for months and honestly I can't see myself releasing a new version without it working. I've tried a few "tricks" but they are not working, however I feel I am missing something and I am pretty confident that I will figure it out. The thing that pisses me off the most is the fact it used to work in previous versions. I honestly don't think it's something I changed in the project that made it stop working, however I could be wrong. I really believe they changed a few things in the program and added some dependencies that I can't figure out. Time for a RANT....

MY BIGGEST PROBLEM, the thing that pisses me off the most!! Anti-Malware utilities. We are all fighting a losing battle, it's really sad. Novices buy and use their computers thinking that they are ok doing whatever they want to do on their system. That is the way it used to be years ago, no worries about malware, maybe just an occasional "popup". Now we have to load our systems down with 3-7 tools to scan our systems for malware to catch everything. Why can't people just be honest? Why do people have to resort to illegal activities and mess up our systems??

Sorry, I got sidetracked complaining about Malware, when it's the Anti-Malware tools that really piss me off. When? When are these companies and coders going to realize that their tools need to be run from a remote location? Bart's PE is almost the perfect place to run an Anti-Malware tool! How many systems have you encountered that will not load Anti-Malware utilities because the malware is blocking it or a system that WON'"T EVEN BOOT!! I do not find it "acceptable" to have to reinstall your OS because malware has ruined it! What is it going to take to get these software companies or authors to realize this? One person cannot get through to them, believe me I have tried!! I've contacted many software companies and authors asking them for help and explaining how important this is. There is one software company that has actually contacted me several times about this and I hope they can accomplish this. Originally they wanted to release a working version in the first quarter of this year, now it's pushed back to August or September. I just hope that they will hold up to their promise or another author will help us protect our systems.

One final apology. I'm very sorry that I haven't answered most of the email I've received in the past week. I really thought I could put it off for a few days so I could focus on releasing the next version of this great project. I promise to get to your emails, eventually. If your question is something that needs a quick response, please post in the forum.


Hmmm...day off, sunny, and 70 degrees outside? What would you do?

Well, I spent the morning working on things but now it's time for dinner. Sorry everyone but it's time to enjoy the outdoors a bit. Time to drink a few Bud's and fire up the grill, first time this year!! The new version is progressing well and we may even release a new drivers download right along with it!! So, obviously the new release is being delayed...sorry everyone. I should be able to finish it up tomorrow.


Happy 1 Year Anniversary Everyone!! It's been a great year. The project has evolved and matured a lot. I am so glad that I started this project. The people who have been with the project since the beginning know we have been through a lot. I think we have accomplished a lot considering we work on this project on a part time basis. I would just like to say Thank You to everyone for a great year. Everyone has had a part to help keep this project going. My Moderators have been there to help new users with problems and questions. Donators have shown their appreciation that has helped with hosting costs and enabling me to purchase hardware to test with. Many users have emailed suggestions and requests that most of the time were able to be implemented into the project. Al Kolff recently created a French version of the "How to build" page. The users that only visit the site and download the project help also by keeping the site popular. A few software companies were kind enough to donate licenses for their software that has made the project better or made it easier for me and the users of the project. Such as LinaSoft, Esma Systems, and RarLab. Thanks again everyone for the great year!! I look forward to making this project even better this year!


Man, that's the last time I ever say I'm lonely!! Thanks everyone for the emails, now my inbox is overflowing again. Now for some news and an apology. First, sorry to everyone for the past few days of issues with the forum. This time I'm pretty sure it's my fault. While editing some settings in the forum I changed one that I shouldn't have. It caused many mail errors. New registrations, emailing, and PM's weren't working right. I'm pretty sure I figured out what I did wrong and everything should be fine now.

French version of the "How to Build" page. Yup, Daniel created a html document for us and I've just uploaded it to the site. I greatly appreciate it and I'm sure French speaking users will appreciate it also.

New version. I am still looking to release the new version of the project on Monday evening. Things are going pretty well and I'm just trying to find the time to squeeze everything else in. If anyone has any last minute requests or suggestions please feel free to post them in the forum or email me.


Boy, do I feel LONELY!! The last 48 hours have been uneventful, pretty much NO email. I wish that when I didn't have time or I forgot about something that it would always bother me like an empty inbox. I would keep so many people happy that way. Anyways, I found an easier to use script so the contact links on the site now work. So please EMAIL me if you have a question, need assistance, or just want to say "Hi."


Email problems!! Sorry I'm trying to use a script to hide my email address from bots, etc. It's not working though. I will find another solution sometime tomorrow when I get home from work. Sorry for the inconvenience, please contact me via the forum.


Extremely busy lately. Trying to make sure everything works and is listed in the upcoming version of the project. There are a lot of things I'm trying to work on getting into the new version. Still a lot of testing to do. I've also been trying to find the time to clean up this site a bit also. There have been a few pages I've been wanting to add for quite some time now. Links for them have been on this page for a while but no page exists for them! I have pages setup and uploaded now, but all the content is still not there. I think I may be trying to do too many things at one time. Anyways, just thought I would give everyone a little update as to what is going on.


Sorry folks, personal day yesterday! Enjoyed my day off yesterday burning DVD's....finally! I've had my DVD burner since August and I've been meaning to start backing up our collection of DVD's. The boys are very abuse to them and scratch the heck out of them!! So I am sorry, didn't work on the project yesterday. I'm trying to finish burning a few more today, clean up my office, and start playing with 2.5 more.

2.5? Yes, the next version of the project is looking pretty good. I've found a few new tools, ones have been suggested, and new versions of tools already on the project need updated. I am setting a release date of 4/4/05. I have never set a release date in the past, however this date is special....well kinda. 4/3/04 is official date the project started! That is the date I started the yahoo group and this project was officially announced and started. So we will be celebrating our one year anniversary for the project with a new release!! I would like to release it on 4/3, however Sunday's are pretty busy days for me and I doubt I will have time to finish things up. So if anyone has some suggestions for the next version please send them my way! I have over 2 weeks to get everything added and make sure it all works properly.


IE users surprised? Well new users to the project probably don't know about the rendering issues the site had with the "list of tools", "thank you", and "download" pages when viewed with IE. I have now fixed all pages. There are a few minor things I need to touch up but I've run out of time, again! I'll be back to finish up after my appointment in a few hours.

One final warning also. I checked my email account for the old domain today. Mostly I found spam, but I did find a 5 messages from users asking questions, etc. I am not sure how they got my old email address, since the old domain has been redirecting to the new domain for the past 3 months. That domain will become "parked" later this month per the request of Microsoft. So all links to windowsubcd.com and emails will bounce. Remember, that was part of the deal I made with Microsoft when they requested I change the domain. Redirects are allowed until April, then I must park the domain. So please make sure you have the correct domain bookmarked and have the correct email address.


Sorry, it's been a while since I've updated everyone. I've been back to the grind for over a week now, same hectic schedule. Slowly but surely I've been making progress on a few "side items" for the project, such as perfecting the wireless capabilities for the project and working on booting it from a USB drive. Working on the boy's computers and buying myself a new motherboard, processor, and case have slowed progress down a bit. Reinstalling all the software I use and transferring files from the old system to the new one took up several days of my time. I am very happy with the system but already want to spend more money. I would really like to put a good SATA drive in the new system and a newer AllInWonder would be pretty nice to add to it also. I have already purchased some DDR 3200 for it, now just waiting for the delivery!New software! Everyone please welcome "BackupFox"!! My buddy Raptor has been pretty busy with the AutoPatcher project, think he has been continuing to work on AutoStreamer, and now created BackupFox. This new program would have helped me a lot 1 1/2 ago when I was transferring everything to my new computer! I tried another product that was a free trial, then after 10 uses you had to purchase it for $19.95 (I think?). That program didn't work for me AT ALL!! I used it back in August when I transferred to my AMD machine and it worked fine. But this time it didn't work?? So back to BackupFox. I haven't had the chance to test it. Raptor usually codes pretty well so I'm sure there shouldn't be very many bugs in it, although it is still a young project. So if anyone is interested in the program please check it out: http://mhtools.knoware.nl/raptor/backupfox/backupfox06.zipThe drivers addon is going very well, LittlBUGer and I think we will be releasing 1.0 later this week. We are also working on a new menu structure for the menu in the project. Since some tools included in the project do not work in BPE we are also talking about adding a separate menu. It will load when you insert the project CD into a computer that is running Windows, that is if "autorun" is enabled. I honestly never really wanted to do anything like this. Since AdAware, SpyBot, and a few others will not run in BPE, this may be the only option available. If you have any comments, thoughts, or suggestions about this please email me or post in the forum. I always love hearing from the users of the project and try to implement everything that users suggest.


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