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News Archive 4/04-6/04

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Well 1.1 is here, just as promised!! I am very excited about this new version. I have filled in a lot of software holes with some great new additions to the project. A couple of defragers are now on the project. I have updated the definiton files for most of the SpyWare and AV utilities included in the project. A new version of Stinger, a43, and I think something else have been released over the past few weeks and have been updated on this project now. The ob1 web browser has been replaced with K-meleon, and F-prot has been replaced (since it doesn't scan NTFS volumes) with AVPersonal. The "Screen Shots" page has finally been done, and the "How To" page had to be modified a lot thanks to a jerk. I also have a more (but still not) complete list of what is included in this project posted in the forum. I will eventually get around to adding a page to the website with this information also, but man I'm tired of sitting on my computer almost all day yesterday and today. So a few have been removed but a lot has been added! Everyone enjoy!! If you run into any issues please post in the forum or email me.


I did a little tinkering here and there these past few days. I finally added the "Special Thanks" page because I wanted most of the people that I appreciate know it. The page only lists a few people that I could think of off the top of my head. Others will be added over the next few days when I have more time to go through my email, forum, etc. Don't feel left out if your name is not there yet, if you helped me I appreciate it and you will be listed. I should have the "screenshots" page done sometime today. LittlBUGer volunteering for the project of capturing a few for the page a few days ago and we should be able to get that page completed too. That should pretty much take care of the site now being complete. I have also created a news archive, I will now list only the past 4 to 6 news dates on the home page. If you are new to the site please click the "Archived News" link below and see what has been accomplished in the past 2 months. A lot of documentation was taken care of last week and now the final pages should fall into place. On to fix XXCopy, add a few more things to the project, and customize PE & NuMenu more.


A few minor details taken care of after work tonight. I finally took the time to get my email addresses for the site setup with Outlook Express (sorry I still love OE). All the links to contact me are now directed to that account. I also added a "Contact Me" button on the home page and eventually to the others too. Since this page has gotten pretty long with news I figured that it would be a good idea. Also it a more noticeable way for new viewers of the web site to contact me with questions. I have also changed the download. A member of the forum "reminded" me of 7zip. I had downloaded and used it in the past with the original UBCD and at the beginning of this project . I had forgotten how much it could help us. The download size for version 1.0 is now slimmed down to 20Meg versus the original 26Meg I had uploaded last night and is a self extractable exe file. This should help my bandwidth woes greatly, thanks again LittlBUGer!!


VERSION 1.0 IS RELEASED!!! Along with more updates to the site including: more downloads to great free applications and tools that help us build this CD. More instructions and help on building it, I believe I have covered almost everything here. I have detailed instructions on the "How to Build" page for all the applications I have listed on the download page. I found some silly mistakes that had stopped several tools I included in version 0.3 from working and gained more of an understanding for several aspects of PE. I'm pretty sure it's not perfect (but close) and there may be a problem here or there so please post questions or report issues to the forum or email me.


Found some time to update most of the pages on the site today and added a few links to future pages. Sorry those aren't working yet. Had time to think of the look and layout of the page and make a few changes there also, not complete but it's looking better. I also found some awesome tools for this project! I swear today was my lucky day on the software side. There are a few initial hints of some great tools I have found but I also found a few great things to add to Version 1.0 that will be released by Saturday.


WOW!! I will tell you what, make sure you are prepared if you mention your site to Fred Langa. He has quite a following. I am so glad I changed my package with my webhost when it went down last week!

Although I am a little disappointed. I really wish I had the time last week to kick out version 1.0. Now with A LOT of people checking out my site and project I worry that I will disappoint many people. I must please ask everyone to have patience and please check back with the site on a regular basis. This is not yet the Windows UBCD but it will be very shortly. After Tuesday I have 3 days off from work so I will now PROMISE to everyone Version 1.0 WILL be out by the weekend. I will also promise that most incomplete pages on my website will be updated and include almost all information needed. I am not perfect to I cannot promise that my pages will include all the information that is needed for every user. So please, if it doesn't sound right, you have questions, something is missing, etc. please post to the forum or email me and you WILL be helped.

Thank you Fred, and thank all of you that are checking out my project. I hope it is what you want and if it is not please email me and I will probably be able to add what you want. Please understand that this project is only 2 months old.


Unhappy Anniversary everyone!! I was hoping to have Version 1.0 ready for release on Thursday, the 1 month anniversary for this site, but had some problems. I'm sure I scared some people with the closing of my Yahoo group the night before and removal of their membership to it. It probably looked like I just gave up. No not me!!

In 19 days we already blew through 60gig of bandwidth. The upload problem with test3 didn't help! So the site was down for almost 2 days, until I contacted my webhost and they were kind enough to get the site back up today and let me pay for additional bandwidth on payday. These guys at asmallorange.com are awesome!!

As for Version 1.0, I have a few things I am adding to it but would like some help from everyone on something you would like it to include. The only criteria for the software......is that it's freeware. Please no trials, etc. Also if there is some "type" of application you would like to see on it, please email me with that too. I can search for that type of application and decide what works and looks best for our project. If I get enough feedback and suggestions look for Version 1.0 next week. Oh heck, I'm probably going to release it then anyway's!! Please just click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and email me as much as you wish.


Oh my what a mess. I have 2 posts in the forum about the new version file being corrupt and am surprised I didn't receive any emails about it.

I thought I was in trouble when the upload failed 4 or 5 times, only to notice it was somehow there?? It was very late and I had to get to bed for work so I had no time to double check it.

On to troubleshooting today. I had zipped it with 7zip so I thought that could be a problem. Downloaded WinZip and check the file on my HD and it was fine. I then downloaded it from the site just to check that file out for myself. It was corrupted! Argh!! I had been using the cPanel software on the site to upload so I figured that could be the problem. I downloaded a ftp program, proceeded to set it up, and upload the file to the site. Problem solved! I am very sorry to all of you that have downloaded the corrupt file over the past 2 days, please download the new one.


Busy days off! Wow, I thought I was supposed to relax when I had time off of work. Wednesday I spent most of my morning putting a new harddrive in my wife's computer. The motherboard didn't like the 40gig I was putting in, so after a little searching I flashed the bios and all was good. Timing was perfect because I needed that clean install of XP to beta test for AutoPatcher. Finished up the day with the kids, took them the lake looking for snakes, turtles, and frogs. Today I decided to work on the yard, WinUBCD, my car, and then back to WinUBCD. Unfortunately the car took up the last 6 hours of my day. Yuck it was a mess, I will post pictures for all of you tomorrow so you can understand why I spent 6 hours on it.

On to business, now I am releasing version 0.3 of WinUBCD. I ran out of time to test everything and to work out a few details here and there, the details won't affect functionality. I did add a few more tools and took another shot at F-Prot. At the moment it is listed in the menu but does not work. However I did find that I could run it from the command line/prompt. Everyone please enjoy the new version. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please email me or post to the forums.


A whole lot of time spent at work and just a little at home with my family and projects, the story of most of our lives.

I did find time to spend creating some of the other pages, helping to make most of the links work now. So please navigate the site a bit and check out the changes, however some pages are still incomplete. I at least wanted the links to work but didn't have the time to put all the appropriate information on the pages. I did run into a few snags trying to add stuff on Wed & Thur so I did not release test version 3. Sorry to all that were looking forward to a new version with more stuff. I am also going to stop giving out possible release dates because I do not want to disappoint people looking forward to checking out the new version. Something always comes up and I almost never get the chance to finish things up.

Big thanks to Paul for the new boot screen/wallpaper image, offered this help for a new cool/kickass image. I think it looks awesome and had to add it to the site. Again thanks for donating your time to help me/us!!!!


Well I'm back. Actually got back yesterday but had to spend time with the wife and kids. Thanks to everyone that was pushing for me...I scored a 92% on one of my exams!! Won't know about the other one for a couple of weeks but I'm pretty confident I kicked ass. Anyway's enough personal stuff you don't care about back to the CD.

I'm checking out some pretty cool stuff to add to this CD and having a lot of fun trying to get them to work! There will still be a new version tomorrow though. Not a version 1.0 but another test version, maybe I should really start calling them betas or something?? Honestly not too worried about it because I am confident after this release version 1.0 will be released. I am also working hard to help make this process easier on all of you too. I cannot wait for the day that I will have the license to provide you with a single download instead of multiple downloads.

One final note, yes the image above is quite generic. My friend that I asked to create a boot/wallpaper screen backed out on me so I had to create one myself. I do not have the license to include this yet so if anyone would like to help by making something that looks better....please do, everyone else and I would greatly appreciate it.


Well everyone that is subscribed to the Yahoo group received my "Migration to website" notice yesterday. I had the forums semi-setup yesterday and worked on them a little more today. I really need to find a different template to run because that one is very plain looking. It will work though. I have added some startup forums and topics. But much like the site here it lacks content, not enough time in my day to get to that. The Yahoo group will be closed Wednesday of next week when I get back from Columbus so everyone please sign up in the forum. I have that Thursday off also so maybe I can get some quality time in on the CD and release test version 3! Hopefully I will receive some important emails this next week so the following release can be version 1.0.


Welcome to the new site design. I've been playing with it for the past day. It has taken me the past week just to find good web site authoring software. They all fall into one of two categories: expensive or junk. I must apologize for all the broken links and template items that are on the page at the moment. Please hover over items because some of them are functional, although most are not. A lot of the stuff on the page are items that will be added in the future. I'm trying to think of every possible link or page that may need to be included. Just trying to lay the foundation here.

I must also announce that there will not be an update tomorrow nor next week. I have a class that I will be attending this coming weekend for my employer. I will be studying all week, go out of town to attend the class for 3 days then have the final exam Tuesday. Everyone please wish me luck!!

4/20/04 - Launch Day!

Well the site has been launched.  I should have taken a little more time in designing it but I didn't have the time to make it "pretty."  I will probably work on it on a daily basis along side with adding more utilities to the CD.  At the current time I will probably stick with weekly updates until I get the majority of items added to it.  After that I will go with monthly to bimonthly releases to add new utilities found throughout that time.

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