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Due to increasing "false positives" from AV Software, please view this:
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6/28/07     -UBCD4NASA!

I received an email from a 10yr. tech that works for NASA a few weeks ago. Here is a quote from the email:
"Some of the software I've had to disable due to license or security concerns, but even so the CD is more useful than any other diagnostic or recovery tool we've ever found. You have no idea how many computers your tool has recovered or how much user data you've been responsible for rescuing."
He also wanted to send a little "token" of appreciation. Last week I received a "mission coin" with a card describing the mission. The really cool part is what the coin is made of. After each mission they take the frames that hold the experiments, space station components, etc and melt them down and make coins out of them.
Thanks for the gift!! It's really appreciated!

6/27/07     -SoftPedia!!

I received an email late last night from SoftPedia. Seems they have found the time to check out and evaluate UBCD4Win. So we now have the honor of having their 100% Clean award! I've only added it to the "home" page and "downloads" page so far, but will probably add it to the rest. This should help prove to users that whenever they see a problem with the program, it is truly a "false positive"!!

6/23/07     -Version 3.05 RELEASED!!

Many updates and a few changes have made there way into the latest release of UBCD4Win. For the long list of updated tools and other changes check out the Version History page. I think the biggest news is the addition of AVG AntiVirus!! We have been in contact with them for months working together on a good PE plugin for their software and getting permission to include it in our download. Because we now have AVG a few of our old AV buddies had to go. ClamWin and SysClean. While they are probably good pieces of software, I (and other members of our development team) have never really gotten them to work very well in our builds. For those die hard fans though, we will be releasing individual plugins for those tools and anything else we have or will remove from the project. I just have to work out more details on that and get the html setup on the downloads page.
HashCheck has been updated again and addresses many more issues than it has in the past. I hope the users really understand what we are trying to accomplish with this tool. These tools are created and added to the project to help us and the user figure out extraction problems with the project if they have any. Tom worked really hard to add additional "checks" into the tool that should help users figure out what went wrong if something does.
BTS drivers have been added and our old storage drivers have been removed. The NIC drivers are still there but we have moved to a newer and better method with the BTS drivers. The only word of caution.....the are currently disabled by default. If you will need or think you will need storage drivers in your build, "Config" and then enable the plugin before building. It will automatically download the latest BTS driver pack and integrate it for you.

Slight changes to help control the size of the project. We have been discussing "pruning" the project and have done that a little with this release. We are pretty busy working on about 3 other things for the project so we couldn't really focus on it much in this release. I also need to find the time to post some polls in the forum to get a better idea of what YOU think could be removed and considered optional in the build. After all you are the reason why we do what we do and we try to make you as happy as possible.

A few disappointments in this release though. AdAware 2007 and AVG AntiSpyware did not make it into this release. We worked hard to try and get them to work, but could not. We are still working on them and hope to figure out what changes were made to the programs and how to get them to work in the project.

Finally, site and "how to" updates. I apologize now for not having the time to get all of the site updated. Not much has really changed with building the project but I do need to get a little documentation out there to help people with a few questions. Most notably the BTS drivers and how to setup the AVG AV plugin. If you happen to have questions or problems before I am able to get that information updated on the site, please search and/or post in the forum.

6/12/07     -Patch, 3.05, and RC Updates

Patch, recently it came to my attention that I made a mistake with a few recent orders. I always try to update the AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, and any other definition files that need updated regularly at least every 3-4 weeks for the ordered CD of the project. I figure most people that order the CD are stuck on dialup and it would take that person a long time to update all definition files. The last time I did this though, I updated a few other things I normally do not update. It's not that big of a bug and can actually be fixed pretty easily. My development team was on top of things and created instructions and a fix for MY bug, thanks John!! You can download the fix in this post in our support forum:
Remember, this bug ONLY effects ordered CD's. The volume label for the effected CD's should read "UBCD4Win30401."

3.05, due to the above error I am trying to get more testing done with our current beta. We will hopefully release 3.05 next week. Testing has been going very well so I truly believe that we will be able to "wrap up" 3.05 and get it released.

RC, just wanted to give everyone a little update on my root canal issues. Luckily the pain went away for a few days but came back a little today. I have been wanting to give everyone an update on it but was afraid I would jinx my luck and the pain would come back. So I have been feeling better and trying to get more work done. It's been much easier since I haven't had to take pain killers for the past few days. Thanks to the few that sent me emails and advice about my tooth, I really do appreciate it but have not had time to get responses sent out to all of you.

6/5/07     -Root Canal update, and apologies

The past few weeks have been quite trying for me. I've had a toothache for over a month and found that I needed a root canal. Sure it sucked that my insurance won't cover it all but that really is the least of my worries. Dealing with the pain has been hell. Thanks to someone canceling their appointment last week I was able to have my root canal done. I was actually pretty happy because I figured that after an hour of hell, I would finally find relief. WRONG. I have actually been in more pain this past week and I don't know when I will finally be pain free. I hope it happens before my next appoint early next month.

So that brings me to apologies. I am sorry that I haven't been that active in the forum and have barely been answering any emails. The painkillers I've been taking have had me feeling a bit "loopy." So I really haven't been able to concentrate on much of anything. At least somehow I have been able to handle work pretty well for the most part, but by the end of the day I really can't cope with anything else. I am very sorry to everyone that I haven't emailed back yet. Slowly but surely my inbox will be taken care of but I don't know how soon. So if you need support please now more than ever, post in the forum.

5/28/07     -Beta testing, RSS, CSS, and HTML

I thought all the "bad" words were supposed to be four letter words? Anyway's, beta2 for version 3.05 was released to beta testers yesterday and everything is looking good so far. Today was a holiday though so I'm thinking it just hasn't been tested too much yet? There are a lot of tool updates in this upcoming release so it might take a little more time to find any problems.

RSS, CSS, etc., were things I worked on today. After a long day of testing and compiling yesterday, I needed something else to work on!! Users have requested RSS feeds in the past so yesterday and today I found time to work on it. I have heard plenty about RSS but never really found the need or time to check into them more. If you like RSS feeds, use a reader regularly, and enjoy the project please subscribe to our new feed. I'm still new to this so please report any errors or problems to me via email. In my RSS adventures I spent a little time updating the site today also. CSS has always been a thorn in my side, but today I found the time to learn a little more about it. My main focus has always been the project in general, but the project makes me learn and deal with A LOT of different things. Today I made several cosmetic changes to the site thanks to CSS. In the process I learned a few more things about HTML and was reminded of W3C compliance. A few years ago I found that important and spent some time ensuring that the site was compliant with all the W3C rules. Today I checked a few pages and found several minor issues. All pages of the site are not yet completely compliant but I'll spend some time over the next few days to get the rest "up to snuff." The only sad thing about being compliant, is the fact that MS doesn't care. IE7 was a step in the right direction, but MS still talks about making their own standards. I don't think that IE7 follows all the rules, but it does follow them better than IE6. I just wish they would follow the rules instead of always trying to MAKE them!!


Well I made a huge mistake with my previous news post. I thank everyone who has emailed me over the past 2 days. The responses I've received to my "cry baby" news is very nice. Life is life, it is what it is. Sometimes I am overwhelmed and I try my best to control "freak out" moments like I just had. I try to be as professional as possible but my emotions get the best of me at times. It's a flaw in myself that is annoying. With so many things going on I just have my moments. I honestly think the real problem at the moment is pain. I've had a toothache that has given me a headache pretty much daily for the past month. I can't stand being in pain and it just kills my motivation/ability to get anything done. Sucks because I have two options, extraction or root canal. My crappy insurance doesn't help either because it's not an "important" tooth to them??!! They'll cover the extraction but not all of the root canal. So I basically I have to figure out how to come up with about $350 just so I can save it. I'll figure out a way, doesn't matter how because I want my tooth!

I got a little side tracked, kind of. Thank you again to everyone that has emailed me. I know the project kicks ass and I apologize for giving the impression that I was considering giving up. I have a great group of guys in my "development team" that help me A LOT with the project. I'm a bit frustrated with support. There was a HUGE mess a few weeks ago with cNet/ that was really just a bunch of BS. We've had a few server issues over the past few weeks. IPB (our forum software) support really SUCKS! These "behind the scene" problems that only I have to deal with and are very frustrating.

Let's do some GOOD news now! Beta testing for 3.05 will continue soon once I find the time to get a few finishing touches to Beta2 done. It looks pretty good and includes a lot of updates. The best news though is our "deal" with AVG/Grisoft is almost finished!! I can't remember if I've ever posted news about this here on the site, but I do know that we've talked about it in the forum on a few occasions. We've been in contact/talks with Grisoft for a while now. We've been working together to create a plugin for UBCD4Win to include their AntiVirus software. It is almost final now. I really hope to get the official OK within the next several days so we can include it in 3.05.


Does anyone like or use the project anymore? I'm just curious because I receive few emails and they are generally users with problems and/or mistakes on their part. I'm starting to think that I've wasted the last 3+ years of my life?? I think made a huge mistake? I should have been a father and enjoyed my children.


Apologies for some confusion!
Our server went down "hard" over the weekend and I sadly reported in the forum that we lost 4-5 days worth of posts and new user registrations. I apologize to all for any inconvenience and am working on a better backup plan. If this every happens again, we should only lose a few hours of posts. To set the record straight also, NO ONE has been banned from the forum. NO posts were removed, it was just an innocent loss of data. link is temporarily removed. In an attempt to be "courteous," they automatically updated our UBCD4Win listing to the newest version! Newest version? Hmmm, I don't recall releasing a new version? Even though it clearly states in the listing that we are UBCD4Win and our domain is Someone in their office became confused and though they would be nice and update our listing with the newest Ultimate Boot CD version 4.0.3!! I have sent them emails and hope that this situation will be fixed soon. Once it is, then the link will be placed on the "downloads" page again.


BTS driver support is officially released! After over a year of my development team working with the development team of the BTS driverpack, we now have support for UBCD4Win and really any BartPE build. Thanks goes out to Bashrat the Sneaky and OverFlow from the BTS team. Without those two adding these capabilities to their BTS driverpacks this would not be possible. Thanks to LittlBUGer for starting the initial conversations between us and BTS, rdsok and pcuser deserve thanks for testing and providing some input, hilander999 and cdob for working with their team on the really technical stuff. For more information visit the official BTS driverpacks website and/or check out the "official" announcement with a download link and instructions in our forum.


NO April fool's day jokes from me. All of these "holidays" or "special" days kind of annoy me. Maybe I'm turning into a grumpy old man? Seems like today is only fun for kids, that's the only time I can remember having fun on this day.

I'm a day early but I'm going to say it anyways.....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Yes, as of tomorrow this project has been alive and kicking for 3 years now! What a great 3 years! All the people who have joined our development and beta teams, all the people I have talked to on the phone and through emails, all the people we have been able to help with this project!! It's quite amazing if you really think about it. Thanks to everyone who has helped make UBCD4Win what it is, whether you've donated to help us cover our hosting costs, donated time testing things.....whatever you have done to help us, THANK YOU!

Apologies. I do want to apologize to some people for the lack of support I've provided over the past week, in emails and in the forum. I should have the time tonight to get to my email and respond a little more in the forum. This has been a very busy week for me because I'm taking care of a serious issue. Basically people ripping other people and us off! Last week I found some auctions that seemed questionable. Luckily we had a little extra money in our PayPal accounts so several members of the development team and myself started investigating. We found ISO images of UBCD4Win available for download!! Not only is it illegal to distribute any of the UBCD4Win files (read the ordering page and EULA for the project) but these were completed ISO images! I'm sure Microsoft wouldn't appreciate that!
So I've spent most of my free time this week speaking with an attorney and organizing the "evidence" against this individual. This should all be resolved this week or next week. The biggest problem with all of this is the poor people that were "ripped off" by purchasing something that is FREE! If any of these people need support for their "illegal CD", I at least hope they find this site so they can get honest and true support. Even though someone else made money for our work, I feel we still need to support these people. We will of course hold absolutely no liability if this seller did something bad (such as include a virus, keylogger, etc.) to the build they sold.

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