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Just wanted to assure anyone that is still waiting on their CD that all orders from last week were completed this weekend and were mailed at the latest today. I am very sorry for the wait and hope everyone understands.

An update to the "how to" page also had to be made today. I have received emails and posts in the forum from users with strange errors. We have realized that some users are downloading the beta for Bart's PE, I believe it's version 3.1.4. THAT version does not work with the project. When new version of Bart's PE are released, we have to see what changed and how it effects the project. We went through this back in December when 3.1.3 was released. Everyone please understand you MUST use 3.1.3 when building UBCD4Win. Thank you.


THANK YOU FRED LANGA and the subscribers to his "list"!!!

The site has seen a record amount of traffic over the past several days! It is awesome to finally be mentioned in his list! Due to the traffic I have become extremely "bogged" down with emails and posts. I am trying my best to keep up and reply to everyone.

I have also received a record amount of orders for the project on CD. There is bad news though, I was low on supplies at the time of all of these orders. I noticed the spike in activity early Monday morning and realized where it was coming from quickly. I promptly placed orders for CD's and mailers Monday morning, but they would not ship quickly enough. I received the mailers today and expect the CD's tomorrow. So, I want to extend a deep apology for the delays in shipping the ordered CD's. I greatly appreciate the interest in the project and hope that no one "looks down" on it because of this situation.

There are many exciting things going on with the project. We are working on a few new tools and/or ideas to implement in future releases of the project. I am also throwing around a few other ideas for the project.

Thanks to the mention in "Langa's List", I have received emails from individuals with many ideas for the project. Today, I received an email from the author of Lexun tools. He was very excited to see his older and unsupported tools still in use! I received an email yesterday from a computer forensics group. I've received emails from individuals asking about the capabilities of the project in the past. However, I was asked to do a presentation of the project for a semi-local group. This new "addon" or aspect of the project has me excited a lot!! It would be great to help find solutions for police and private investigators to use the project to help put "bad" guys away. I started this project to help people, to help computer users fix their computers.....if this project can be used to help put child porn perverts and pedophiles in jail, that would be awesome!! The project would and could accomplish more! I wanted to help computer users, but to help society...that's just great! This idea is still young and I need to do a lot of testing, troubleshooting, and more testing! But, I think with the many tools available...the project can do it. I'm focusing on getting a new version of the project out first and then working more on this "side" addon. My presentation is about 1 1/2 months away so I have plenty of time to plan for it. We just need to get a newer and more updated version of the project released!!


Long....long two weeks. I suffered a major setback about 9 days ago when my DSL was "suspended." It was my fault because I didn't pay enough on my phone bill....oops. I usually watch these type of problems very closely and make sure "bad" things do not happen, this time I messed up. So I was stuck on dialup for the last week and boy did it suck!! I feel for all the unfortunate people out there that do not have a broadband connection available to them or are unable to afford it.

Progress on the project stopped for those 9 days. I tried to answer some emails, but I had to stay offline most of the time because I cannot "tie" up my phone line for too long. I got my DSL back this morning and I stormed my way back.....

Another beta was just released shortly! I worked most of the day to get back to normal and get things done. A new version of this project has not been released in a very long time and I just want to reassure everyone and/or anyone in doubt...... we are working on the project. I strongly feel that after this beta I should be able to release a "final" beta that will push out the newest version of the project!!

Thanks to everyone for their support and help. Please stay tuned, I really feel that we are close to the release of the next great version of this project!


Long time since my last update, I apologize. I have been a very busy person and nice summer weather has distracted me a few times....I can only say NO to my boys so many times before I have to give in and drop my work for several hours. I've been trying my best to get work done so I can release beta's to the testers. The last two weeks have been a little busier also. I have always wanted to open my own "shop." I had the idea for a business name almost a year ago and even made up some business cards. I've tried handing a few out on occasion but never received any calls. I've worked on a few friends computers on occasion also. Well my luck changed a bit last week. I found a few "clients" and I've been a bit busy with their systems. It's been great to find time to do something I love....work on computers! So I've been trying to get my business cards out a bit more and try to build more of a "customer base." After several months I hope to open up a real "shop," instead of working from home like I currently am. I hope I am not scaring anyone with this news. Progress on the project has been a bit slow in the past few months and I'm sure some of you may be thinking this "side" work will interfere more. I will try my best and really do not think that it will interfere much, if at all. Honestly, it will help the project in the long run. Working at home and/or in a "shop" will allow me more hardware to test with and really more time to work on the project!

I have been having problems getting a few tools to work properly. Thanks to a software suggestion from Tom, I am now using a new tool that is helping me greatly with getting tools to work in the project. The only downside is the time that is involved with the process, but it hasn't failed me yet! So I am slowly but surely getting some of the "trouble" tools under control and hope to get a final beta out to the testers within the next week! I know I have told you all to keep checking the site and nothing much has really happened over the last few months. Please just stay patient and continue to check. Progress is being made and I really hope to have the next version out by the end of this month!


Well, as some of you may have noticed I have added a new page to the site. "Contact.htm" was setup and all other pages on the site have been modified to comply with it. I try my best to provide the best support for the project, however I always find myself with a lot of email. Sometimes I do not have the time to reply to them for several days! I do not want to give a bad impression of the project just because I have limited time. So I am now requesting that users please join the forum and post questions there. Once I get caught up (hopefully within the next couple of days) things will be back to a more "normal" pace and I will be able to focus on the forum. You see, it was more difficult to go between email and the forum....now I can keep a focus on one thing instead of two.

I want to also thank the "beta testers!" They have really been doing a good job testing betas of the project. I will hopefully be able to provide an error free beta to them soon so the next version can be released!!

RootKitty, a new "toy" from Tom (pcuser)!! I would greatly appreciate it if interested users would please check it out. Since we have been unable to get RootKit Revealer to work in BPE, he started coding his own tool! RootKitty will be an awesome asset to anyone's boot CD and I'm sure it will mature very quickly. If you would like more information, please visit the forum. I started a "category" for it there and through time and testing we will be able to provide more features and information.


Driver download 1.5 released!! Randy has been working on fixing a few "errors" and setup issues the driver package faced. There was a discussion about it in the forum and a few people have tested his new changes. I am very thankful that he has been able to find the time to work on this and get everything figured out.

I made the official switch to "printable" CD's a couple of weeks ago, however never found the time to post about it. I've changed the descriptions and posted "news" about this on the "ordering" page. I mention there also, it is a little more time consuming for me now. However the benefits to the end users I think makes up for the extra time. Maybe some day I will be able to afford a "specialty" printer, that just prints CD's? They are quite pricey and I do not send out enough CD's to justify the purchase, would be pretty cool though.

Also wanted to mention that today is the 1 year anniversary of AutoStreamer, it seems like it was just a few months ago!! It has gained some popularity in it's first year, I've seen it mentioned in many places. I'm very proud at the fact that I helped to create a great tool that has aided thousands of people in slipstreaming!!

Well, back to work....gotta get V2.6 released soon!!


HAPPY 4TH of July!! Well, to everyone in the USA that is.

Progress of the project has slowed greatly over the last few weeks for many reasons, I apologize. I've become a bit distracted with a few things. Instead of working on things that have been on my "to-do" list, I've been trying to tackle other suggestions/requests for the project. I'm refocused now and realize that I have to kick out my list in order. If there isn't time for new requests, I'm sorry....I have to get the existing list done. Beta testing has been going very well, except for the fact that I'm still sending out "questionable" builds. I can't get some things to work and must also realize that these will just have to wait. I have to move on and get a new version out with what I can get to work for now, it's been quite a while since I've released a new version! I honestly haven't been working on my new version "build" in the past week. The holiday and working 7 days straight has messed me up a lot! It will all be behind me after tomorrow. I will finally have a day off after tomorrow so I can spend a lot of time on the project. There have also been a lot of questions and suggestions. I'm trying to update more content on the site also. Thanks for your support and for visiting the site.


I'm back!! I had fun these last few days being away, getting rest, and enjoying some piece and quiet....well kinda. Anyway's, I've already responded to the couple of emails I received and I'm trying to get things around here at home. I will hopefully have more time to catchup in the forum, get some work done on the site, and work on other things for the project. Then back to work tomorrow.


Well everyone I am on my mini- vacation now. No computers!! It's kinda sad and I will probably go through withdrawal, but I do not have a laptop that is able to be brought with me. Stupid batteries, all toasted. Anyways, I wouldn't be able to enjoy my vacation fully if I were still answering emails and posting in the forum.

So, please email or PM me if you need to voice a concern, suggestion, question, comment, etc. Please be on the understanding that I will not be back until Friday morning so I will probably spend all day answering emails and PM's. I still want to hear from you!!

I have spent most of the morning trying to reply to emails I already have and trying to update a few things on the site that I haven't had time to do in the past few days. I always have so much work to do I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes. With so many things going on in the project right now I really feel I planned a bad time for this vacation. I need to continue to work on the next version of the project, maybe get a beta out to the testers, update more information on the site, add more information to the site, etc. etc.

Here are links for the interview I had almost 3 weeks ago about the project. I still haven't had the time to combine the files and I'm trying to think of the right location on the site for this type of information.



Forum is back up!! I kinda feel stupid though. It was really easy to fix, it took me about 15 minutes to set it all up...but it's fixed. The forum was up for 5 days after the upgrade then all of a sudden seemed down? The problem was "permission masks", which I never even thought of checking. I didn't think it was that because the forum was fine for several days and I assumed that those settings were just transferred from the old version. None of the people I talked to suggested or checked this either, so I am not the only one that didn't think about it. Anyways, the forum is up and I look forward to many new registrations and answering many questions today!!



First the Good news and thank you! I would like to thank all of the helpful users that helped me and the project in a time of need. Through many donations we finally hit the mark yesterday!! Thanks to everyone who donated, you will be listed on the "thank you" page soon. Please remember even though the funds needed for IPB have been made, that shouldn't discourage users from donating if you find this project useful. I do many things with the donations received. I purchase hardware for testing, donate to other freeware tools included in the project, and have been known to make "donations" to members of my moderating team. I thank them all the time for their help with the project and in the forum, but it's nice to surprise them with a little cash every once and a while.

Bad news -- FORUM is down??!!!! The forum went down sometime Monday afternoon, it was down when I got home from work. I pulled a 12hr shift that day so by the time I got home from work it was too late to call IPB. I am almost positive the forum wasn't hacked, I was really scared at first. I didn't have any admin sign in's to the forum, except my own. I called Rick (host) and had him check out the database, etc. on his end and he assured me that everything look fine and that most likely it was an IPB error. I submitted a support ticket last night before crashing and burning (couldn't stay away, had to sleep.) However, I didn't include enough information for them to check it out while I was at work all day today. So support was delayed a day because I was unable to respond to the email quickly enough. I really hope and trust that IPB will figure out the issue and the forum should be back up and fine tomorrow.

Mini-Vacation -- next week. I am going out of town for 3 days next week (Tue-Thur). To save my vacation days I picked up a few extra days. I only get tomorrow off (instead of my usual Wed&Thur) and the following week only get Thursday off. I am actually going out of town this time so it will not be like my last vacation. I will not be around to answer emails, receive Skype calls, or receive IM's. Please feel free to email me "thank you's", something that doesn't need answered immediately, etc. If you have a really important question someone in the forum should be able to help, or PM LittlBUGer in the forum. I will try my best to get to all emails and check out the forum as much as possible on Friday before I have to get back to work on Saturday morning.

<----Skype! Why hasn't anyone tried to contact me yet? Click the link on the left to check out and download Skype. It is truly awesome software and I've been waiting for users to contact me with questions, problems, etc. When I finally tested the software about a week ago I became really excited! This can and will be an awesome FREE tool for me to use to help users of the project that are having problems. Please use any of the Skype links on the site to check it out.

Site updates. I'm trying to get a few other things updated on the site. I have updated the "how to build" page on several occasions but forgot to update the "printable" version, that has now been done tonight. There is now a PDF version of the "list of tools" that should be easier to print, thanks Paul A. I'm also trying to get some QEMU documentation, that another user submitted to me a few weeks ago, added to the site somewhere. Thanks to all the users for the suggestions or help with suggestions that help make the site easier and more informative!! It's nice when I don't have to try to find time to do all of the work myself.

New version. I have stopped reporting possible release dates because issues always seem to haunt me. The forum is down so I do not have an easy way to communicate with the beta testers. My vacation is coming up next week and I'm still waiting on some emails from other users of the project. There is a lot of excitement about the new version and I really want to get a new version released. So we have the usual delays and I'm sorry. No release date has been or will ever be issued so I do not have to worry about disappointing everyone. I will keep everyone updated in the forum and here in the "news" so you know what is going on.

Thanks again everyone and I hope the forum is back up tomorrow!!


Forum is finally upgraded!! Well, the work is done but I need to finish paying on it....more on that in a bit. I would like to say that the people over at IPB are awesome! I've called them twice (first time was when 911cd was first hacked) and they were very willing to answer any and all of my questions. Today I called and purchased a 1-year license for IPB, which they upgrade for free (so the forum went from 1.3 to 2.0.4). It only took their tech staff 3 hours to find the time to upgrade our forum, I think that is pretty awesome!

Everyone needs to thank "Phatsacks!" He donated the $70 to me so I could purchase the license to hopefully make us all hack free. Now in my statement above, "need to finish paying on it", here is what I mean. I know this project will be around for a very long time and I personally would prefer to buy the "lifetime" license for IPB. This is still possible without wasting the initial $70 spent today as long as I change it within 60 days. Now I am not trying to beg donations out of people, just asking for a bit of support and a show of appreciation for the project. I've stated many times before also that, true this is a freeware project. However, sometimes it takes commercial applications or services to make is available to everyone. We have spent a lot of our free time that we probably should be spending with our families on this project in order to make this project as good as possible for you. So if the project has helped you in a tight spot, you really love it, or you just want to show your appreciation. Please send a donation, it will save me/us money in the long run! As soon as I get the additional $110 I will change the license to "lifetime." Thank you for your support.

It's a great time to have a computer! You can do so many things on your computer now, it's simply amazing!! Thanks to a user suggestion, I have found a great new and FREE support tool I can not wait to use for the project. Enter in Skype. Now this software has been recommended by many "important" people in the IT industry. Leo Laporte regularly recommends it, however it sometimes takes a user or repeated requests for me to "find time" for something. A user emailed me yesterday and wanted to talk to me. He lives in the Netherlands and I could not imagine how much it would cost me on my regular phone to call him, I wouldn't even attempt it! I've accidentally made 15 minute calls to Canada and it's cost me $20!! So I checked out the site and downloaded the software. I called him this morning. It was very crisp, clear, and there wasn't any type of noticeable lag. He didn't have a support need, but had just started checking out the software himself and wanted to bring it to my attention. The software has many great features, and could quite possibly replace your home phone! They do have more advanced options that cost you money, but the basic version is free! If this is something that would interest you please click on the link above or to the left. If you need some help with something, download it, create an account, and try to give me a call! I will be more than happy to help you if I am actually at my desk and have time to help you. If I miss your call, please stay signed in as long as you are still at your computer....I will call you back when I get back to my system. Please check it out, I would be happy to hear from you!!

Finally, as I've stated before there are a lot of exciting things happening with the project. The good news never seems to stop! I've requested BPE support to many software authors, most of the time I do not get a response. I received one last week and hope that they will be able to add the features very soon. Also, SpyBot 1.4 was released yesterday! This new version is supposed to be able to work in BPE! I still haven't had the chance to test it, but I am very excited and can't wait to see how it works! Hopefully things slow down a bit so I can get a beta out to the beta testers soon. Then everyone will be able to enjoy A LOT of new features and tools in the upcoming new release!!


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