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News Archive 7/04-9/04

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2.11 released! It's only a minor update. Update? Yes, finally an update! Sorry in the past I have promised to try to provide updates for previous versions but sometimes it is not possible and I have not done it in the past to avoid possible issues/mistakes. Anyways, onto what is included in the update!! Clear RAM driver plugin has been added. PENetCfg, Bginfo, and Stinger have new versions that are included in the update. Mwav and AVPersonal virus definitions have been updated. Drivers for about 40+ RAID and/or SATA drivers have been added. The only tool added is R-Linux. Back to the RAID/SATA drivers. This has been a hot topic this week in the forum. I am asking anyone and everyone that has this type of setup to please try the update and let us know if it works for you. Now please visit the "download" page and check out the new version!!

A few side notes: Thanks to the individuals that donated to the project on Sunday (26th). It was very special to me personally. This project have received very few donations and they are usually spread out to (on average) 1 every 3 weeks. It was nice to receive 3 donations the day before my birthday. I know none of you knew so it's just a weird coincidence but it made me very happy to get something extra for my birthday. I would also like to thank several individuals for helping me with my bandwidth. The first is an individual that sent me new copies of my MSdocuments that were greatly compressed without compromising quality. The images are now in use on the site. The second is a possible mirror. This individual emailed me earlier today and I replied. I am waiting for a response before I will add the mirror.


Well I've finally found a scanner to use so the documents I received from M$ attorneys are now available for everyone to view. The link is only availble from this "main" page, I didn't get around to adding it to the other pages of the site. In other news, two of our mirrors are down. If anyone has extra bandwidth they could spare I would appreciate it if you could mirror for us. Just to warn you though, daily bandwidth for downloading runs about 4-7gig.'s a day. Thanks to the M$ issue I will be forced to switch my hosting plan to a lower package because I will have to pay for 2 plans for several months. So we really need more mirrors soon as I will be unable to host the file anymore. This won't happen until November 1st so there should be no blackouts. Really, this could possibly not be an issue at all because of the banner ads that are now on the site.

Banner Ads?? Didn't I promise that I would never include banner ads on the site? I think I did either here on the site or in a post in the forum. Well, I'm sorry if you do not like them. A lot of things have changed since I have started this project. A lot of things I thought I would do or never do I have now rethought and am now doing. The ads bring in a little income to me to help support this project. I honestly couldn't afford to do this when I started but thought everything would be ok and things would work out. Well the money I have spent on this project has gotten way too high and I must move to drastic measures to recover costs. Drastic? No, I don't think I would go that far, I wouldn't go to drastic measures to keep this going. That sounds too harsh. Anyways, I hope you know what I mean. They are ads from Google so that helps, everyone loves Google!! If you see something interesting please click on it and check it out. I would also like to ask everyone to click responsibly. Do not click on ads repeatedly thinking you are making me money. Google tracks everything and those types of actions can cause me to be kicked out of the program.


Ok, the list of tools is almost done. I have added the names, just not all the links or descriptions. I also forgot to mention yesterday that a two new mirrors have been added for downloading, oops sorry guys. Thanks again to Dustin Fluery and Kaidok Technologies. We shouldn't have any bandwidth issues in the future now!


First, thanks to everyone for your responses on my current situation. I'm sure everything will work out. I really don't want to provide too many details as I am still working with their attorney. On a positive note, several new mirrors have been added. We now have well over 1 TB of monthly bandwidth available for you to download. It's just cool to even talk about a terabyte!! There have also been new issues brought up since the release of 2.0. Seems the project is becoming a little too demanding. When I started this project I wanted it to be the "Ultimate" resource for fixing your computer. However, "your" computer or the one you are working on may be a bit old. Some of the applications that have been added over the past couple of months make this project too demanding on older systems. So I am working on a new "lite" version that will be a stripped down version that you will be able to run on older systems. My initial thoughts of this version are: the removal of GeoShell, applications that rely on a ramdisk, autoramsizer, etc. I hope to take the minium memory requirement for the "lite" version down to 64Meg RAM. I've got some Pentium systems laying around I hope to test it with. I don't know if it will run on a Pentium but I will try. Please have patience as this will take me some time to accomplish. I know I said after the 2.1 release that I hoped to get the "List of Tools" page done but it has been delayed. I hope to get the page updated tomorrow night. Thanks for your interest and support in my project!!


Ok guys the latest news!! How about a letter that I received today. It is a 2 page typed document and 5 pages of my website printed with notes written on it. Any guesses who it would be from?? That's right Microsoft attorneys!! Seems my project name and domain name is a trademark issue to them. I am working on scanning the documents and posting them on the site, hopefully tonight. I did contact the attorney and hope to figure out a way to fix this, but I would really like to keep what this has been for the past 5 months. The WinUBCD!! Not UBCDforWindows or whatever they want me to call it. Although I cannot afford the couple of thousands of dollars for an attorney to research this and decide if we could possibly win. Then if he thinks we could win charge me 10's of thousands of dollars to fight them. Man, this is a free download full of freeware, meant to help people with their PC issues!! They tell me to "select a new domain name and product name." This is not a product, it's a freeware project! Can't they understand that this is a free project and it actually may help them!! I'm offering a free download to fix their software and the systems they run on. I don't know, please email me on what you think.


Version 2.1 is released!! Now I have included about 12 new tools to this version. Several tools have been upgraded to new version that have recently been released and all A/V definitions are up to date. Only the "downloads" page is currently updated with the new links. I will hopefully update the "list of tools" page tomorrow so everyone can see what has been added and changed. I will be adding a couple more mirrors soon hopefully. I've received a few emails from people wanting to mirror for us. There is an issue with the CDBurner XP Pro plugin I have added and I hope to send out a fix tomorrow, sorry didn't get it completed. Well I've got to get to bed, back to work tomorrow.


Well the project has finally been mentioned again, on Leo Laporte's radio show this past Sunday. I do not know what individual mentioned us so I do not know who to thank. Only the show notes are currently posted, I'm waiting for the audio to be available for download so I can hear it!! Anyways thanks Leo and I miss you. I'm almost tempted to move to Canada so I can watch you everyday again!! He used to host The Screen Savers on TechTv but with the merger or buyout from G4 a lot of things have changed. He is now hosting Call for Help on CanadaG4TechTv. I won't get into my personal feeling on G4. Thanks again Leo!!

Well it's been a month, what has my lazy arse been doing?? Why no updates?? Well sorry I've been very busy and honestly the best place for news about the project is in the forum. Please come back tomorrow as a new version should be released Saturday night. I have also updated several of the pages on the site today. More instructions on the "how to" page, including new instructions for CDBurnerXPPro since there is a new version available and they moved around a few options. The new version has been out for a few weeks and it's looking pretty good. I have noticed a few little bugs but it works a lot better than previous versions. In the forum we figured out how to make an all in one original UBCD and WinUBCD. These instructions have been tested and will be available soon on the "how to" page. I have added some screenshots to the "how to" page to assist when people are creating this project. I will hopefully have a "printable" version of the "how to" page available tomorrow also, I have received a few requests for it. I hope to add more documentation for AutoStreamer to the site tomorrow also. Finally the list of tools page has also gotten some major updating. I discovered some items were linked to the wrong pages etc. If you have ever visited this page please visit it again, you should be impressed. I have finally provided links to a vast majority of the tools included in this project, more have their version numbers listed, and more have descriptions. Sorry for the slow progress on that page, I have had all the information thanks to SebastienG, just no time to update it.


I do not mind people mentioning this project in forums or any where else, but I have a small problem with people giving links to the download. There have been some reports of links to download this project without checking the site first. We have protection in place to try and prevent this now. A mirror has been removed because it could not provide that protection. It is not his fault and I hate to deny a user the ability to help this project. I would really like people to provide links to the SITE so new viewers of the project can check it out and then decide to download it. It may seem trivial but that's just my honest opinion.

8/28/04 - 6pm EST

MORE ISSUES!!! When it rains....it pours! Ok, never really had to deal with very many issues in the past 4 months but the past few days have been almost unbearable. Most of it is my fault and I apologize for it. I did not know there would be so many issues when transfering a forum, script errors, etc. Ok so let's see the list 1.forum was broken 2.exceeded bandwidth error (not my fault) 3.website issues (my bad coding) and I think finally 4.scripting error in forum that didn't allow new members to join!!

I think I have all of it fixed now or at least temporary fixes. The site is now readable and the forum allows registration for new members. Onto some good news. I have updated the "special thanks" page a little. To include more of the people who have helped in the past couple of months. So please check out the "special thanks" page to appreciate those who have helped provide more support to this project to make it better.


Switched my webhost and then had a few issues with the forum and "exceeding my bandwidth." Sorry for the initial problems, shouldn't happen again and they are very quick to fix problems if they do occur again. Now it seems while I update most of the wepages yesterday that I messed up the navigation on some of them. Please just scroll down and you should be able to find what you are looking for. I did not start getting messages about this until late last night and early this morning so I won't have a chance to fix it until after work tonight. Sorry again, the bad luck bug has just hit me I guess. I'll have it all fixed tonight!


Ok, a little late with the NIC drivers but they are there finally. I really hope to get a lot of feedback from people who needed these. I really need to know if they work so I can include them in an upcoming release. I've been working on a few more things to add to the project and as always please feel free to email me anything you think is missing from the project. Thanks to suggestions we have CD burning software, email clients, PDF reader, and many others already included. The forum has had a lot of activity lately, a lot of new members and I've added a few more categories for people to post in. If you haven't already visited please check it out today!


A menu patch is now available for download, please visit the "download" page for more details. If you are active in the forum you will know what 2 fixes are being implemented in the patch. Basically I made a mistake in the WindowsUpdateList plugin menu that messed up any entries after it, which was only XSetup. Then an issue came up when changing screen resolution, so Digi went to work quick and edited the menu and GeoShell so everyone can now switch resolutions without any ill effects. I should also be releasing a "nic" patch sometime today that will include about 10 new drivers.


Just hanging out here, checking the forum, and working a little here and there on a few new additions. LittlBuger finally got the screenshots done so I edited the "screenshots" page tonight. Hopefully I will find more time tomorrow to get a few more things done.


Happy Friday the 13th!! Did anything bad happen to you?? I have honestly never had bad luck on any Friday the 13th so I think it's a bunch of crap, good movies but....crap. Anyways onto the project. I have updated the "List of Tools" page a little, added links to most of the tools websites, updated some information, and added what is included in 2.0. LittlBuger is supposed to be getting me screenshots from 2.0 sometime tonight so hopefully I will have those up also. I hope to have the "List of Tools" page complete in the near future and begin working on a FAQ page. I also need to update the instructions for slipstreaming since SP2 has been released.

I have also recently noticed problems with some pages loading incorrectly. I thought that I had messed up some code on these pages, but then I tried checking out the site with IE. I switched to Firefox about 2 months ago and feel in love with the tabbed browsing. However after viewing my website with IE, there were no problems?? I didn't think that I really did anything with this site that was too complicated for FireFox but I must have coded something wrong. If anyone has noticed this also, can provide some insight, or would possibly know what I did wrong please feel free to email me. Keep downloading and sending in suggestions for new tools to add to this project, and have a good day!!


1am EST -Issues with the mirror#1 have been resolved. 2.0 has been uploaded so please use mirror#1 when you download.

9am EST - Mirror#2 now has version 2.0. Happy Downloading!


Version 2.0 is released!!

There are a lot of new additions to this new version, along with the introduction of a few "XP" like gui enhancements. Everyone please download and check out the new version. It is currently only availabe from this site. One of the mirror sites is having issues with their web host and I do not have direct access to upload the file to the other mirror site. I mirror #2 is on vacation so I'm not sure when it will be available from his mirror. I have plenty of bandwidth so we should be good. If anyone finds any issues with this new version please email me or post in the forum, all feedback is welcome.

I would also like to extend a great "thank you" to DigiWiz!! He was awesome this past week helping me create a bugfree GeoShell plugin for this project. With his knowledge and assistance he helped me get this release out a lot sooner than I thought. He was one of 4 people who knew I was adding it but wanted to keep it as a suprise for everyone. Thanks for not leaking the info and I hope it was a little of a suprise to a few of the people that have been with this project since the beginning.


I'm feeling a little bit better now, my cold is going away. I now have a new system to replace the one that died on me 2 weeks ago. So now I am working more comfortably, that P3 was just too slow for me. I went with AMD this time since money is tight. I've been using it for the past few days and I'm pretty impressed that you can get the same performance at a much lower price!! I used to be diehard Intel but I may be changing now, this is the first AMD I've ever owned in the close to 20 years I've been using computers!

Onto the project: Version 1.2 has been released today!! I could not get a few things to work so they have been saved for a future version. A lot has been added such as USB support, CD burning applications, new versions of some of the tools have been released and included, along with a few other new ones. Of course all virus definitions, adaware definitions, etc. have been updated also. I have also been working on adding a few more pages to this site and updating the others. The screenshots page is finally complete and I have finally added a "List of tools" included with this project page. Please remember to post any problems or suggestions in the forum or even email me.


Well it's been a while once again. These past few weeks have been bad. Last week my computer crashed and died, luckily I had a spare system I had built the week before to get me by. It's much older and slower than my computer but it will work as a computer for the kids when I get my system back. I was finally able to piece it together with the nice giveaway from a local computer store here where I live and only spending $28 out of my pocket for the other parts I needed for it. So that delayed my announcement of the release of AutoStreamer on the site, although I did announce it in the forum. Now this week I am "down with the sickness." I spent all day yesterday in bed and one other location in my house I wish not to mention. Today I have finally managed enough strength to at least sit at my desk and update the site a little. I didn't get as much done to it as I wanted to but I posted this news and a link for AutoStreamer.

Unfortunatley my work week is very hectic and starts again tomorrow so I don't know if I will have time to release an update before next week or make more changes to the site. I just hope I have rested enough for the craziness work can and will be. I should at least be able to do a few updates to the site but I know that a new version will probably not be available until at least next week. Thanks to suggestions from forum members I am working on a few new tools to this project. CD burning capability and a better registry editor will be on the next release. There is also a new version of WUL available that will be included, although I am not sure if it works with our project yet. I had emailed the author of the software when I realized it didn't work with our project. He responded that he would check it out and see if he could make it work with our project. I want to thank you all for following this project and please continue to do so, it is only getting better!


It's been a while since I updated the site. I've been quite active in the forum, my personal life, and at work. I guess it's time to announce here several things that have been happening. I started another "small" project. Since the downfall of using another application I decided to ask a good buddy of mine about a smiliar application. Instead of suggesting something he started to code a new app.!!!! So....we will soon see "AutoStreamer"!! I've been helping him with the development and beta testing for the past couple of weeks and it's looking really good. Honestly I think it's ready to be released but he just wants to make sure everything is perfect. It will slipstream 2k, XP, and 2k3 versions of Windows with the appropriate Service Pack you provide. It has many features built in that many similar app.'s do not have. For instance you cannot "crash" it, it is smart enough to tell you if you are trying to slipstream SP4 onto a 2k disc that already includes it, etc, etc, the list goes on. It creates an ISO image that you can then burn to CD and reinstall Windows. I have personally tested it with XP SP2 RC2 and that system is running just fine. I haven't played with it much but it's running good. Some of the SP2 annoyances have bothered me a bit so that has kept me away from playing with it more.

Now if all of you do not realize...I do this project with my spare time and money. I accept donations to help recover the costs of webhosting. The donations received VS my money spent is not in my favor and was getting to the point to where I was thinking of other options for this project. I would never allow popups on this site but I was contemplating banner ads and other tools to help me recover my costs. All I ask for is enough to recover the cost for hosting the site, I do not want to make money from this. This is a freeware project that I created to HELP people. Luckily I have a few members on the forum that are willing to help me also. We now have a mirror site available for the download of this package. I have updated the download page and I encourage all of you to please use that download link before you download from this main site. Thanks again Randy!!!

I will also be releasing either 1.11 or 1.2 this Thursday (8th) because of some developments in the forum. I now have USB support (needs tested more though to ensure it works with as close to everything as possible) and added a new registry editor. I have received suggestions for many other tools in the forum. The time I have available will decide what version is released this week. May be a minor update or a new version?? If an update is released it will (of course) be 1.11 and include at least 4 new tools. If I have more time and can include 8+ tools it will be 1.2. If I only release 1.11 on Thursday I should follow my schedule and release 1.2 the following week on the 15th. Followed by the release of 2.0 in mid to late August. Which will incorporate a lot of new and cool toys and possibly a new slick interface. I will also hopefully be adding update downloads with either of the new releases. This is in an effort to save you download time and Randy and I bandwidth with our hosts.

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