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Well, from what I have seen...NO user has ever cared about WinRAR in the past....I still wanted to pass on some information (soon, second paragraph...don't skip my rant!). WinRAR was kind enough to donate a license to the project, WinRAR has been the leading "zip" program available, etc. No one cares!! This project is free, so no one cares about good software IF they have to purchase it. Believe me, I know....just check my PayPal account for donations! Also check the very few "affiliate" accounts I have with software vendors. I like to promote and suggest good software in effort to help the users of the project and make a little money for all the FREE time we have spent working on this project to help YOU. No one notices the fact that I DO NOT promote CRAP! I subscribe to many email newsletters, most of them almost ALWAYS beg for the users to click on something or buy something. They almost beg newsletter members for clicks, purchases, etc. They always complain about their newsletter costing money. Support for the project has been there when we really need it, just sucks that no one cares unless there is a tragedy.

Anyway's, the WinRAR news!! Come all you cheapskates!! You can have a FREE NON-upgradable license to WinRAR!! Yes, find some time in your day Sunday to download a free license! I think you have to sign up for their free newsletter here: http://www.win-rar.com/newsletter.html You should then be able to download it for free on Sunday. I just heard about it and an not sure about all the details. Please post in the forum if you have any questions.


I HATE summer!! Seriously! The weather is too nice, it's hot so you have to swim every other day, the kids want to play out side all the time, etc. I wonder if all projects suffer during the summer? Seriously, there is too much going on and I can't find the time or motivation to work on the project. In all seriousness, it does bother me a bit. There is a lot of work that I want and need to do but I just can't. Hmmmmmm, I wonder how many more times I will use "serious" in this?? Anyway's, I just wanted to vent my frustration at the season and myself!! Anyone else having the same problem I am?

On a side note though. Has anyone been enjoying Pee Wee's Playhouse on Adult Swim?? I have always enjoyed Adult Swim on Cartoon Network because of great shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, The Oblongs, Futurama, etc. I really like the nostalgia of remembering my childhood. It was a great show then and it's good to see my children now enjoying it. With all the different types of cartoons out now, it's very cool to see a 20 yr. old show catch the attention of "new age" children. I say "new age" because I didn't have a kick ass Xbox, a computer of my own (had to share with my brother, my children each have one!), 6+ networks showing cartoons 24/7, etc. Damn, I think I'm sounding "old" now!! At least I didn't mention the "good old days!!" Anyway's, check out Pee Wee and all the other excellent shows on Adult Swim!!


Very busy month, I apologize for not having the time to mention a few things and keep everyone updated. There have been many good discussions in the forum over the past month also. A very popular topic since 3.0 was released has been the new MultiBoot feature included in the project. Many people have been adding their custom bootable images to their CD's. Pcuser has even developed a plugin so you can include Knoppix as a boot option, this of course requires you to build a "Ultimate Boot DVD." Progress is being made also to try and perfect a plugin that would allow you include your XP install CD. That would then allow you to have the "original" UBCD, UBCD4Win, Knoppix, and the ability to install XP.....all on one DVD! Put away all those originals and CD's, because you will have almost everything you need on ONE DVD!

Good news for me a few weeks ago also. I finally have a "real" job! While it's only part time it is still better than nothing. It works out well anyways, because I work a few days a week and get paid.....but then on the other days I can still focus on testing the used parts and selling some of them on eBay.

I want to thank all the great people of the DMA (Dayton Microcomputer Association). I did a presentation of the project for their group at the end of June. This was only the second time I've done public speaking and a presentation for the project but it went pretty well. They were all friendly and asked a lot of good questions. Thanks for inviting me to do the presentation and I hope the project has helped many of the people in your group. So if anyone else out there would like me to do a presentation of the project for thier group, please contact me. While I cannot afford to go across the country, as long as you aren't too far I might be able to do it for you.

Hardware donations have been slow, but at least we finally got another laptop!! John finally has one for use with the project so I really think we are going to be able to get more work done more quickly. I've received a few other emails about different hardware but haven't received anything yet? Anyways, one idea that John had was to request nForce motherboards. Basically the idea behind that would be for me to receive one of each different chipset, I think there are only 4 types right (nForce 1, 2, 3,and 4)?? Get a couple of processors that will work on those boards and some memory. I would then set them all up in my home office for testing. This would allow us to have real time answers to questions when different drivers will not work and we should be able to figure out how to get all of these drivers to "play nicely" together. So if anyone has an extra motherboard, processor, or memory sitting around and you are willing or able to donate it to the project, PLEASE contact me. We receive several emails or posts in the forum a week with problems or questions with these chipsets and it would be really nice to have answers and something that will finally work for these boards.

I will be continuing to update the many pages of the site as time permits. There is a lot of great information that needs to be updated or added to the site. I thank you all for your patience.


A few updates are done. Changes have been made to the FAQ page, an item has been added to the customization page, a few mirrors have been updated, and then there are a few other minor changes I've found time to get done tonight. I need to finally take the time to thank a few people also.

Hardware Donations. Several weeks ago a used laptop was donated to the project! I don't know if the user of the project really wants his name listed on the site so I will refrain from that for the time being. It was a very awesome donation and has greatly helped me stay connected to the project and allows me to get A LOT more work done than in the past.
The project has received very few hardware donations, so I think this is a good time to remind all the users of the project that we do appreciate hardware donations. I have killed several hard drives, CD drives, etc., over the 2 years since starting this project. Also understand that we now have several members in the development team for this project. Believe me, there is NO way I could have done all the awesome things in 3.0 on my own. The project is still in need of another laptop for a member of the development team. He has several appointments every week where he is basically bored for a few hours. If he had a laptop, progress of new versions of the project would be greatly increased. Also like I mentioned above, any type of hardware would be greatly appreciated. So if you have something sitting around that you do not need or use anymore, please consider donating it to the project. Please contact me if you are interested in donating.


Forum is finally back up!! After poor support when the forum initially went down on Thursday night, I started looking for a new host for the site and forum. I have been wanting to for some time now, but the recent issue just helped push me into finally doing it. Due to another issue and slow "nameserver" changes, this change effected our whole weekend.
We are back up and probably better than ever. I have confidence that this will be our last host change for a very long time.

There have been many emails about broken links on the site. I hope to at least have "starts" for those pages uploaded to the site tonight. I would have worked on them this weekend, but with the forum down I honestly didn't want to think about the project. If something is messed up and I have no control over it, it's just best for me not to think about it. So I wired up a few outlets and lights in my garage and cut down a 40-50' pine tree in my neighor's yard. It always makes me feel better when I have a loud chainsaw in my hands!! That went pretty well considering no one is in the hospital and our garages and fence are still standing. I'm not a pro at that, but we did a pretty good job! We had it planned out and it fell just about where we planned on dumping it.

Big Ben or Big dummy?? I really hate to start this paragraph with that, but it's kind of the way I'm feeling. I really hope I do not get any hate mail from that. It's very sad and I'm pretty depressed. My mother-in-law became a little worried this afternoon because she couldn't get a hold of us, she thought we took off for Pittsburgh!! Honestly the thought did cross my mind for a few seconds until "reason" kicked in. What would we do in Pittsburgh? It's not like I actually know him or anything! Sneak into his room and have him say "Who the hell are you?"
Anyways, our thoughts and prayers are with him. I'm sure he will be fine. I'll probably still be depressed for the next couple of days though.


FORUM is still currently down! It went down sometime last night and I have been unable to get any type of support from my host. Hopefully since they are now open, this will be resolved soon. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Also if you didn't have access to it before, check it out NOW! Beta 2 for Vista has now been released for public consumption. Have fun downloading the 3.3Gig file!! I downloaded a copy yesterday while at work, we wanted to check it out there anyways. So we put a different hard drive in a new system and proceeded to install. It is pretty nice and does work well on older hardware. My wife wanted to play with it so we setup another partition on her system and loaded it up. We had a few driver issues but finally got eventually got online. I haven't wasted too much time with it, but the wife likes the "prettier" interface. It runs well on her 1.6GHz P4, 768 RAM, and 64MB crappy video card. I really want to get a 128MB video card to check out "Aero."


The date looks even creepier than I thought it would! BTW, where is the anti-christ today? I thought there would at least there would be an interview with him on the news today or something?? I'm sorry, that's just a little wrong. Just poking some fun at the people who thought the world would end today or something else! Believe me, I'm not satanic or an atheist....just joking around a little. On to some news:

The day after release, everything is looking pretty good! More mirrors are up so no one should have any issues downloading and very few issues have been reported. If anyone is interested in checking out screen shots of the project before downloading, please check out this page LittlBUGer put together: http://www.littlbuger.info/ubcd4win/screens/

Sorry to report that very few other changes have been made to the site today. I spent most of my day in the forum answering questions, answering PM's, and talking to "team" members. Then of course I was talking to mirrors and answering emails. The last couple of days have been pretty much dedicated to the project. Luckily I still don't have a "real" job (or any disconnection notices) so I can take several days off to focus on the project even more.


After the LONG wait.... 3.0 is FINALLY released!! Rush to the download page and then while downloading read the new "how to build" page!

There are so many changes to this new version that I can't even start to list them all! Heck, I couldn't even find the time to update all the pages on the site like I was supposed to do. That will come in time though, I promise. I figure I will be updated this site daily for at least a week! Please DO NOT email me if you try a link and the page does not exist. It will be uploaded very soon. IF you have a question though, please DO post in the forum or email me. Your questions will help me/us get all the information you want up on the site. Please view this post in the forum because it provides a little more information than I'm listing here and thanks everyone for their help for this release:


Ok, due to some confusion I have uploaded a "rough draft" of the NEW "how to build" page for 3.0. If you decide to download the latest RC, please view the instructions here: http://www.ubcd4win.com/howto30.htm

I will also hopefully have a rough version of the new "customization" or "customizing" page. It will give you detailed information for all of the great new things that have been added in this new version. One of the great new additions to the project is the ability to Multi Boot! By selecting different options you can add your own bootable ISO images, there are a few included by default, and you can even included the ORIGINAL UBCD to your CD. The later is pretty much a must have! With a combo CD of the original UBCD and UBCD4Win, you should be able to fix everything!!

Please continue to download and test this latest RC! We have received a lot of great feedback and we've already made several changes for the FINAL and official release of 3.0, hopefully (most likely) official this weekend!


WAY TOO LONG FOR AN UPDATE!! I apologize to everyone for not having and finding the time to keep you updated. There has been a lot of work going into finalizing the current RC (Release Candidate) for 3.0. As a matter of fact, the (hopefully) final RC for 3.0 was released earlier today!! You can check out the post (and hopefully download it) here:

Finally, there is currently a delay on ordered CD's of the project. My "main" system went down late last week, right before I burnt a bunch of CD's for orders. My laptop does not have a CD Burner, so I never thought to backup that information to my laptop! So, all week old orders (and any between now and next week) will be shipped next Monday AND will be either the final release of 3.0 or the latest up-to-date stable RC for 3.0. I thank all for your patience and understanding of the current hard drive issues I'm having. Belive me, I've had one hell of a weekend...I don't even want to get started about it again!!


RIP.....Bob White. I was very sad to hear today that a friend passed away. I didn't know him very long but it still hurts and I feel horrible for his widowed wife and the children that have to mourn his loss. He helped train me over two years ago when I started at bob evans. He was a corporate trainer and was with the company 20+ years. I will be attending the funeral next week to offer my condolences to his family.


Happy belated anniversary!! 2 YEARS, baby!! Did I do this last year too?? That is, forget the start date of the project?? I thought I was safe today because I could have sworn that it was either the 3rd or the 4th, I visit the "home" page of the site and realize that it was YESTERDAY!! What is the matter with me, I can't remember the day I started the project? Life has been pretty hectic with the new job so I will excuse myself with that, maybe.

Anyways, I want to thank all of YOU for a great 2 years!! A lot of great things have happened in the project over the course of 2 years. The project has been mentioned in several magazines (in Austrailia, Italy, etc.), I did a live phone interview about the project on the radio, I did a presentation of the project for a group last year, I now have 2 more presentations setup for this year, and so many other great things!! Thanks to the great users of the project we have a "life" license for our IPB forum software and an OEM license for Bart's PE!! Other donations have helped keep the site hosted, and allowed me to purchase hardware and software for the project (testing, development, etc.). The best donations came over the previous 5 months (Oct-Feb) when I didn't have a job and was quietly in need, through fate I believe donations came in when I really need them. I just hope that I can afford a laptop soon for the presentations I will be doing this year.

Presentations!! I apologize to HTCIA for not announcing this when I was formally asked to do presentations for their annual international meeting. We talked about the possibility when I did the presentation for thier local group, but not official until about a month ago. This one will be special and big because Cleveland is hosting their annual "international" meeting! The event is 3 days (I believe) and I will be doing a presentation on two of the days.
Today I was asked to do a presentation of the project for a well respected and "old" user groups, I only say "old" because the group was established in April of 1976!! I personally have only existed 6 months longer then they have (born 9/75)! So I will be doing a presentation for the Dayton Microcomputer Association in either May or June, I haven't decided yet....I've been very busy.

Finally...3.0 progress. I do (like I have been for the past 3 months) have to continue to apologize. Version 3.0 is very complex and it continues to take longer than we expect. Everytime a few things are fixed, a few other things become broken. There are many very exciting things in this next version and we are just trying to make sure as much of what we want to work will when we release it. Many other features will be possible, but not completely worked out when 3.0 is released. So even though when we finally release it, the "weight won't be off our shoulders." I've thought about the ability to finally relax for a few weeks after releasing the new version, what I usually do for a few weeks after the initial bug reports are taken care of. It is a bit hard to put other possibilities for the project on another list, but we really need to get this version released ASAP.


Wow it's been too long!! I am really sorry I haven't updated everyone in such a long time. I have been very busy though. We'll address a few things tonight, they have been the reason why I've been so busy lately. Such as the license from Bart, progress on 3.0, and my NEW job.

The license from Bart. He is of course a busy man so it took about a week for us to get our version of PE Builder. We have the copy of it now and it's fully paid for!! Can't wait to get a new version released with it!!!!

Progress on 3.0. Around the same time that we purchased the license for PE Builder a lot of progress was made on the upcoming 3.0 release. I had talked about possibly releasing a 2.7 version just so everyone could start using our Builder. However the "core" for 3.0 was extremely close to completion so I dropped the plans for 2.7 and focused our efforts on 3.0. Up until this week ONLY the development team was working on 3.0. Tuesday we released RC1 to the beta testers!! So I am really hoping that 3.0 will be released within the next couple of weeks!

My new job. Yes I am no longer unemployed or "self-empolyed" like my wife called it. It is not a brilliant or high paying job, but I am very happy doing it. I'm doing what I love to do: test hardware and build systems (although I don't sell them because you can't compete with Dell, etc. around). I am the "eBay guy" at a local computer store. I test all the used processors, motherboards, video cards, nic's, hard drives, CD drives, etc. I make sure they work, create an auction on eBay for the item, and then get a percentage of what we make from them. It's not glamourous or high paying (honestly I probably make about $3 an hour), but I LOVE what I'm doing. Eventually I know with all my hard work I will have a part time job with them fixing the customers computers. I also know that eventually I will run out of good stuff to sell, but I figure that time will come after I'm working for them part time. As long as people donate to the project and order CD's from me I will be able to survive and support my family. I can be happy and almost stress free, doing the things I love!!


It's over!! We have raised enough money for the license! I am very happy and proud at the fact that the users of this project pulled together and donated enough so we could reach our goal in less than a week!! We have worked very hard on this project over the past 21 months, the project continues to grow and is always getting better. Now I just have to wait for the invoice from Bart and then for him to send me our version! I thank you all for donating!!

I have pulled the "license" donation buttons from this page. If you wanted to donate, I encourage you to please still do so. The "regular" donations still help the development of the project and help cover the monthly costs of making this project available to everyone for free!


Bart PE License donations are coming along very well!! As of 9am this morning we are at $402!! We are having great results so far for this donation "rally", over half the way there!! I thank everyone who has already donated and encourage others to do so also please. Hopefully by the end of the week we can purchase our license and get 2.7 released the following week. That's right, a 2.7 release! When the license for PE Builder is purchased I figure most everyone will expect a new version to be released. Since there is still a lot more work and testing to be done with 3.0, I have started working on a new version. I plan to include a few more things that were initially planned for 3.0. I thank you all again!! If you haven't donated yet, please consider it.


Bart PE License? This discussion has occured several times in the forum and I have talked to my Development Team about this subject many times in the past. Basically an OEM license for BPE costs roughly $844, current conversion rate. Having a license would make the project easier. With the license, users would only have to download one file to build the project. You wouldn't have to download BPE anymore because we will be allowed to include it in the download! There are also a few other features that would help make the project better. If you would like more information about this idea, please view this post in the forum: http://www.ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4224&hl=
More details and information are there.


My Kevin Greene #91 jersey is officially retired! After over 10 years of tackling people at parties and being worn on game day, it's finally over. It will hang on my wall never to be worn again. Yesterday I FINALLY received my #55 Joey Porter Super Bowl XL jersey! It looks pretty sweet! I'll have pictures posted on my Steelers page soon, I still can't find any batteries.


SUPER BOWL XL Champs!! That's all I'm going to say. I don't like to brag too much and there are very few football fans associated with the project.....so that's my only announcement. I tried creating a Steelers football area in the forum earlier in the season, but like I said very little love for football here. It honestly makes me sad, anyways.

I am still trying to get back to normal because this weekend was very LONG. Releasing 2.6 threw off the development of 3.0 a little and then the Super Bowl personally didn't help me. Then of course even more reality has to sink in. I can't afford to be "self-employed" anymore. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be A LOT more active in searching for a "real" job. Which brings me to......

A tough announcement. A while back, I changed the way people could contact me. I've changing that again. I have enjoyed emails from many people over the past 2 years, however I no longer have the time. I don't have time for emails from people asking questions that have ALREADY been addressed in this news area or in the FAQ page. I really hate this. I really don't want to sound like a jerk, and man.....it hurts. I (and many others) have spent A LOT of time on this project. On the "newer" (which is now changed) email page I have asked people to ask questions in the forum. Basically because there are more people to answer questions, and to answer them quicker. Please understand that is based mostly on the fact I will have a "real" job soon. I killed myself with support for the project during the first 1 1/2 years of this project. I know I won't be able to do that anymore once I get a job again. Not having a "real" job for the past 4 months was honestly a great experience for me. It allowed me more time to dedicate to the project, my family, and football. This was almost the perfect time in my life to give this a test. Personally I enjoyed the time with my family and with football, it was great. Too bad I wasn't financially able to pursue my endeavors.


More Steelers stuff will be coming. In the meantime, I wanted to test this a little:


I apologize for all the news lately about football, I hope you all understand my excitement.Problems with Drivers!! Yup, the new version of PE Builder does better file checking and has found a flaw with our current Drivers release. We are working on releasing a new version that will take care of these errors. However there is a pretty easy fix, please check it out here in the forum: http://www.ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3944

Please also make sure if you use PE Builder 3.1.9 that you ONLY use it with UBCD4Win 2.6. Using 2.55 or other prior releases of the project with 3.1.9 will cause several error messages when you attempt to build.

Finally, virus false positives. This problem continues to grow and will NEVER go away. We have patiently answered emails and posts in the forum from users expressing their concerns about viruses, trojans, or worms being in the project. I created a FAQ topic about this and our recommendations on how these users can set their minds at ease, but it's still not enough. I worry about the people who haven't contacted us and just ran away from the project because their initial perception of the project was bad. Anyways, we've been working on adding more information and warnings on the site about these issues. I haven't finished adding these new messages to the site yet, but updated pages will be uploaded through the evening until I'm satisfied that everyone is properly informed of these issues.

1/22/06- 6:45pm

Good luck NFC!! Whoever wins the championship tonight, will face defeat 2 weeks from now!! I hope to add more pictures and memorabilia within the next 2 weeks. I know I will purchase an AFC championship hat, mostly to send to Sissinatti....they can still claim they are AFC North Champs, but we are the champs of all the AFC! I still think Seattle will win the NFC but I would really rather see the Steelers play the Panthers. Either way....I know I will be wearing a SB XL champs hat 3 weeks from now....have to allow time for shipping!

1/22/06- 1:20pm

Here we go STEELERS, here we go!! The game is less than 2 hours away, it's time for some pictures.....like last year!!! I took them last night and was going to upload everything but I ran into problems with my crappy camera! I've created a new page this morning with some descriptions for all the pictures. Please check out this new page: GO STEELERS!


Version 2.6 is available for download!! This version started as a maintenance release for 2.55. We started working on it over a week ago but then Bart released PE Builder 3.1.9! So our plans changed a little. Only a few things have really changed in this new version. K-meleon was replaced with Opera and we are now including an "appearances" plugin with the project, usage instructions are on the "how to build" page. Very few tools have been updated, except the definition files for anitvirus and malware tools in the project. I do not have the "list of tools" page updated yet but plan to within the next few days. A few tools have been removed from the project and there are a few new one's that we planned for 3.0. Download and have fun!!!


AFC Championship game here we come AGAIN!! I've tried to stay pretty quite about the Steelers this year because of the heartbreak of last year. I always fear that when you "trash talk" too much then it bites you in the ass. Hmm, I think Chad Johnson of the Sissinatti Bengals needs to watch that, he guaranteed last week that they woud go to the Super Bowl right? I don't know if we will be able to pull it off on Denver, I really don't know much about them and expected a rematch with NE in the championship game this year. I also don't know how we would fair against Seattle in the Super Bowl IF we make it. I have felt and still feel that the Steelers are the best in the NFL and have the best chance to win the Super Bowl. They had problems this year because of injuries, but still had enough to keep going and make it into the playoffs and prove they are the best. Last year was a great season but I think they lacked experience and confidence. Indianapolis lost today because they don't have "it all" to win the big games, they ALWAYS fall short. Your regular season record and your "seed" into the playoffs do not matter, the better team will almost always win. Home field advantage is supposed to help, but that isn't always the case. The Steelers are extremely talented, play with a lot of heart, are more confident, and more experienced this year! Just because they Dominated the game today, they could have lost the game and it would have been a tragedy! They will plan and practice even harder this week to have themselves ready to bring home the AFC championship and go to the Super Bowl. I just hope they can do it and that they don't make any stupid mistakes next week!! GO STEELERS!!!


Well, as some of you know Bart released PE Builder 3.1.9 yesterday! When I read the news I quickly went to work, along with many of the various team members of the project. We had actually been working on a "maintenance" release of the project for the past few days since work on 3.0 is taking so long. Yesterday I started testing and sent out a new beta for everyone. Things look very well and I've only made a few mistakes so I really think we will be able to release 2.6 tomorrow. We've even thrown in a few little things from 3.0.

SO PLEASE hold off on downloading 2.55 as I really think 2.6 will be released tomorrow night. I have also contacted the few people who have ordered the CD from me over the last 36 hours asking if they would like to wait a few extra days and receive the new version. So if you are thinking about ordering the project on CD- shipping will be delayed until Tuesday, but you will get the newest version!!

I thought I would share a personal experience with everyone too. The internet is a dark and dirty place sometimes and even legitimate companies can be jerks about some things. I've basically been living in "cyberspace" for the last few months now since I haven't had a "real" job. I've seen a lot of bad things and it makes me sick! A good example is how some companies ask if you would like to pay an extra $5 for the ability to download your software or key ANYTIME. See, you spend $40 on something and are only able to download it for a few weeks. After that if you lose it or anything, you then have to hope you have it backed up or hopefully go back and pay that $5 now so you can get your software again!! I did this by mistake recently. I thought I had it backed up and I thought my "time frame" wasn't up so I didn't double check my backup. That's just an example of the evil. Now the real story. It's a similar story. Except this time it was due to an extra hard drive failing. Again I wasn't worried because I thought I had a backup, nope.....I'm a dummy. The twist to this is the fact that this was donated software. I've requested different software titles that would help me and the project from several companies. I thought I was screwed, I didn't know if they would remember me or possibly feel bothered that I wouldn't make sure I had a backup. They didn't get any money from me, however I hope they have gotten some advertisement thanks to the site button I have on all pages of the site, so really why should they care? I've got to hand it to LinaSoft!!! Within hours of my request they emailed me with a new code!! They remembered me and the "great" project we have here, I only quoted what they said. So yet again, THANK YOU LinaSoft!!! Now I have to get to work on modifying the autorun menu for the next release of the project!


GO STEELERS!!! Yes, tomorrow is our first playoff game of the season. I'm very excited and can't wait to watch the game tomorrow!!! I don't know if I will be posting goofy pictures of myself watching the games like I did last year. I do have made a few additions to my Steelers stuff since last year so maybe I will just post pictures of my office instead. That is if I ever get EVERYTHING cleaned up. I manage to get half of it cleaned up but then it ends up messy again by the time I get the other half cleaned up!!

I also have some other good news that is directly related to the project. I've been under the impression that Bernd or "Joshua" wanted to be a part of our new development team. He has helped out greatly over the last few months, made a few changes to his PreShell tool for the project, and mentioned another plugin or addition for the project that will be included in another future version of the project. I just recently took the time to talk to him more, to make sure he wants to be a part of the team, and to really make it official. So we now have another great addition to the team. If you are interested in his background, etc. or any of our other great team members please check out the "about us" page.


Thanks to a post in 911CD Forum, I learned about some pretty good news! The folks over at Shell Extension City have a "Top 30 for 2005" list. For almost a week they were posting 5 entries of their top 30 list a day in reverse order. The "finale" was of course December 31 and they announced the top 5. All I will say at this moment is to please check out the list, we faired pretty well. It is an excellent list of tools that you may already use, want to use, or should be using. Please click the link above and check it out!!

The work load never seems to end. When I think we are closing in on releasing 3.0 more things come up, mind you good things though. Tom has yet again had a wonderful idea for the project. We receive requests from people that have modems and would like to use them in the project. I have tried my best to help people create a driver to include in the project so their modem will work. Sometimes I get too busy to be able to help or after several tries it still won't work. So hopefully this new tool will be the solution many people are looking for!! I am off now to help test this new tool, luckily I have several extra modems sitting around my office to test with!! If you are interested in the tool, please check out the forum and maybe help us test it.


I haven't posted news in almost a month?! Sorry everyone we have been very busy working on the next release of the project. We are making a lot of progress. We are testing a lot but still continue to add more. Things shoulb be wrapped up so I hope really hope to get this next version released soon. I recently asked for more help with beta testing in the forum. I'm happy at the fact we have added about 5 more beta testers!

Today I had to take some time away from "directly" working on the project. Although updating the site is doing work for the project also!? I need to make sure that I update and review the site on more of a regular basis anyways. We have new screenshots, one of our old mirrors has returned with more bandwidth, and now have the start of a Development team. I'm pretty happy with the fact that John has found the project and has wanted to help. He has done an incredible amount of work on several things for the next release of the project. You will all be impressed when it is all ready! Thanks John!


Confusion! I have always strived to make this project as easy as possible to everyone. After some discussion about the new version of the "drivers" download, we have decided to make a change. It's really pretty simple and I hope this doesn't confuse or mess anyone up. There is no longer a new version of the "drivers" download.....Version 2.01 no longer exists. NOW we have two methods for adding drivers. Our original method of adding drivers to the project will still be listed as version 1.6. Now we will have the seperate BTS method also (which was the new version), listed at version 1.01. So users can now decide which method they would like to use when building their CD, well if they even need or want to include drivers in their build! So I've made some changes to the site to reflect this.


Viruses?!!? What's going on? Ok here is what has happened. It seems several virus software definition files are tagging a few files within the project as viruses or trojans. I have received an email from a user and there are several posts in the forum about this recent rash of "false positives." I am 100% sure that the project does not contain viruses. However users must use caution. Please verify the MD5 hash of your file, make sure it matches what is posted on the "downloads" page of this site! If you received your files from another source (other than the download page) it could be possible that files were changed or added. Recently I haven't seen any "unofficial" sites to download the project from however I have seen it in the past. So please download the project from an official source and verify the MD5. If your AV software is reporting files as viruses there are several ways to double check them with free online scanners. Please check out these posts in the forum if you want more information on this topic:


Just wanted to give everyone a little update. We are working very hard in the "background" on a new version. There have been a lot of great suggestions made over the last couple of months. Thanks to the "911 guru's" in the forum we are really working on A LOT! Thanks to the beta testers a lot of past issues will hopefully be fixed in this next release. We have found a few little bugs within the project that could be causing problems.

The configuration tools is almost complete now. I suggest that everyone please check it out, we have made a lot of progress with it. It offers a lot of features and options that will help anyone be successful in creating the project! If you do decide to check it out and run into any problems or find any bugs, please let us know about them so we can fix them.

VIDEOS!?? Yes, we now have some videos for the building instructions on the site! Thank you Flynn!! He plans to create more for different applications and aspects of the project. Currently there is one for Slipstreaming with AutoStreamer, Creating UBCD4Win, and creating a combo UBCD4Win/original UBCD CD! There is more information in the post:



Drivers 2.01 has been released. There were a few minor errors that only a few people reported. It was strange, only a few people reported problems while a majority didn't have any problems?? Anyways, minor changes were made so a new version was released. If you used 2.0 and didn't have any problems, good! This minor update shouldn't provide much for you.


Happy Halloween!! No tricks, this year you get a treat! Thanks to Randy and Brook, Drivers 2.0 has been released!! Please check the forum for instructions HERE. I will do more updating on the site tomorrow to include the instructions on the "how to" page also, right now I'm getting ready for MNF!!! GO STEELERS!!


Thank you HTCIA!!! It's been over a week now since the presentation and I apologize for taking so long to thank them and give everyone an update about it. The presentation went pretty well and everyone seemed very happy with the project. It was a great learning experience for me and them. I met a lot of great people and have to honestly say the whole experience was awesome! I hope for another request from someone to do a presentation of the project again soon.

As always there is a lot going on in the forum and in the background. Tom continues to improve on the new "Configuration Tool", adding new features and squashing out bugs. Randy and Brook are working hard on the new drivers download, they are very close to a 2.0 release!! Others are working on other new tools to add to the project and other suggestions to make the project better. I really hope we can pull everything together soon and get a new version released.

On the personal side, I am still currently unemployed. We are getting by and things appear to be ok so far. Thanks to a few donations over the past several weeks, I am able to keep caught up for the time being.


Ok, it's almost been a week now and I am ready to announce it on the site. I made a post about this in the forum the day it happened, but didn't know if I should mention it on the site also. I was 50 minutes late for work last Monday. It was the second time in 5 months. So on Tuesday my employer gave me the option to resign and get my week vacation pay or be documented and terminated. So I am currently unemployed. I have a lot of things going on this month so I'm holding off on finding a new job. I have the "presentation" for the project in about 2 weeks and will need 3-4 days off for that, I doubt many employers would hire me then a week later give me 4 days off! There is also a PC users group meeting this coming Saturday in Cleveland that I hope to be able to attend. There are also a lot of new things going on with the project. There are a lot of things that didn't get included in 2.55 that users suggested. I have been very busy trying to put the finishing touches on those items.

Fixes for 2.55, please visit this post in the forum that explains how to fix a few minor problems with the current version. There are also links where you can just download a new plugin to put in place of the old messed up ones.
There is also a problem with the new MMC Event Viewer plugin that is causing issues with some NIC's, check out this post:
I hope to figure out the issue and find a fix for this soon.


Well, I think I have the "list of tools" page complete. As you can all now see there were 33 updates and about 10 NEW tools! The new version also uses a new GeoShell plugin that is much prettier than previous versions and is not much more resource hungry. I have many more things that I hope to find the time to update on the site today. I have received several emails about "how-to's" for different programs or tools and suggestions on ways to improve the "how to" page. So I still have a lot of work to do for this new release until I can try to relax a bit again. I was actually dancing with the idea of starting to work on a 2.56 or 2.6 version! Because there are a few other tools I would still like to include in the project and I noticed this morning that I missed some updates for a few tools included in the project. I also want to get the new "configuration" tool officially included in the download. But, I have to focus on making sure everything on the site is accurate, getting more new information up, and then I have to relax. I am quite pleased though that I haven't received any emails or posts about errors, bugs, or other issues with the new version. So it appears right now that everything is good. Well, except for that SysClean plugin. That's the only bad one, please visit the forum for a download link for a fixed version. Back to work, I must get more updated and start working on the presentation I was asked to do next month for the project.


Version 2.55 is released!! Finally a new version! I apologize for the delay, I said last week that the new version would be ready sooner...but due to testing issues I was unable to deliver on my promise.

When releasing a new version it seems that the software/tools included in the project never seem to end in updates!! I started this 2.55 version about a week ago and have found several tools have been updated in the last few days.....when a week ago they already had an update! Anyways, this version includes all (I think) software that has been updated. AV Personal just had another release within the last few days, it is included! FireFox was updated today to 1.0.7, the latest is included. SpyBot is included in the project, along with the most updated definition file. When viewing the "list of tools" page, you will see that a lot of the tools included in the project have been updated since the last release. However, the "list of tools" page is not complete. I'm sorry, I only had enough time to update about half of it. I'm sure I will have time tomorrow morning to finish it. There have also been a few deletions from the project. Some will reappear as seperate downloads and some will not be available (because of their license changes). The "modem drivers" will now be a seperate download, please allow me time to change a few things as this seperate download is currently not available. X-Setup is no longer available in the project. Many months ago they switched their license to "shareware", so it cannot be included anymore. These are just a few examples.

Have fun with the new version! We have worked very hard on it and are ready for any questions or problems you may have with the newest, greatest version of this project!! I hope to hear great results and feedback on the new version!! If you have problems though, please do not hesitate in reporting them. Please report any and all questions, problems, etc. in the forum.


The project has it's ups and downs. I've been very busy with many aspects of the project for a long time. Suggestions are made that sound good and make the project easier for users, however it usually adds more load to me. Sure I have a great group of moderators, beta testers, and users for the project.....but it is not enough. I have honestly felt very overwhelmed for the past 3-5 months. I try to keep a smile on my face and keep working, but to be honest with everyone I don't feel I'm doing enough and getting enough done. I finally realized several nights ago that I'm driving myself crazy, I'm over working myself. So I announced in the forum that the project was officially "on hold." I stepped back for the past few days and tried having a more normal life, to take a small break. Tried enjoying my day off yesterday....which started with me answering project emails and ended with me shampooing my office carpet! Fun stuff! It was nice to step back try to enjoy a few days. Even though I technically worked on the project yesterday. Then again today. A moderator asked me this morning if it was possible for them to release an update for the project, a small one that pretty much just covers minor updates. I thought it was a great idea, but of course I then spent the morning working on that "minor" update. His intention was well and is probably what the project really needs. I've been killing myself trying to do everything and get everything done in one release. That is why a new version of the project has not been released in almost 6 months now!! This helped me realize that a new version needs to be released now, which I've wanted to do. However, this version doesn't include everything. It's still going to be a great version of the project and include a lot of new tools and enhancements, but it won't have everything we are working on and everything that users have suggested.

So as much as it disturbs me....we should be releasing 2.55 tonight. It only disturbs me because I talked about 3.0 a few months ago, then a few weeks ago decided there wasn't enough so it would be 2.6. Now, even less....2.55. The more I continue to think about it, the more I realize we should have released this months ago and then now could possibly be at the point of releasing 2.6. I was trying to make everyone happy in one shot and that isn't possible, there are too many great ideas that require too much time. I wish I would have realized long ago to do what we have planned now.

There are a few other things we have been working on in the "background," away from the public. Some great tools are being released and updated FOR the project. One I cannot really talk about, but the other was publicly announced in the forum a few days ago!

Configuration Tool, a great idea and huge step in making this project easier. This idea was thought up almost 2 months ago from Tom. He and the beta testers have been working hard on it since he had the idea for this great addition to the project. It is still in "beta" stages, but works very well in it's current state. Please check the forum for the topic and download it! Please let us know how it works for you and if you encounter any errors or problems. My original thoughts on this was to get 2.6 released, then (after more testing) when the "config" tool is more ready for the public we would announce it and release a 2.61 version that includes the tool. Things change though, and I think it's great that we are now making it available to everyone. This will help us find more bugs and problems that may exist with the tool.

In conclusion. A new version WILL be released tonight or tomorrow morning. We have an awesome new "config" tool for the project that I would like everyone to check out. I came back from my "break" from the project just for today, to help get a new version released. I will be back on my "break" for about a week. It was very relaxing and something that the project and myself really needed. I hope no one thinks I'm "weak" or thinks the project is having problems because of this "break." I thank you for your continued support of the project, I started this to help people and really just need a break for a little while.


NEW Drivers 1.6 is released!! Randy has been working hard trying to figure out past issues we have had with "similar" drivers. Hopefully most of the issues and problems have been cleared up. If you have problems with your driver or one for your hardware device is not included yet....please post in the forum. We will be happy to help and include the driver for your device in a future release!


Just wanted to assure anyone that is still waiting on their CD that all orders from last week were completed this weekend and were mailed at the latest today. I am very sorry for the wait and hope everyone understands.

An update to the "how to" page also had to be made today. I have received emails and posts in the forum from users with strange errors. We have realized that some users are downloading the beta for Bart's PE, I believe it's version 3.1.4. THAT version does not work with the project. When new version of Bart's PE are released, we have to see what changed and how it effects the project. We went through this back in December when 3.1.3 was released. Everyone please understand you MUST use 3.1.3 when building UBCD4Win. Thank you.


THANK YOU FRED LANGA and the subscribers to his "list"!!!

The site has seen a record amount of traffic over the past several days! It is awesome to finally be mentioned in his list! Due to the traffic I have become extremely "bogged" down with emails and posts. I am trying my best to keep up and reply to everyone.

I have also received a record amount of orders for the project on CD. There is bad news though, I was low on supplies at the time of all of these orders. I noticed the spike in activity early Monday morning and realized where it was coming from quickly. I promptly placed orders for CD's and mailers Monday morning, but they would not ship quickly enough. I received the mailers today and expect the CD's tomorrow. So, I want to extend a deep apology for the delays in shipping the ordered CD's. I greatly appreciate the interest in the project and hope that no one "looks down" on it because of this situation.

There are many exciting things going on with the project. We are working on a few new tools and/or ideas to implement in future releases of the project. I am also throwing around a few other ideas for the project.

Thanks to the mention in "Langa's List", I have received emails from individuals with many ideas for the project. Today, I received an email from the author of Lexun tools. He was very excited to see his older and unsupported tools still in use! I received an email yesterday from a computer forensics group. I've received emails from individuals asking about the capabilities of the project in the past. However, I was asked to do a presentation of the project for a semi-local group. This new "addon" or aspect of the project has me excited a lot!! It would be great to help find solutions for police and private investigators to use the project to help put "bad" guys away. I started this project to help people, to help computer users fix their computers.....if this project can be used to help put child porn perverts and pedophiles in jail, that would be awesome!! The project would and could accomplish more! I wanted to help computer users, but to help society...that's just great! This idea is still young and I need to do a lot of testing, troubleshooting, and more testing! But, I think with the many tools available...the project can do it. I'm focusing on getting a new version of the project out first and then working more on this "side" addon. My presentation is about 1 1/2 months away so I have plenty of time to plan for it. We just need to get a newer and more updated version of the project released!!


Long....long two weeks. I suffered a major setback about 9 days ago when my DSL was "suspended." It was my fault because I didn't pay enough on my phone bill....oops. I usually watch these type of problems very closely and make sure "bad" things do not happen, this time I messed up. So I was stuck on dialup for the last week and boy did it suck!! I feel for all the unfortunate people out there that do not have a broadband connection available to them or are unable to afford it.

Progress on the project stopped for those 9 days. I tried to answer some emails, but I had to stay offline most of the time because I cannot "tie" up my phone line for too long. I got my DSL back this morning and I stormed my way back.....

Another beta was just released shortly! I worked most of the day to get back to normal and get things done. A new version of this project has not been released in a very long time and I just want to reassure everyone and/or anyone in doubt...... we are working on the project. I strongly feel that after this beta I should be able to release a "final" beta that will push out the newest version of the project!!

Thanks to everyone for their support and help. Please stay tuned, I really feel that we are close to the release of the next great version of this project!


Long time since my last update, I apologize. I have been a very busy person and nice summer weather has distracted me a few times....I can only say NO to my boys so many times before I have to give in and drop my work for several hours. I've been trying my best to get work done so I can release beta's to the testers. The last two weeks have been a little busier also. I have always wanted to open my own "shop." I had the idea for a business name almost a year ago and even made up some business cards. I've tried handing a few out on occasion but never received any calls. I've worked on a few friends computers on occasion also. Well my luck changed a bit last week. I found a few "clients" and I've been a bit busy with their systems. It's been great to find time to do something I love....work on computers! So I've been trying to get my business cards out a bit more and try to build more of a "customer base." After several months I hope to open up a real "shop," instead of working from home like I currently am. I hope I am not scaring anyone with this news. Progress on the project has been a bit slow in the past few months and I'm sure some of you may be thinking this "side" work will interfere more. I will try my best and really do not think that it will interfere much, if at all. Honestly, it will help the project in the long run. Working at home and/or in a "shop" will allow me more hardware to test with and really more time to work on the project!

I have been having problems getting a few tools to work properly. Thanks to a software suggestion from Tom, I am now using a new tool that is helping me greatly with getting tools to work in the project. The only downside is the time that is involved with the process, but it hasn't failed me yet! So I am slowly but surely getting some of the "trouble" tools under control and hope to get a final beta out to the testers within the next week! I know I have told you all to keep checking the site and nothing much has really happened over the last few months. Please just stay patient and continue to check. Progress is being made and I really hope to have the next version out by the end of this month!


Well, as some of you may have noticed I have added a new page to the site. "Contact.htm" was setup and all other pages on the site have been modified to comply with it. I try my best to provide the best support for the project, however I always find myself with a lot of email. Sometimes I do not have the time to reply to them for several days! I do not want to give a bad impression of the project just because I have limited time. So I am now requesting that users please join the forum and post questions there. Once I get caught up (hopefully within the next couple of days) things will be back to a more "normal" pace and I will be able to focus on the forum. You see, it was more difficult to go between email and the forum....now I can keep a focus on one thing instead of two.

I want to also thank the "beta testers!" They have really been doing a good job testing betas of the project. I will hopefully be able to provide an error free beta to them soon so the next version can be released!!

RootKitty, a new "toy" from Tom (pcuser)!! I would greatly appreciate it if interested users would please check it out. Since we have been unable to get RootKit Revealer to work in BPE, he started coding his own tool! RootKitty will be an awesome asset to anyone's boot CD and I'm sure it will mature very quickly. If you would like more information, please visit the forum. I started a "category" for it there and through time and testing we will be able to provide more features and information.


Driver download 1.5 released!! Randy has been working on fixing a few "errors" and setup issues the driver package faced. There was a discussion about it in the forum and a few people have tested his new changes. I am very thankful that he has been able to find the time to work on this and get everything figured out.

I made the official switch to "printable" CD's a couple of weeks ago, however never found the time to post about it. I've changed the descriptions and posted "news" about this on the "ordering" page. I mention there also, it is a little more time consuming for me now. However the benefits to the end users I think makes up for the extra time. Maybe some day I will be able to afford a "specialty" printer, that just prints CD's? They are quite pricey and I do not send out enough CD's to justify the purchase, would be pretty cool though.

Also wanted to mention that today is the 1 year anniversary of AutoStreamer, it seems like it was just a few months ago!! It has gained some popularity in it's first year, I've seen it mentioned in many places. I'm very proud at the fact that I helped to create a great tool that has aided thousands of people in slipstreaming!!

Well, back to work....gotta get V2.6 released soon!!


HAPPY 4TH of July!! Well, to everyone in the USA that is.

Progress of the project has slowed greatly over the last few weeks for many reasons, I apologize. I've become a bit distracted with a few things. Instead of working on things that have been on my "to-do" list, I've been trying to tackle other suggestions/requests for the project. I'm refocused now and realize that I have to kick out my list in order. If there isn't time for new requests, I'm sorry....I have to get the existing list done. Beta testing has been going very well, except for the fact that I'm still sending out "questionable" builds. I can't get some things to work and must also realize that these will just have to wait. I have to move on and get a new version out with what I can get to work for now, it's been quite a while since I've released a new version! I honestly haven't been working on my new version "build" in the past week. The holiday and working 7 days straight has messed me up a lot! It will all be behind me after tomorrow. I will finally have a day off after tomorrow so I can spend a lot of time on the project. There have also been a lot of questions and suggestions. I'm trying to update more content on the site also. Thanks for your support and for visiting the site.


I'm back!! I had fun these last few days being away, getting rest, and enjoying some piece and quiet....well kinda. Anyway's, I've already responded to the couple of emails I received and I'm trying to get things around here at home. I will hopefully have more time to catchup in the forum, get some work done on the site, and work on other things for the project. Then back to work tomorrow.


Well everyone I am on my mini- vacation now. No computers!! It's kinda sad and I will probably go through withdrawal, but I do not have a laptop that is able to be brought with me. Stupid batteries, all toasted. Anyways, I wouldn't be able to enjoy my vacation fully if I were still answering emails and posting in the forum.

So, please email or PM me if you need to voice a concern, suggestion, question, comment, etc. Please be on the understanding that I will not be back until Friday morning so I will probably spend all day answering emails and PM's. I still want to hear from you!!

I have spent most of the morning trying to reply to emails I already have and trying to update a few things on the site that I haven't had time to do in the past few days. I always have so much work to do I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes. With so many things going on in the project right now I really feel I planned a bad time for this vacation. I need to continue to work on the next version of the project, maybe get a beta out to the testers, update more information on the site, add more information to the site, etc. etc.

Here are links for the interview I had almost 3 weeks ago about the project. I still haven't had the time to combine the files and I'm trying to think of the right location on the site for this type of information.



Forum is back up!! I kinda feel stupid though. It was really easy to fix, it took me about 15 minutes to set it all up...but it's fixed. The forum was up for 5 days after the upgrade then all of a sudden seemed down? The problem was "permission masks", which I never even thought of checking. I didn't think it was that because the forum was fine for several days and I assumed that those settings were just transferred from the old version. None of the people I talked to suggested or checked this either, so I am not the only one that didn't think about it. Anyways, the forum is up and I look forward to many new registrations and answering many questions today!!



First the Good news and thank you! I would like to thank all of the helpful users that helped me and the project in a time of need. Through many donations we finally hit the mark yesterday!! Thanks to everyone who donated, you will be listed on the "thank you" page soon. Please remember even though the funds needed for IPB have been made, that shouldn't discourage users from donating if you find this project useful. I do many things with the donations received. I purchase hardware for testing, donate to other freeware tools included in the project, and have been known to make "donations" to members of my moderating team. I thank them all the time for their help with the project and in the forum, but it's nice to surprise them with a little cash every once and a while.

Bad news -- FORUM is down??!!!! The forum went down sometime Monday afternoon, it was down when I got home from work. I pulled a 12hr shift that day so by the time I got home from work it was too late to call IPB. I am almost positive the forum wasn't hacked, I was really scared at first. I didn't have any admin sign in's to the forum, except my own. I called Rick (host) and had him check out the database, etc. on his end and he assured me that everything look fine and that most likely it was an IPB error. I submitted a support ticket last night before crashing and burning (couldn't stay away, had to sleep.) However, I didn't include enough information for them to check it out while I was at work all day today. So support was delayed a day because I was unable to respond to the email quickly enough. I really hope and trust that IPB will figure out the issue and the forum should be back up and fine tomorrow.

Mini-Vacation -- next week. I am going out of town for 3 days next week (Tue-Thur). To save my vacation days I picked up a few extra days. I only get tomorrow off (instead of my usual Wed&Thur) and the following week only get Thursday off. I am actually going out of town this time so it will not be like my last vacation. I will not be around to answer emails, receive Skype calls, or receive IM's. Please feel free to email me "thank you's", something that doesn't need answered immediately, etc. If you have a really important question someone in the forum should be able to help, or PM LittlBUGer in the forum. I will try my best to get to all emails and check out the forum as much as possible on Friday before I have to get back to work on Saturday morning.

<----Skype! Why hasn't anyone tried to contact me yet? Click the link on the left to check out and download Skype. It is truly awesome software and I've been waiting for users to contact me with questions, problems, etc. When I finally tested the software about a week ago I became really excited! This can and will be an awesome FREE tool for me to use to help users of the project that are having problems. Please use any of the Skype links on the site to check it out.

Site updates. I'm trying to get a few other things updated on the site. I have updated the "how to build" page on several occasions but forgot to update the "printable" version, that has now been done tonight. There is now a PDF version of the "list of tools" that should be easier to print, thanks Paul A. I'm also trying to get some QEMU documentation, that another user submitted to me a few weeks ago, added to the site somewhere. Thanks to all the users for the suggestions or help with suggestions that help make the site easier and more informative!! It's nice when I don't have to try to find time to do all of the work myself.

New version. I have stopped reporting possible release dates because issues always seem to haunt me. The forum is down so I do not have an easy way to communicate with the beta testers. My vacation is coming up next week and I'm still waiting on some emails from other users of the project. There is a lot of excitement about the new version and I really want to get a new version released. So we have the usual delays and I'm sorry. No release date has been or will ever be issued so I do not have to worry about disappointing everyone. I will keep everyone updated in the forum and here in the "news" so you know what is going on.

Thanks again everyone and I hope the forum is back up tomorrow!!


Forum is finally upgraded!! Well, the work is done but I need to finish paying on it....more on that in a bit. I would like to say that the people over at IPB are awesome! I've called them twice (first time was when 911cd was first hacked) and they were very willing to answer any and all of my questions. Today I called and purchased a 1-year license for IPB, which they upgrade for free (so the forum went from 1.3 to 2.0.4). It only took their tech staff 3 hours to find the time to upgrade our forum, I think that is pretty awesome!

Everyone needs to thank "Phatsacks!" He donated the $70 to me so I could purchase the license to hopefully make us all hack free. Now in my statement above, "need to finish paying on it", here is what I mean. I know this project will be around for a very long time and I personally would prefer to buy the "lifetime" license for IPB. This is still possible without wasting the initial $70 spent today as long as I change it within 60 days. Now I am not trying to beg donations out of people, just asking for a bit of support and a show of appreciation for the project. I've stated many times before also that, true this is a freeware project. However, sometimes it takes commercial applications or services to make is available to everyone. We have spent a lot of our free time that we probably should be spending with our families on this project in order to make this project as good as possible for you. So if the project has helped you in a tight spot, you really love it, or you just want to show your appreciation. Please send a donation, it will save me/us money in the long run! As soon as I get the additional $110 I will change the license to "lifetime." Thank you for your support.

It's a great time to have a computer! You can do so many things on your computer now, it's simply amazing!! Thanks to a user suggestion, I have found a great new and FREE support tool I can not wait to use for the project. Enter in Skype. Now this software has been recommended by many "important" people in the IT industry. Leo Laporte regularly recommends it, however it sometimes takes a user or repeated requests for me to "find time" for something. A user emailed me yesterday and wanted to talk to me. He lives in the Netherlands and I could not imagine how much it would cost me on my regular phone to call him, I wouldn't even attempt it! I've accidentally made 15 minute calls to Canada and it's cost me $20!! So I checked out the site and downloaded the software. I called him this morning. It was very crisp, clear, and there wasn't any type of noticeable lag. He didn't have a support need, but had just started checking out the software himself and wanted to bring it to my attention. The software has many great features, and could quite possibly replace your home phone! They do have more advanced options that cost you money, but the basic version is free! If this is something that would interest you please click on the link above or to the left. If you need some help with something, download it, create an account, and try to give me a call! I will be more than happy to help you if I am actually at my desk and have time to help you. If I miss your call, please stay signed in as long as you are still at your computer....I will call you back when I get back to my system. Please check it out, I would be happy to hear from you!!

Finally, as I've stated before there are a lot of exciting things happening with the project. The good news never seems to stop! I've requested BPE support to many software authors, most of the time I do not get a response. I received one last week and hope that they will be able to add the features very soon. Also, SpyBot 1.4 was released yesterday! This new version is supposed to be able to work in BPE! I still haven't had the chance to test it, but I am very excited and can't wait to see how it works! Hopefully things slow down a bit so I can get a beta out to the beta testers soon. Then everyone will be able to enjoy A LOT of new features and tools in the upcoming new release!!


That was a lot of fun!! I really enjoyed being on the show, it was great! I would really like to thank Ed for finding the project and asking me to be on the show. I really hope the project has gotten out to more people, many people have told me it's a very popular show. I've received a few emails from people with questions and helped them a bit, but I haven't received any feedback from listeners that have built and now used UBCD4Win. Most of the responses have been listeners expressing excitement for hearing about the project and wanting to build it. I think this is really cool and didn't expect that response. Many of the long time users of the project and myself were every excited at the fact that I was going to be on the show talking about the project. Now the listeners of the show have excitement, wanting to use the project! I never really thought of it that way and honestly didn't expect it. I cannot wait to get more email from the listeners of the show, I really want hear from them.

I have posted in the forum today asking for more help with documentation. I have received a lot of praise for how well the instructions are, but I still feel that there needs to be more. Please visit the forum and view "My Thoughts" if you would like more information.


Working on the project and getting ready for the radio interview. Remember everyone it's tonight 8pm EST!! For those of you who will not be able to hear the interview, I am of course recording it and will have it available for download. Tune in tonight at: http://wjr.onlinetech.net/wjr

I've updated the instructions for AutoStreamer on the "how to build" page because of some questions a user asked me today. I've also included screenshots for AutoStreamer in the instructions. I've received many emails about the FAQ question page is "broken." Well, I guess some people do not read this "news" page or pay attention to what is at the top of the FAQ page. I finally had time to get the answers to the questions added to the page over the course of the last two days. I think I can finally say that the site should be complete. I've added many pages to the site over the life of this project and have never really had all pages completed at one time....there was always work that needed done to the "list of tools" page, or another. Well, now that I think about it more.....I guess I do need to update the "About Us" page more. Need to include a picture of myself and add more content for the Mod's. Although, that really doesn't count since it really doesn't deal with the project that much. Now I just need to find some time to get new features worked into the project and get a new version released!!


WOW what a slacker! I haven't reported any news in a while. There have been a lot of things going on. Been very busy working on the project.

I'll start with some bad news first. 911CD Forum was hacked! I honestly freaked out a bit. I took the forum for this project down for a few hours, fearing an attack. So I went crazy on the phone contacting IPB, my host, etc. I've been wanting to update the forum for a while, just never got around to it. So this development scared me a bit and it's now a top priority to get the forum more protected. It always seems that bad things happen when I'm broke and can't react quickly! Luckily I get paid next week so expect the forum to be down for a few hours (during the upgrade) in the near future.

I've been very busy helping the users of the project (email, forum, and phone calls), as always. Also been busy trying to get a few things together for a new version of the project. I was trying to get a beta out to my new "beta testers" team so a new version can be released very soon, aiming to release a new version on the same day as my radio interview. That way all the new users listening to the show could see a bit more. However, the usual problems came up so I cannot adhere to a schedule I discussed with the team. The work on 2.6 has slowed for a moment. However, information from a few other users and team members will add more work and time for the next release. It may not sound like good news, but it really is! The enhancements and additions that have been discussed in the last 48 hours will be enough of a change that I probably release it as 3.0! That's right, 3.0! In my plan/time line for the project I expected to release 2.6, 2.7, and possibly 2.8 before jumping to 3.0. So I'm hoping that we can get all of these new features figured out within a few weeks and kick out THE best version of this project ever! I'm very excited and can't wait to get the beta out to my testers!!


Exciting news!! I was contacted today by Ed Rudel, co-host of a radio program called the Internet Advisor Show on WJR 760AM. He would like me to do a radio interview with me to talk about UBCD4Win!! I'm pretty excited about this, it's going to be a great opportunity to get the project out to more people! My interview is planned for May 28. The show is on from 8-10pm EST every Saturday. I will give out more information on a later date.

I have changed the layout of the site, yet again. Sorry for any possible confusion but I removed the "Common problems" page. I replaced it with a FAQ page. The page is not yet complete, sorry. I will continue to update it until it is complete. I have also separated the "news archive" into separate pages so they are smaller and easier for people on dialup to load.


Is the project big enough for this idea? Well, for an idea I've had for quite some time. Really I have a lot of ideas but, depending on it's time consumption, I don't always have time for them. I've remained pretty focused on working on making the project better, although it's pretty awesome now after a year. So I figure I can try to spend a little time on other things, a little.

Tee Shirts?? Would any of you honestly be interested? Do you appreciate or have pride in the project, enough to purchase and "proudly" wear a tee shirt? I've spent some time checking prices and talking with several companies about this. There are online companies that handle these types of things, but I would honestly prefer to handle it myself. I've talked with local companies also and got some estimates. You see, several online companies charge about $15 per shirt to the person ordering it. The price never changes. I can work with a local company, have them make them and handle shipping myself. I can match the price initially, but if you show interest in this idea and order them....then I can really cut the price. This isn't a money making idea, just something I thought some users would like. I keep prices very close to cost, the price for the project on CD dictates that fact. As long as I get 50cents for the time I have to spend packaging the shirt and going to the post office, I'm happy. It's just something that I thought you would like. One problem with doing it myself it the up front cost to me, that I honestly cannot afford. I'm trying to think of ideas for this issue. Maybe offering an option to "preorder" the tee shirt, explaining that the shirt won't ship for possibly up to a month? Including the option (of course) for a refund if this idea fizzles.

Please let me know what you think, send me an email or PM me in the forum. Your opinion is always (and has always been) welcome.


Driver download 1.2 released!! Randy continues to kick butt with the driver download! About 200 more devices have been added to the latest version, bring the total close to 750! Several users have contacted us asking for their drivers to be added, Randy added these and more. Awesome job Randy, keep up the great work! If we happen to have missed a requested driver or your device won't work, please contact us and we will be glad to add it to the Drivers download.


Oops! I was wondering why I haven't received many emails in the past few days. I thought, man and I even offered people to try and contact me because I knew I would be on the computer the last two days. I occasionally view the site to make sure things look right and to make sure everything looks good. Just got home from work tonight and decided to play around a little, so I checked the latest news. 4/21?? I thought I posted some news a couple of days ago. Well I did, I just forgot to upload it or I uploaded the wrong file!!! Anyways, the news is now up and I am now starting a new work week. So if anyone would like to contact me, please understand I am now back at work and it may take me a little time to get to your email or message. Thanks!!


Driver download 1.1 released!! Well, sorry a few days ago. LittlBUGer released a new version in the forum and I've been very busy at work the past few days and I kept forgetting to announce it on the site, upload it to the other mirrors, and change the download page. It's all done now so I can enjoy my two days off from work. I have been chatting with some interesting people these past few days. There may be a few great additions to the project in the next release and I can't wait to release a new version. Although there is a lot of work that needs to be done before that can happen. So I will be very busy today and tomorrow working on the project, like I normally am on my days off. The weather is a little chilly so I'm pretty sure I'll be confined to my desk most of the next 2 days. Perfect time for anyone to email, PM, or IM me, you should get a speedy response.


More site updates and work on user requests. I have finally completed the "list of tools" page today, everything should be up to date and complete. New descriptions, version numbers, and links to the tool sites. I have also been in the process of changing "the news". Several days ago I made a "latest news" page and took news away from the home page. This will allow the home page to load quicker for dialup users and hopefully help site navigation a bit. This also gave me the idea to change the format of "archived news". I haven't completed this yet but I hope to within a few days. I'm going to create several pages that include my notes and news for a few months on each page.

Several user request are consuming a lot of my time. In the forum there was a request that the project include separate menus based on where the project is run from. One menu that loads when you boot the project and one that loads when you insert the CD in a system that is already booted into it's OS. This will take a lot of time and testing so I figure a new version of the project won't be released for quite some time.

There have also been a few mentions of adding more to GeoShell, adding additional functionality to the shell the project uses. I've been wanting to do this for several months but haven't had the time to get it done. Well, I am taking the time to now. Since Digi did most of the work for the initial GeoShell plugin (included in and the reason for the 2.0 release back in August04), this will take some time. I should know how everything works anyways since I'm the author of the project!! I appreciate it when people help but hate it when I do not know enough to make changes myself. This will be a balance between pretty and function. I want the project interface to look good, but it also doesn't need to drag the performance of the CD down either. This will be tough and require me to really think what needs to be added and what doesn't.

A newer request of including the "list of tools" within the project sounds like it wouldn't take much effort, right? Just take the "list of tools" page from the site and create a menu listing for it in the project, right? No. That would be too easy, that would be simple. I have other ideas for this and when a new version is released you will see what I have planned for it.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support with this project. I continue to "try" and make it better for you. If you have requests or comments of your own, please feel free to email them to me anytime. Please understand though, it may take me several days to get back to you. I appreciate users emails, but due to my busy schedule I cannot always get to everything in a timely manner.


Well, I'm in the process of updating a few things with the site. There are so many aspects to this project, it almost makes me feel overwhelmed. I do have the tendency of not updating things in a timely manner and I apologize for that. I just hope that everyone understands. I'm hoping that this change makes the site easier for new users. I am also hoping to add more content to the "help" pages. I'm also trying to get to my email.


The "list of tools" page has been completely updated!! Well, almost. All tools listed on the page actually do exist in the project download. I just need to finish updating the version numbers and provide links for all of the sites. I have also found a few more "minor" mistakes I made in the latest release. Most of them are menu errors because of the restructure, I can't believe I missed them. Here is a list of tools that currently do not work in the project. I apologize for the inconvenience but I tried my best to get them to work, but some just refuse.

DeepBurner, I think that because it's a new version I need to make some changes. I'm pretty sure I can get this to work again.

CopyHandler, I am currently just keeping this on until I have more time to work on some new features in GeoShell. The program loads, but it is not accessible. This will have to wait for the next version.

CWShredder, this has been the biggest pain for me. I have spent many hours working on getting it to work again! I will continue to work on this and hope to get it working again.

IZArc, I can get it to work but I haven't tested it extensively. It has been reported that there are issues with this tool. I will do more research into this and try a few fixes I've thought about for it.

UltraReader, this tool isn't listed in the menu and it doesn't load. I will verify the registry settings for this tool and get it working.

There are a few other minor errors that have been reported. I really hope to get the above tools working soon so I can quickly release a 2.51 version soon also. For previous users of the project, that are more "savvy" than newbies to BPE, please view this post in the forum for instructions on how to fix the "menu issues" before you build the new version. http://www.ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1848

4/11/05 -8pm EST

Well due to additional problems with my car, things got delayed. I got home from work and quickly went back to "work" on the project, to fix the USB problem. I fixed it within an hour. I then uploaded a fix and gave instructions in the forum how to fix the problem. The "full" download is finally available again for everyone that didn't get the chance to download the "bad" version earlier today. Please visit the forum for the fix here: http://www.ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1848

Downloads are back! Sorry for the in-accurate estimate, but I had a few minor delays. 3 mirrors now have the new new version so the download page is back to normal. Please remember that the errors I made were minor so if you downloaded earlier today visit the post that is linked above, it's a very easy fix. I was a little happy at the fact that the error was found early, it allowed me to pull the "bad" release, fix it, and upload it again without having to release a x.x1 version.

Car problems. I honestly don't even want to get into the details. All I will say at the moment is.....I will never buy a Dodge/Chrysler/etc. EVER again! I've had TOO many problems getting parts for the car. I love my car, but the decisions the manufacturer has made with many things makes me very upset. Plus the fact that they dropped the Intrepid either last year or this year really upset me, this was the final straw. Ok, I'm sorry I've gotta RANT a little quick. Ok, my first problem was a few years ago. A switch went bad in an assembly near the steering column. I took everything apart and figured out that it was that switch. Went to a dealership......"sorry, we only sell the whole assembly." "Well, I took it apart easily, why they hell can't you sell the parts inside?" I'm not going to spend $100 for the whole thing when it's a (probably) $10 switch! The KICKER was today. I ordered the part I needed from a local parts store on Saturday, it took 2 days so I didn't get it until after work today. It was half of the part I needed and the half I didn't need!! So I was ticked at them to begin with, and figured I had to go to the dealership. I asked them for the part, they found it in their system and reported to me "Uhhh, I can't order it....it's been discontinued?" What? How can a car manufacturer discontinue a BRAKE part for a 8 year old car? Am I being unreasonable? I'm sorry, I'm done....I need to get my positive energy back and focus that onto the project and my family. I finally have my car back after 3 days (thanks to the junk yard) and it was fun driving it again.

Enjoy the new fixed version. Please report any issue you may have in the forum or email me!!

4/11/05 -2:30pm EST

Sorry everyone. Made a mistake with the new USB plugin. I have many emails and several posts in the forum about this issue. I am currently confirming the fix I have in mind will work and then I will begin uploading the new "fixed" version to all the mirrors. I apologize for the problem and inconvenience. Downloads are suspended until I figure out a fix for my issues. It should be available for download by 5pm EST.


VERSION 2.5 and DRIVER download version 1.0 are released!! Finally! Had a few things come up and I've been pretty busy so the newest release was delayed a bit. I am also a little disappointed that I didn't add and change as much as I really wanted to. Oh well, I will get it all on there eventually. A lot of tools on the project have been updated. New versions of AVPersonal, ExPCFix, filezilla, Stinger, and a lot more! The menus have been restructured, thanks to suggestions in the forum. Firefox replaced K-meleon. AIDA was removed because it's obsolete and unsupported. Everest was removed because, well just because they ticked me off a few months ago when they released 1.5. They started checking the type of network your system was using to try and catch people using their tool for purposes other than their "personal" use. I contacted them and they didn't care, basically said that few people use that type of network so they don't care. I'm not going to ramble on about it anymore. Updated the USB plugin for the project, and it should hopefully support firewire devices also. If not please email me and I'll try to work on it more. MMC controls are now included in the project. There are so many new things and changes I can't even remember them all!!!! So, I must go, gotta be at work in 5 hours. The new version is being uploaded to the mirrors while I get a little sleep before work.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and comments. You have helped make this release the best so far and UBCD4Win will continue to get even better with all future versions!! Have fun with the new version and please make sure you report any errors to me or post about them in the forum. If you have any additional suggestions or comments, they are always welcome also!!


Well, it was really nice to be home today, I rarely get Saturday's off!! As of Friday morning my to-do list and plan for today was UBCD4Win! Well, until I drove to work yesterday that is!!!

You see, I have many interests. Working on cars is fun to me also, well as long as I understand the task and it isn't too complex! I've done all maintenance on my vehicles since my first when I was 16. It probably helps that I've always been extremely cheap, too cheap to allow others to "rip" me off when working on my car. I also worry that the boy's at "Sprawl-Mart" could possibly forget something, I'm sure they aren't paid much so I wouldn't doubt they could possibly forget to put my drain pan nut back in. I've always changed my oil, done tune-ups, changed my brake pads, etc. Over the years I've braved and learned many things. Drum brakes are a pain in the butt and can look complicated, however I finally defeated them last year.

Now, when I drive I pay attention to a lot. Seriously, I know when something is wrong. A few days ago I noticed my brake pedal wasn't right. It was pushing in more than normal and didn't have the same resistance. I took more caution when braking, figuring I could check it out today. I've also had some "clunking" on one side of the car for a while. For the past year I've had a suspension part that I knew was bad, but because it had a lifetime warranty and I was too busy working on this project I put it off. However over the past few days sometimes it was louder and sounded different. Well, I got the final warning yesterday. As I was driving to work my "brake" light lit up! Whenever a light is lit on your panel it of course freaks you out. So I got to work and started looking at that area of the vehicle. Yup, brake fluid was almost everywhere.

So this brings us to May 19, 2004. Are you bored with my story yet?? Almost a year ago I was brave and decided to tackle drum brakes. Something else was bad so I replaced it. So on the back passenger side, it was pretty much a complete rebuild. Well, I was a bit fortunate. It decided to explode a few weeks before it's warranty ran out so I got it for free. However, I still had to blow over $60 on shoes, a new hardware kit, and now a new self adjuster kit!! When that part exploded it shot the other parts of the brake out and ruined them. I took many pictures today, but forgot to get the self adjusters, I will in 2 days when the new ones come in...so you can compare them. That sucks for me because I can't drive MY car to work and because I hate my car being stuck on jack stands. Sure they are supposed to be able to support the vehicle, but for a few day I grow weary. I've got some pictures of the explosion, etc. I'll post them tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, AGAIN, I will release the new version tomorrow.....I SWEAR!!


I'm sorry, that's all I can say. I announced that I was going to release a new version of the project the following day of the anniversary of the project, several weeks ago. I really wanted a new version to coincide with the anniversary but honestly there are a few "issues" that I need to fix in the new release. I took a few hours from the project spending time with my boys because the weather was really nice on my days off and ran into a few issues when trying to fix a few broken tools. CW Shredder is being a big pain in the butt!!! It hasn't worked in the project for months and honestly I can't see myself releasing a new version without it working. I've tried a few "tricks" but they are not working, however I feel I am missing something and I am pretty confident that I will figure it out. The thing that pisses me off the most is the fact it used to work in previous versions. I honestly don't think it's something I changed in the project that made it stop working, however I could be wrong. I really believe they changed a few things in the program and added some dependencies that I can't figure out. Time for a RANT....

MY BIGGEST PROBLEM, the thing that pisses me off the most!! Anti-Malware utilities. We are all fighting a losing battle, it's really sad. Novices buy and use their computers thinking that they are ok doing whatever they want to do on their system. That is the way it used to be years ago, no worries about malware, maybe just an occasional "popup". Now we have to load our systems down with 3-7 tools to scan our systems for malware to catch everything. Why can't people just be honest? Why do people have to resort to illegal activities and mess up our systems??

Sorry, I got sidetracked complaining about Malware, when it's the Anti-Malware tools that really piss me off. When? When are these companies and coders going to realize that their tools need to be run from a remote location? Bart's PE is almost the perfect place to run an Anti-Malware tool! How many systems have you encountered that will not load Anti-Malware utilities because the malware is blocking it or a system that WON'"T EVEN BOOT!! I do not find it "acceptable" to have to reinstall your OS because malware has ruined it! What is it going to take to get these software companies or authors to realize this? One person cannot get through to them, believe me I have tried!! I've contacted many software companies and authors asking them for help and explaining how important this is. There is one software company that has actually contacted me several times about this and I hope they can accomplish this. Originally they wanted to release a working version in the first quarter of this year, now it's pushed back to August or September. I just hope that they will hold up to their promise or another author will help us protect our systems.

One final apology. I'm very sorry that I haven't answered most of the email I've received in the past week. I really thought I could put it off for a few days so I could focus on releasing the next version of this great project. I promise to get to your emails, eventually. If your question is something that needs a quick response, please post in the forum.


Hmmm...day off, sunny, and 70 degrees outside? What would you do?

Well, I spent the morning working on things but now it's time for dinner. Sorry everyone but it's time to enjoy the outdoors a bit. Time to drink a few Bud's and fire up the grill, first time this year!! The new version is progressing well and we may even release a new drivers download right along with it!! So, obviously the new release is being delayed...sorry everyone. I should be able to finish it up tomorrow.


Happy 1 Year Anniversary Everyone!! It's been a great year. The project has evolved and matured a lot. I am so glad that I started this project. The people who have been with the project since the beginning know we have been through a lot. I think we have accomplished a lot considering we work on this project on a part time basis. I would just like to say Thank You to everyone for a great year. Everyone has had a part to help keep this project going. My Moderators have been there to help new users with problems and questions. Donators have shown their appreciation that has helped with hosting costs and enabling me to purchase hardware to test with. Many users have emailed suggestions and requests that most of the time were able to be implemented into the project. Al Kolff recently created a French version of the "How to build" page. The users that only visit the site and download the project help also by keeping the site popular. A few software companies were kind enough to donate licenses for their software that has made the project better or made it easier for me and the users of the project. Such as LinaSoft, Esma Systems, and RarLab. Thanks again everyone for the great year!! I look forward to making this project even better this year!


Man, that's the last time I ever say I'm lonely!! Thanks everyone for the emails, now my inbox is overflowing again. Now for some news and an apology. First, sorry to everyone for the past few days of issues with the forum. This time I'm pretty sure it's my fault. While editing some settings in the forum I changed one that I shouldn't have. It caused many mail errors. New registrations, emailing, and PM's weren't working right. I'm pretty sure I figured out what I did wrong and everything should be fine now.

French version of the "How to Build" page. Yup, Daniel created a html document for us and I've just uploaded it to the site. I greatly appreciate it and I'm sure French speaking users will appreciate it also.

New version. I am still looking to release the new version of the project on Monday evening. Things are going pretty well and I'm just trying to find the time to squeeze everything else in. If anyone has any last minute requests or suggestions please feel free to post them in the forum or email me.


Boy, do I feel LONELY!! The last 48 hours have been uneventful, pretty much NO email. I wish that when I didn't have time or I forgot about something that it would always bother me like an empty inbox. I would keep so many people happy that way. Anyways, I found an easier to use script so the contact links on the site now work. So please EMAIL me if you have a question, need assistance, or just want to say "Hi."


Email problems!! Sorry I'm trying to use a script to hide my email address from bots, etc. It's not working though. I will find another solution sometime tomorrow when I get home from work. Sorry for the inconvenience, please contact me via the forum.


Extremely busy lately. Trying to make sure everything works and is listed in the upcoming version of the project. There are a lot of things I'm trying to work on getting into the new version. Still a lot of testing to do. I've also been trying to find the time to clean up this site a bit also. There have been a few pages I've been wanting to add for quite some time now. Links for them have been on this page for a while but no page exists for them! I have pages setup and uploaded now, but all the content is still not there. I think I may be trying to do too many things at one time. Anyways, just thought I would give everyone a little update as to what is going on.


Sorry folks, personal day yesterday! Enjoyed my day off yesterday burning DVD's....finally! I've had my DVD burner since August and I've been meaning to start backing up our collection of DVD's. The boys are very abuse to them and scratch the heck out of them!! So I am sorry, didn't work on the project yesterday. I'm trying to finish burning a few more today, clean up my office, and start playing with 2.5 more.

2.5? Yes, the next version of the project is looking pretty good. I've found a few new tools, ones have been suggested, and new versions of tools already on the project need updated. I am setting a release date of 4/4/05. I have never set a release date in the past, however this date is special....well kinda. 4/3/04 is official date the project started! That is the date I started the yahoo group and this project was officially announced and started. So we will be celebrating our one year anniversary for the project with a new release!! I would like to release it on 4/3, however Sunday's are pretty busy days for me and I doubt I will have time to finish things up. So if anyone has some suggestions for the next version please send them my way! I have over 2 weeks to get everything added and make sure it all works properly.


IE users surprised? Well new users to the project probably don't know about the rendering issues the site had with the "list of tools", "thank you", and "download" pages when viewed with IE. I have now fixed all pages. There are a few minor things I need to touch up but I've run out of time, again! I'll be back to finish up after my appointment in a few hours.

One final warning also. I checked my email account for the old domain today. Mostly I found spam, but I did find a 5 messages from users asking questions, etc. I am not sure how they got my old email address, since the old domain has been redirecting to the new domain for the past 3 months. That domain will become "parked" later this month per the request of Microsoft. So all links to windowsubcd.com and emails will bounce. Remember, that was part of the deal I made with Microsoft when they requested I change the domain. Redirects are allowed until April, then I must park the domain. So please make sure you have the correct domain bookmarked and have the correct email address.


Sorry, it's been a while since I've updated everyone. I've been back to the grind for over a week now, same hectic schedule. Slowly but surely I've been making progress on a few "side items" for the project, such as perfecting the wireless capabilities for the project and working on booting it from a USB drive. Working on the boy's computers and buying myself a new motherboard, processor, and case have slowed progress down a bit. Reinstalling all the software I use and transferring files from the old system to the new one took up several days of my time. I am very happy with the system but already want to spend more money. I would really like to put a good SATA drive in the new system and a newer AllInWonder would be pretty nice to add to it also. I have already purchased some DDR 3200 for it, now just waiting for the delivery!New software! Everyone please welcome "BackupFox"!! My buddy Raptor has been pretty busy with the AutoPatcher project, think he has been continuing to work on AutoStreamer, and now created BackupFox. This new program would have helped me a lot 1 1/2 ago when I was transferring everything to my new computer! I tried another product that was a free trial, then after 10 uses you had to purchase it for $19.95 (I think?). That program didn't work for me AT ALL!! I used it back in August when I transferred to my AMD machine and it worked fine. But this time it didn't work?? So back to BackupFox. I haven't had the chance to test it. Raptor usually codes pretty well so I'm sure there shouldn't be very many bugs in it, although it is still a young project. So if anyone is interested in the program please check it out: http://mhtools.knoware.nl/raptor/backupfox/backupfox06.zipThe drivers addon is going very well, LittlBUGer and I think we will be releasing 1.0 later this week. We are also working on a new menu structure for the menu in the project. Since some tools included in the project do not work in BPE we are also talking about adding a separate menu. It will load when you insert the project CD into a computer that is running Windows, that is if "autorun" is enabled. I honestly never really wanted to do anything like this. Since AdAware, SpyBot, and a few others will not run in BPE, this may be the only option available. If you have any comments, thoughts, or suggestions about this please email me or post in the forum. I always love hearing from the users of the project and try to implement everything that users suggest.


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