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Due to increasing "false positives" from AV Software, please view this:
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Almost time to start a new year!! Thanks to yet another "extra" day off, I'm going to try again to get more work done that I usually do not have to time to complete. Since Ohio weather has been so goofy this year I thought I would attempt more work on my car. I am pretty sure I have a warped rotor on the driver's side of my car. After fighting with the caliper bolts for close to an hour, I had to give up and do something that would make me happy. So I thought I would update the site a little, add more content, and add a few new pages. I of course didn't have the time this evening to get everything done, I hope to get more done over the next couple of days. NFL and BCS football may get in the way a little though since there will be a lot of good games to watch.


No new version yet, I apologize for not "coming through" for you all. After posting the news about 3.021 I regretted it. Simply because I thought about it more and changed my mind. After thinking about it more and noticing that everyone was busy with holiday festivities, I couldn't do it. I also didn't and don't want to give up on our new "Integrity Checker" so quickly. The issues and bugs with the initial version of the "Integrity Checker" were very limited. Thanks to dedicated users we think we have found all the bugs and are testing a new version of the tool. I would also like to stress to users that had no problems with 3.02, please do not download 3.02.1. There will be no big changes or additions to that release, basically just fixes for bugs in the "Integrity checker" that was included in 3.02. Hopefully beta testing will go well and we will be able to release the new version within the next couple of days.

I would like to thank the people that sent emails to me over the past week also. The news posted then was possibly a little "whiney" but a lot of people sent me emails thanking us for the project. I make the mistake of taking negatives to heart. I receive emails from people that are just pushy, rude, and/or arrogant. It's too bad those still get me a bit "fired up" at times. "Close minded" people email me and that tends to bother me because no matter what I say to them they refuse to accept it. We are here to just help people and they refuse to accept the fact that "false positives" DO exist. One fact though, will NEVER go away. The 100,000's (maybe more) people we have helped with this project!! We can only do so much, and I've slowly learned that over the close to 3 years we have been doing this! Thank you all!!


Have you ever tried to run a freeware project? Have you ever tried to please everyone?
I'm honestly not trying to be a prick, just trying to make people understand a little. I'm not trying to make people feel bad either, just please understand.

My development team, beta testers, and self try our best to do what we think is the right thing and the best thing to do for this project. Making decisions that people want and/or are in their best interest is not an easy job. Currently there are a few minor issues with the latest 3.02 release. These issues reside within a new security/usability feature we coded called the "integrity checker." Basically it runs after the project files are extracted and checks those files to make sure they have not been modified. It also checks the path that the files were extracted to, making sure the files were not extracted to a bad path (one with spaces, something mentioned in the "how to build" instructions but missed by some users). We (development team and beta testers) tested the "integrity checker" for several weeks and were confident that there were no bugs in it. Evidently we didn't have enough scenarios to test with because some users are coming up with unexpected errors.

I apologize for the 3.02 inconvenience and was hoping that a fix would have been figured out and problem users would have the time to test fixes. However, it's the holiday season so EVERYONE is busy. So since a fix is not possible quickly, I will start uploading a 3.021 version either tomorrow or Sunday. I will try my best to get this done tomorrow but cannot promise it since I have a lot of plans tomorrow (work, family gatherings, etc.). If you have problems with the current 3.02 version of the project please check out the topics in our support forum or send me an email. I thank all users and helpers of the project for keeping this project popular and alive! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!


After way too long, a new version is finally released!!
Version 3.02 is available for download now!!
There are many updates, fixes, and new additions in this new release. I have finally taken the time to create a "version history" page to list out changes between new versions. The "list of tools" page is also completely updated with the most current information on what is included in the project.


Bad, sad news....but then some good!

RIP- Bo Schembechler. Legendary head coach of the University of Michigan Wolverines. It's a very sad day for us Michigan fans and very bad timing. The BIGGEST game of the year is at hand tomorrow when we play OSU! It's even better than ever, it will be the game of your lifetime!! Michigan and Ohio State have never been ranked #2 and #1 when facing each other. It's pretty awesome to have a pre-championship game, one before the "official" BCS championship game.

The forum!! Is finally back up. Like I've mentioned before, there were a few "roadblocks" but it was finally fixed. I really have to give the tech support at our new host a big hand!! They were very nice and spent a lot of time fixing it. Most hosts do not provide support for "third party software", but these guys/gals went the extra mile. It also helped given the fact who we are....UBCD4Win. Several of their techs have used the project a lot so I think that helped us get a little better support.

11/16/06 -9am EST

Frustrating. That is almost all I can say at this moment. The issues and stress continue to mount. I've mentioned in emails and to people that luckily I had funds available on my credit card so I could make our latest host move. That at least allowed the site to be back up and for me to have email again. I am extremely thankful at the fact that there have been a few people nice enough to donate over the past couple of day. Thanks to you I have "recovered" almost all that I spent on our new host and enough to get me out of a tight spot! I have been having car problems for the past few weeks, but haven't been able to figure out the exact source. We all know troubleshooting can suck, but with a can be costly!! If you try an alternator ($140), then battery ($100), maybe a coil ($30), what about the starter ($150), or the whole ignition module ($180), it really sucks when the last item you try fixes the problem!! Luckily, there are ways to test some of these components. It's just too bad that almost all of these parts are greasy and can take a lot of time to remove for testing. Troubleshooting a computer is SO much easier!! Well, most of the time that is. Sure the parts can be costly, but us "pros" can figure out the issue and fix a system in one shot! Well, I guess that depends on where you take the system to and the techs they employ though.
Regardless, the whole point to this is THANK YOU! There was a reason why I was saving that money on my credit card. Luckily the site died first so I could take care of that and ask for help with the new higher hosting costs. Thanks to great users, I was able to fix my car today. It did break down and I was extremely frustrated trying to fix it today, but I am happy that I was able to. Also very happy that I figured out what was causing the problem (I really hope!!). If the car doesn't start again tomorrow, I really don't care......I'll just walk to work!!

The forum is still DOWN! I'm sorry. I've been doing as much as I can do and trust that our new host is doing the same. I really hope they will be able to fix it by at least tomorrow. If not, then I will be forced to pay IPB to take care of it.
Some of you have been emailing me questions, that is fine.....please do that. We need to support the project and I do not mind the emails, as long as you do not mind a possible delay in getting a response. If you catch me at a good time, you could get a response in only 5 minutes!! However, if I'm very busy at could take a few hours, if not more. So if you have problems, questions, etc., please feel free to email me. I will try my best to reply as quickly as possible.


What a horrible day. Most of you haven't been able to read yesterday's news yet because the site has been down!! I will keep this short. Yesterday's outage was the final straw and I had to do more. After work last night I started researching hosts and am pretty sure I found a winner. Luckily I had some money in my PayPal account so I could purchase a plan. So, the site is now backup except for the forum. I have to contact our old host and get our database so I can install it to our new hosting plan. I thank you all for your patience. Donations are even more important than in the past since the cost for this new host is substantially more every month. So if you are able, please consider donating to the project.


Wow have I been slacking again!! Just wanted to give everyone a few updates. We are currently working on a 3.02 build and hope to release it by the end of the month. It may appear that we are slacking off, but we are all actually quite busy. A lot of good things have been going on and we are working on many new features and tools for up coming versions of the project. Speaking of tools, I have updated the "download" page to include a few more great tools that should help many of you. The first is WinDriversBackup. This tool basically allows you to backup drivers from your system, useful if you have a system you won't have to download all of them or run multiple CD's to get all your drivers installed. This helps users of the project also, because you should be able to use it to pull drivers from your system and include them in your UBCD4Win build.
The next tool is XP-ISO-Builder, don't let the name fool is supposed to work with other versions of Windows. This tool does many great things but my interest is in the fact that you can sometimes create an XP CD from the "crappy" recovery or repair CD. Many users have a hard time getting a "source" that will work for building UBCD4Win. That shouldn't be a problem anymore!! I have recommended this tool to several users so far and it works about 90% of the time.

We've had some issues over the past two months with hosting also. I've wanted to beat my head against the wall on several occasions but am still optimistic. I really hope these issues stop soon! We've made several moves to different hosts but still continue to end up with issues?? I just do not understand why we can't find good and honest hosting? I apologize for all of the down time and am trying my best to make sure this does not continue to happen.

UBCD4Win was recently mentioned in "PC World Komputer" magazine, in their October issue. They did a 3 page "workshop tutorial." They were even kind enough to send me several copies of the magazine so I could check it out and send copies out to our Moderators and Development team. Again, thank you very much for the additional publicity for the project!!
We also received a few awards from WinTotal. The awards are on the "home" or index page of the site. We were first awarded the honor of "Download of the week" in late September. Then at the end of each month the visitors of the site vote on the "User Award" of the month. Thanks to all the great users that helped vote UBCD4Win as "User Award" of the month for September 06!!


I failed to mention a few things yesterday. I guess I didn't want to "overload" everyone with too much news??

Steve Irwin.....RIP buddy! I really can't think of everything that needs to be said about this guy. He was my oldest (10) son's hero. Troy wanted to grow up and be just like him. I don't think anyone will ever come close to being Steve Irwin, he was "original." He sparks millions of peoples interests and inspired many of them also.

Google Checkout!! Has anyone checked it out?? Do you hate PayPal? Feel insecure about sending payments online? Google Checkout may help you and reassure you that most of the time it is safe to do online transactions!! Uhhh, wow.....sorry for that. I swear Google didn't pay me to say that! Anyways the truth to the matter is some people that want to order the project on CD do not like PayPal! I have checked into other payment methods but in all honesty they are too expensive. I have been wishing and waiting for an alternative and personally hoped that Google would do it. Why Google? For me, I really like Google. There aren't hate posts about Google like there are about Microsoft, Sony, etc. I trust Google and A LOT of other people do too!! I signed up for a "Checkout" account and it is now in available on the ordering page!! I added the "buy now" buttons yesterday in my round of site updates and am happy at the fact that someone has already used this service!! I received my first order tonight. Thank you for using this new alternative payment method, it's very reassuring that I didn't "waste" my time by signing up for this new payment method.

The "Config Tool." Does anyone know about it or remember it?? The idea was awesome and is over a year old now. Great progress was made in the development of the tool, however BIG changes with the 3.0 release almost killed it's development. We of course did not want to kill the Config Tool with the 3.0 release, but there were a lot of changes that needed to be made to the project and those changes did require a lot of NEW work to be done with the tool.
Enter the future! With more members in the development team now, new life has been brought to the Config Tool. I and many others in the project are extremely excited that development of the tool has been brought to new life. Now Tom (pcuser) doesn't have the entire load of coding the tool because Bernd (Joshua) is helping with more ideas and the coding of the NEW Config Tool. These guys have already programmed awesome tools such as EzPCFix and PreShell........together they will kick ASS with Config Tool 2.0!! It is still in early development and there is no expected release date, but from what we (the development team) have seen so is and will be AWESOME!! Hopefully these guys will have a lot of free time so this can get released to all of you asap! You will be happy and impressed, the few who have seen it so far are very impressed. SO, keep checking out the site or forum....the NEW Config Tool is coming your way, just for you!


Ok, it's been a while since I've posted any news or updates on the progress of the project. This summer has been a difficult one for almost all members of the development team. Some of us have moved, some have switched jobs, and the rest have just been BUSY! Thanks to the holiday weekend I have had 3 consecutive days off from work!! I hoped to clean up and organize my home office a little, get some work done on the project, etc. I of course had some other personal items to fix up such as a few network, phone, and cable connections in the house. The wife also had a few things she wanted me to do, luckily I didn't get sucked into her latest home floor in the living room!

I did find the time however to update several pages on the site. This page is now setup like several of the other pages on the site with my new layout. I hope to get the entire site on this layout soon. The "list of tools" page has been fixed up a little and updated. More content has been added to the FAQ and Customize pages as well.

Finally I thank all users of the project for being patient since we have been unable to get a new version released. We have started working on a few betas and of course have many great ideas for a hopeful release sometime in October.

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