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Burning the ISO Image


What is an ISO image?

A disk image of an ISO 9660 file system, which is the international standard devised for storing data on CD-ROM. This image includes all of the data files and filesystem metadata which includes the boot code, structures, and attributes. All of this information is contained in a single file.

How do I burn it?

Since the ISO file system is an industry wide standard it is actually pretty easy to burn an ISO file. Almost all burning software includes an option to burn an ISO file. You have to find that "special" option in your software or it will not be burnt correctly. Below are some screen shots and instructions for some common burning software. I apologize if your software is not listed, more will be added in the future.

Software "how to's":

How to Burn with ImgBurn

Some asked me some questions about ImgBurn because he was having problems burning his ISO. A few guys in our forum "swear by" ImgBurn so I thought I would finally install it and check it out so I could write a "how to" here for the program. I was a bit puzzled when I fired it up, it was too easy! So here are some simple instructions:

1. Click the "browse for file" icon and navigate to your "UBCD4Win.ISO" file.

2. Click the "write" icon. I don't think any advanced options need to be selected.

How to Burn with Nero Burning ROM

1. Open Nero Burning ROM, click on "Recorder" and select "Burn Image..."

2. Navigate to your "UBCD4Win.ISO" file and select it.

3. Configure the options and select "Burn." The most important options are "red boxed" below, make sure those options are selected.Nero2

How to Burn with Nero Express

1. What you initially see may be different depending if you had been using Nero Express before wanting to burn UBCD4Win.ISO. If you start it from the "start" menu in Windows you should see the first image below. If you had burnt something else then you should see the second image below.

2. Navigate to your "UBCD4Win.ISO" file and select it as the file you want to burn.

3. Configure the options and select "Burn." Just follow with what options are selected below:Express2

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