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Boot Mngr Missing Disastrous Recovery Media Attempt

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    Posted 27 May 2012 - 12:34 AM

    Having received a clear exposition of my earlier problem of failing to load the UCB4 progm correctly. I thought I would buy an external hardrive and go for a clean reboot. As a Windows 7 disc was not supplied at purchase I took Toshiba's advice and created a three disc set Recovery Media. Having created the RM I actually tested it and it worked fine some 18 moths ago.
    This time the first disc loaded ok and I was asked to load the second disc after running for a while the disc was ejected and I was asked to load the disc with a specific file. I chcked the disc and retried it same response. So I tried the 3rd disc same response. As the file name meant nothing to me I was stymied and tried various combinations of the RM dscs all produced the same error message which were recorded on the instruction program. After the last attempt to use the disc, the error messages started scrolling at high speed. After pressing some keys to try to stop the scroll - esc - ctrl+alt -etc. I then powered down, removed the power lead and battery and left it for an hour. When I started up again, after the Toshiba page with F2 and F12 access buttons, the error message "Boot Mngr Missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart", appeared. Nothing I have tried, by entering set up or bios, made any difference accept trying to boot the new Ultimate 7 disc which gave me "cannot load disc - error 5"

    Any thoughts guys profound or rude thogh profound is preffered :excl:

    PS Anyone know where I can get a 'Dopey' Avatar - :rolleyes:

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      Posted 27 May 2012 - 07:25 AM


      you need a working PC to check that your Windows 7 recovery disks are readable

      I have situations where Toshiba recovery disks seemed to be faulty and this was revealed after files were copied back to hard disk and checksums showed errors or
      files could not be copied to hard disk from DVD and copy process hung until timed out half hour later

      One way of recovering is using Imgburn to create a iso from the DVD then if no errors given create a new DVD (burning at a slow speed)

      You also need to test RAM (memtest86 or memtest86+) and hard disk (seagate dos diagnostics iso works with most brands of hard disk)
      most manufacturers make their own dos diagnostic disk available (though not Toshiba)
      If hard disk is not damaged the partition cylinder / MBR may be corrupt and need to be cleared

      If new a Win 7 DVD can not be read then possibly a DVD reader fault ?
      (occasionally bad connections cause problems which can be cured by removal and re insertion of DVD drive (usually only one screw holding drive in place)
      USB DVD drive may work if internal DVD faulty

      best of luck

      Mike Barnes

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        Posted 27 May 2012 - 10:57 AM

        Just to help point out the obvious here...

        In the first post you mentioned getting the error "Error code 0x80004005" when burning some disks to CD/DVD... now you are getting read errors again after booting from the install/recovery disks and at some point in the installation process. Both errors may be indicating a problem with the CD/DVD drive itself... that error is also a possible indication of a pirated Windows install disk, but the other cause is still the more likely expecially if you know for a fact that they are factory install disks and not copies.

        For what it is worth... networking Win7, XP and Apple/Mac computers DOES NOT require that the Windows system all be Win7 as you mentioned in your other thread. That is a rumor that was spread by others that didn't understand what it took to properly network their systems and had only resolved it by installing Win7 later... in otherwords, they had jumped to a wrong conclusion because XP and Win7 have different default network settings.

        On tech support forums... what is stated bluntly so it is to the point, is often misunderstood as being rude.

        If "Dopey" is the name of some character... you may want to try a search on Google images and similar search sites. You can then often resize and/or crop what you find to an appropriate size for an avatar on a forum. Just be careful and try to select from public domain images so you can avoid copyright issues.

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