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Current Version News!!! 3.0 FINALLY released!

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    Posted 05 June 2006 - 09:16 PM

    The LONG wait is finally OVER. After a few "maintenance" releases (2.55 and 2.6), the BEST version of this project yet is finally released!

    I remember about a year ago talking about a new great release. Ideas kept coming and time was very limited for me back then, that was when I had a real job. After several long months of trying to get great ideas working, even more came along and more great people to help! 2.55 was released after close to or about 6 months with no new version release. 2.6 was basically a maintenace release because of the new version of PE Builder, although we tried to stuff it with a few goodies to help make it better. Then of course the long development road to the "core" of 3.0. I have to say it is excellent. XPE like looks, but with NO performance hits! I knew there was a really good reason why I always kept this project away from XPE!! It just took the project 1 1/2 years for the right person to find us. I'm going to shut up now though, because I don't want to hurt the feelings of the other members of the development team. Also, he is already arrogant enough! Other great contributions have been made also. The addition of PreShell to the build will prove to be a great helper for those of you using the project on older systems. You won't have to build a small ramdrive CD and big ramdrive CD anymore! Other development team members have helped in other areas also, with fixing our XML files, creating other plugins or tools, and so much more. It's great to have such a hard working group of volunteers here to help me make this project YOUR #1 choice for fixing your computers. Let's not forget the beta testers either. They help greatly with finding bugs, finding errors, suggestions, fixes, etc. Finally, my lovely wife. She is the one that has to deal with me directly. She's the one that has to put up with my drunken rages and fits when I can't get something to work or I don't get my way! Also, thanks to all of the people who helped test the public RC's we released over the last month and a half. Your input, suggestions, etc., really helped us "button up" this release!

    I thank all of you dedicated members who have patiently waited for this version.

    Time again, though. I will apologize in advance for not finding the time to complete all of the pages on the site. I have been working hard on a new "design" for the site and it's very time consuming to move the content to this new style. I am decent at HTML, but am not a pro so it still takes me time to get things done sometimes. When you visit the site, you will see references to new pages that may not exist yet. Please give me a few more days or weeks to complete them. I will continue to work on them in my free time and upload newer versions. The hardest page will probably be the new "customization" page. Since a lot of the new tools were completed by other members of the development team I honestly don't know what would be the best way to layout all the new information. Heck, I am personally only sure about half of the new customizations available in this new build!
    SO please, if you have questions or suggestions.....post them here in the forum or email me. Also, if you are a mirror and do not see yourself on the "download" page......please email me! My "main" system recently went down and the backup I had was corrupt so I lost most of the passwords, information, etc., for several of the mirrors.

    Finally, have fun with this new version....this is only the beginning! There are many other undocumented and unknown possibilities with this new version. We already have a list of things we didn't have time to complete, other ideas, and much much more for future releases! Hopefully most of us will take a well deserved break for a few weeks and then we'll start work on 3.1. Well, that is of course after what I think will be a week of many posts and questions about this new version.

    ENJOY!! :clapping::D:rock:
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