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  1. In Topic: Death Of The Pc?

    Posted 6 Jan 2011

    My intent is not to be rude but I have the tendency to be rude in here on occasion. I have a question and a comment before I give my opinion.
    Do you read my blog at all? This was "news" about 2-3 months ago, I think?

    I ask my question because I thought I had mentioned this a while back on my blog? As for my comment, that is just about the time that I recall this making the "headlines."

    I read a lot and unfortunately most of it is garbage but I generally know what is going on. Honestly I think this is garbage and just a story to suck in more readers. As others have said, these tablets are basically consumption devices. So far you really can't do much of anything on these expensive pieces of hardware. It is true that some of the computer users out there probably only need a device like this. However there are a lot of people that need to actually do work and will need a computer or laptop for that. I don't mention netbooks because they are generally slow so in reality you really can't get much work done on them. I like netbooks and have bought 2 of them over the years for my wife. But lately she has been needing to get work done so she has stolen my "backup" laptop for that purpose. When she just wants to play around on the Internet or read email, she uses the netbook.

    I have been considering a tablet just for the convenience. Out on a service call they could be helpful. At their current price point, I do not want to get one. If they were at a more reasonable cost (say $200) then I would get one. Hell, I still don't even have a smart phone! But that is mostly because I really don't need one right now. As business picks up and I have more service calls then I will invest in a good one, or possibly just get a tablet?

    I really think we are all safe. I too have considered learning Macs and have thought about buying a mini for the past several years, but still have not. Sure more people are being sucked into their lies and high prices but I really don't think and hope that they gain too much more ground. There are too many desktop computers out there and there are major dependencies for them so I think they will be around for a long time.
  2. In Topic: Windows System Control Center For Sysinternal/Nirsoft

    Posted 6 Jan 2011

    Nirsoft is reputable and have been around for many years. Their contributions over the years have been awesome. I also think your AV is just warning you about riskware.
  3. In Topic: How To Access "Desktop" Folder Using Ubcd?

    Posted 6 Jan 2011

    I'm pretty sure you mean to say UBCD4Win, not UBCD. UBCD is another recovery disc out there.

    The desktop folder can be found with one of the "file management explorers" programs such as xplorer2.
    The location of the folder should be:
    C:\Documents and Settings\*your user name*\desktop

    Make sure you have a USB drive or external USB hard drive hooked up before booting UBCD4Win so you have somewhere to copy your photos to.
  4. In Topic: Unable To Create A Ubcd4Win - Iastore70.Sy_ And Other Problems

    Posted 5 Jan 2011

    We're just glad you had the patience to get it figured out and running in the end. With different hard drive and RAID controllers out there you can run into problems just as you did. I'm sorry that it took you a few days of effort and work but as you can see all you really need to do is ask for help and we will. In the end we had the answer and am glad again that you were patient enough to find out the fix. Hope you find UBCD4Win helpful and good luck with your computer problems, it should be at least a little more easier now that you have UBCD4Win in your toolbox.
  5. In Topic: Oem Windows Xp Home Sp2 Slipstream Issue

    Posted 5 Jan 2011

    Am I supposed to know how all 6 discs are setup? Let's be realistic here. Yes we've spent thousands of hours working on this and testing a lot of different equipment over the years, but we don't know how everything is setup.

    All we can do is suggest the software and then have you give it a try. Start with the first disc and the program will probably give you some guidance from there.

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    you my dad
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    03 Mar 2007 - 14:41
    Many thanks for creating UBCD4Win. It is beautiful. For me it is a recovery tool from a possible C: HDD going broken. (Recovery from an external USB HDD backup. DriveImage XML used.) You and your team have done a great work.
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