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Topics I've Started

  1. Rootkitty?

    Posted 4 Feb 2008

    Is rootkitty the rootkit finder in ezpcfix? Actually i know it is, but is the latest version with the hash checking etc including in ezpcfix in 3.11? I assume not since ezpcfix hasnt been updated in over a year. Is the latest version of rootkitty on the disk as a seperate app? or do i need to update it myself?
  2. Ezpcfix ALWAYS breaks runscanner

    Posted 2 Feb 2008

    Hi, I have been using ubcd4win and ezpcfix for years. I love them both. But ezpcfix always breaks runscanner. So i can never run ezpcfix till i run all my other utils, otherwise i need to do a long and annoying reboot process. I have tried closing withoout unloading, unloading then killing, etc, etc and it always breaks runscanner. once in a while i can get it to work but usually i cant. will this ever be fixed? is there a way to fix it?


  3. Paragon Not Working

    Posted 2 Feb 2008

    Hi i am trying to get the Paragon Partition Manager plugin built. But when i try to build it it just says "You must first install paragon partition manager"

    I have Paragon Partition Manager 8.5 Server Edition installed on my pc. I am trying 3.10.


  4. Fastest Way to Duplicate Disk

    Posted 29 Jun 2007

    Hi, i love ubcdwin v3 btw, i have been using this for years and it keeps getting better.

    now my question, i am using it currently to duplicate 10 hard disks that i am installing in 10 new pc's. the drives are syspreped and i am using raw copy which works great but it takes FOREVER. doing a bit by bit raw copy of a 80gb hard disk with 6gb actually used seems crazy. is there a better way to do this and still have it work properly? (boot, etc)

    ? I tried using diskimage xml and did a disk to disk copy but it didnt boot when i tried to boot the machine with the copied drive.

    thanks all.
  5. Problems booting after ubcd cleans

    Posted 18 Sep 2005

    Hey I am having problems with the 2nd system I have cleaned with UBCD in a row. I have cleaned out 30+ systems using ubcd with no problems at all, now the last two systems after booting, they blue screen. The latest stop error was 0x0000007E, I cant figure it out. The system will boot in safe mode but thats it. I run avpersonal, adaware, remove definite crap with ezpcfix. I dont go crazy deleting things that I am not positive are crap. Any help would be great.


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