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  1. In Topic: Lunar Eclipse Dec 21, 2010

    Posted 21 Dec 2010

    Nice shot, But I'm sure you clicked more then once, so where are the rest of the series? :rolleyes::lol:
  2. In Topic: Time To Boot From Cd?

    Posted 18 Jan 2010

    If the machine is locking up at the first moment when the windows logo starts to appear, this is the ACPI GLITCH.

    When you see "PRESS F6 TO LOAD THIRD PARTY DRIVERS" press "F7" instead, this will bypass the "Advanced Computer Power Interface" for that boot cycle. If the machine boots this time, make another new build with ACPI disabled, you can disable this in the user settings inf file and it is clearly marked for editing.

    If you still can't boot, unplug the hard drives and try to boot without them connected as pcuser pointed out because these are the 2 things that cause this issue.
  3. In Topic: Errors While Trying To Build Ubcd4Win

    Posted 6 Jan 2010


    I've parsed this thread twice and come to the same conclusion both times.

    • Your either using a modified source (OEM / N-LIGHT / RVM / ROLF², ect...) or your anti-virus/protection software is blocking access to your registry.

    • You have been extremely rude and do not deserve the time people have already spent trying to help you understand this project.

    • 2 million + downloads a year, and your the third person since the last release who simply failed to "Get it".


    EDIT: It seems everyone wants to see what wonderful thing you will say next, so the thread will remain open just a little longer.
  4. In Topic: Creating Plugins..good Registry Snapshot Util?

    Posted 3 Jan 2010

    There are many options out there and each is a choice made by the person using them.
    A lot of people use install right and love it, I've never tried it myself because I use WinINSTALL LE 2003 which was freeware at the time. Now it only has a demo and you must purchase it. If you can find the 2003 version online somewhere, grab it because it works really nice.

    IF your using Paragliders registry converter, then make sure to also get Paragliders version of REGSHOT because they were made to work together perfectly.
    http://www.paraglide... s/utilities.htm
  5. In Topic: Custom Ubcd4Win Image

    Posted 28 Dec 2009

    Very few plugins effect the loading time of the CD.

    Things that do effect boot time:
    -Mass Storage Drivers (More drivers, slower boot)
    -Preshell options and initial runonce configuration.
    -INFCACHEBUILD durring autobuild speeds up PNP by up to ten minutes.
    -Good quality media
    -Good quality optical drive and proper ribbon cable setup. (Use master/slave vs. CSEL)

    If your adding plugins that use upper/lower file system filters, these may be conflicting with the way UBCD4WIN has been designed.

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