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  1. In Topic: Building Error: "Cannot Find Folder: Kickers"

    Posted 8 Jan 2011

    Disable the Kicker plugin !Multiboot: USB PE-Boot Without Bios Support".
  2. In Topic: Nvidia Raid Drivers Nvgts And Nvrd32

    Posted 8 Jan 2011

    Nvrd32 is a used in addition with nvgts.sys.
    Add registry settings for nvgts http://www.ubcd4win.com/... indpost&p=74215
  3. In Topic: Dvorak Keyboard Layout

    Posted 8 Jan 2011

    View Post paul1149, on 07 January 2011 - 11:21 PM, said:

    Is there any way to add the dvorak layout to UBCD4Win?
    It's added by default.


    being able to set it would be even better.

    Run a editor, open Edit file \UBCD4Win\plugin\ !Critical\UserSettings\ User-Settings.inf

    Edit and add lines


    ;0x1, "Keyboard Layout\Preload", "1", "00000409" ; English (United States)
    0x1, "Keyboard Layout\Preload", "1", "00010409" ; Dvorak US English
    ; 0x1, "Keyboard Layout\Preload", "1", "00030409" ; Dvorak US English - left hand
    ; 0x1, "Keyboard Layout\Preload", "1", "00040409" ; Dvorak US English - right hand
  4. In Topic: Hard Drive "Disappeared"

    Posted 6 Jan 2011

    View Post RDBNUB, on 05 January 2011 - 11:36 PM, said:

    This is a Dell Dimension 9200; not sure what the motherboard is. Where should I look?
    What about the manufacturer? dell downloads dimension 9200

    That's a Intel ICH8 chip. Add Intel drivers.


    I think it is a RAID controller running an AHCI BIOS, if that makes sense.
    That's BIOS relating. Different BIOS offer different solutions.


    I tried loading the XP OS from both a MS disk and the Dell Installation disk which came with the PC. Both ended up at the BSOD.
    Describe more detailed: which screens do you get?
    When do you get the BSOD?

    The Dell Installation disk should contain relating AHCI drivers.
    Does exist a file iastor.sys?


    I tried using the SeaTools for DOS, but the ISO image I burned on a CD would not boot from the DVD drive, so I was unable to test the HDD.

    Try the legacy version.

    Or boot UCD4Win, download windlg from WD. Run windlg and test seagate hard disk.

    http://support.euro.... EN/syssetup.htm
  5. In Topic: Unable To Create A Ubcd4Win - Iastore70.Sy_ And Other Problems

    Posted 5 Jan 2011

    View Post ubwul, on 05 January 2011 - 06:29 AM, said:

    I have also spent a lot of time (mind.. as an end-user!) in trying to figure out what I might doing wrong.

    You use a seldom used hardware combination. Obviously this hasn't been tested, nor reported lately.
    Worse at a time a major manufacturer provides half broken driver.
    However new hardware require this driver.

    Nobody on earth can provide a always working XP mass storage driver set.
    At curtain circumstances, add own drivers.


    I think, my major problem is:
    - how to add my raid-drivers (using various controlers)
    - what files are required
    - in what folder structure (where to put them under SCSIAdapter, different folders? in 1 folder?)

    Read the integrated help files: drivers.htm
    SCSIAdapter, different folders. But don't use double *.sy? driver names.


    as per above, i.e. under SCSIAdapter I created 3 folders, ITE,SIL,Intel and put the files there.
    It was a wild guess only, maybe it would work, maybe not, it was worth trying.
    (disabled driverpacks mass-storage in plugins)
    I won't provide Win2K and Win2003 drivers, if XP is used.

    Nobody without your hardware could predict the result.
    E.g. Silicon Image provide driver version relating to firmware version.


    Happy to advise - it works!

    I have a working CD now and the drives are all detected.
    Thanks for report.

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