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Topics I've Started

  1. Memtest86+

    Posted 9 Feb 2008

    Memtest86+ V 2.0 is available http://www.memtest.org/ . I've substituted this version in the Multiboot plugin for the older Memtest. Might be a good choice for the next version release.
  2. Firefox doesn't launch

    Posted 7 Feb 2008

    I configured Firefox as the default browser in V 3.11. Firefox will not launch when I Click Start--->Programs----> Applications---->Firefox. If I click on the Internet Icon on the desktop Firefox launches as the browser. If tunnel down to the Firefox.exe in Programs and double click it launches fine. Both of the other browsers launch as expected. I looked at the menu structure but I'm not knowledgeable enough to see if there is an issue. This occurs on the default 3.11 build.
  3. V 3.11 Booting issue

    Posted 5 Feb 2008

    I downloaded and successfully created the V 3.11 ISO file and burned it to disk. I browsed the disk and everything appears to be there OK. When I booted from the CD I got a BSOD:
    Stop: C0000218
    The registry cannot load the hive file systemroot\system32\ config\software or its log or alternate. It is corrupt, absent or not writeable.

    This error came up after the WINXP loading screen with the moving boxes. I'm using XPSP2 source which is the same source I've always used.

    I've built many UBCD4WIN CDs' and this is the first time I've seen this issue. There were no errors in the log. I did not add any plugins and used the default build.

    Any suggestions?
  4. V3.06

    Posted 5 Aug 2007

    I'm glad you guys finally got this new version announced and released. I've already downloaded and built a new CD. Looks good to me so far. :clapping::banana:
  5. V3.05

    Posted 24 Jun 2007

    Congratulations guys. I downloaded and built successfully a new CD with V3.05. When I added my Acronis TI9 plugin and enabled the Paragon Hard Disk Manager plugin I ended up with an ISO that was bigger than 650MB so I used a 700MB CD. It booted fine and what limited testing I did things looked OK.

    Question: Can the DP_Base be updated to the latest version(7.05.2) available on driverpacks.net without causing any issues?

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