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  1. In Topic: Creating A Plugin/applcatoon

    Posted 31 Jan 2010

    Hi rwfnetworking

    The best people to ask about WinPE and BartPE plugins are the software authors
    They will know if it can be done

    Some software companies have provided BartPE plugins and or special BartPE versions

    Mike Barnes
  2. In Topic: Ubcd Doesn't See My Hdd

    Posted 29 Jan 2010


    Assuming you mean ubcd4win not ubcd

    If the file managers and Disk Management can NOT see your hard disk
    BUT the BIOS and real Windows does
    then you have one of those rare PC's whose Hard disk controller does not have the correct drivers included in XP and
    the mass storeage driver pack included with ubcd4win

    If you can report what motherboard and chipset is used you may get some further guidance
    The drivers are usually refered to as 'F6 disk controller drivers' and come from either the motherboard manufacturer or chipset manufacturer
    and can be accessed from a floppy disk or incorporated into ubcd4win

    Mike Barnes
  3. In Topic: Creating A Pagefile

    Posted 29 Jan 2010


    creating a page file is only needed on PC's with small amounts of RAM (less than 128MB or 196MB)
    (eg old low spec PC's )
    It is not advisable if the file system is corrupt, hard disk is phyically damaged or you need to undelete files
    but it does work


    Mike Barnes
  4. In Topic: Driver Pack Errors

    Posted 28 Jan 2010

    Hi dmbyer

    I think cdob ment use the mass storage driver packs which are in the ubcd4win download at Plugin\DriverPacks.net
    It may be easier to Install the project again

    (If you have added any plugins or configured the project and do not want to loose them
    re install in a different location, and copy the original (unmodified v3.5) folder Plugin\DriverPacks.net to the updated version you are having problems with)

    The Driver packs project can be integrated into XP for installing XP on your hard disk BUT will screw up BartPE or Ubcd4win if used as the source files used to build the project

    updating the mass storage Driver packs is only required if you have established they are incompatible with your PC
    Then it is often easier to add the correct drivers to Drivers\SCSIAdapter\ xxx and
    disable the plugin '#DriverPacks.net - MassStorage, 9.01'


    Mike Barnes
  5. In Topic: Driver Pack Errors

    Posted 28 Jan 2010

    Hi dmbyer

    This plugin (windows command console) is OFF by default

    you need to use the configure option for this plugin then enable it
    configure runs a command file to grab the files needed.


    Mike Barnes

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