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  1. cpuZ 1.51

    Posted 16 May 2009


    cpuZ 1.50 is in the project

    cpuZ 1.51 has been released on 28 April but it uses a device driver to read details about RAM modules
    so the plugin needs to be modified and the driver obtained from %windir%\system32\ drivers

    ; new for v1.51 May 09

    Mike Barnes
  2. ubcd4win V3.21

    Posted 10 Nov 2008

    Hi all

    www.majorgeeks.com has version 3.21 available dated 10 11 2008 is this the final release or an escaped beta version


    Mike Barnes
  3. Ultra VNC 1.05

    Posted 1 Sep 2008

    Hi all

    I am not sure if new version released recently is named 1.1.05 or 1.05 ?
    1.1.04 beta is included with project v3.20 & v3.13

    one major change is that program seems to be using an ini file instead of registry for storing password & configuration details
    so ultravnc.ini will need some work before the updated version can be added to the project

    Mike Barnes
  4. files association problems V3.12

    Posted 30 Mar 2008

    Hi All

    While testing ubcd4win V3.12 I noticed some problems with file associations for PDF and HTML/XML files

    I use Windows XP Pro SP2 (XP slipstreamed to SP2) as source and XP Home SP2 as operating system with Norton AV disabled while building & burning

    pdf files are displayed by FoxitReader.exe

    path to program on CD is X:\Programs\FoxitReader\ FoxitReader.exe

    plugin shows "X:\Programs\ FOXIT~90\FOXITR~6.EXE in several places in registry part of inf

    FoxitReader.exe -R
    creates \FOXIT~90\FOXITR~6. EXE in registry but \FOXIT~90\ varies on different occasions !! (I got \Foxit~76\FOXITR~6. EXE)

    so in plugin pdfreader.inf
    \FOXIT~90\FOXITR~6. EXE should be replaced by \FoxitReader\FoxitReader. exe

    This works

    With IE as default viewer for HTML & XML files I noticed that files with names containing spaces were not displayed
    eg abc xyz.html and abc xyz.xml produced a file not found error

    abc_xyz.html and abc_xyz.xml were displayed correctly

    I then configured FireFox as the default browser program

    A different problem occured. Files with space eg abc xyz.html or abc xyz.xml were displayed correctly

    but abc_xyz.html and zbc_xyz.xml were displayed twice (two Firefox windows opened)

    (using 2 different file managers )

    I have not been able to find the cause yet.
    I suspect Firefox is being triggered twice firefox.exe "%1" (which always works) and firefox.exe %1 (which fails if space in file name)

    has anyone else had these problems or found a fix ?

    [ note I have a test folder full of various types of files, one of each with no space in name and another with space in name to test file associations with BartPE/Ubcd4win plugins]

    Mike Barnes
  5. Microsoft Firefox

    Posted 2 Jan 2008

    Hi All

    Did anyone see the hoax microsoft firefox site before it got taken down ? www.msfirefox.com

    The Site dedicated to the Microsoft Version of Firefox with many improvements compared to Mozilla version

    You may be able to see it using google and searching on 'microsoft firefox' (although the site seems to be backup again)

    many news sites & blogs thought it was for real


    Mike Barnes

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